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is synopsis: in .ceneral, itrood, ordered collection of the background of communist penetrotion( Siccifjcsllyolumnists, describing nethods,nd of the background Df the opposition: the latter part is very general leaves nost of it unsaid

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Short sumary:

The Guatemalan Affair

Hewn for publicatior: 1. for SUMOT

2. for general knowledge

the communists captured key positlonB inand apparentlyoups

-?GTGith the aid of the CKCranches of government,workers and faraers groups

PGT is the monitor of all the state, political

end administrative functions

b. based cn the Cowwnist theory

1) to organize the working masses, attractingfine premises: on the basis of to establish control wer labor unions, thus

gaining *concmle cor.trol

this js-Wileped position, through thethe executive power, to exercisewithoutecessity to proclaim it

as such


Chapter 1. it of histcry

fterolitically lethargic people: *sreel ally workers Cceannists eagermd able to tike advantage of it

Hex no longer ahaving favorable

political, ar,idst westerr. poers

olitical-ccnainir tthesereleased

rcnpletely Identifiedpeople

Chapter 2. Labor Union ?ai aroma

1. CCTGoon divided into those of mawist leanings (Escuela Clar;dad) and there vho wanted better condit! on* as the resultatriotic understating between capital and later" a. tba latter grcup formed the Union Sindical which through lack of fin leadership was again joined to the CGTO under Tol^dano's leadership

The new Communist Guatemala fared with the reality

running the communist and the PGT controlsorgan Ins of the State and the autonomous entities withof the University of San Carlos

of educationnomalreeding group whichthousands of school children:

Chapter III : Organisms for indoctrination

Caaa de La Cui tura :

PopubTicano ^spanol

3. ETTreiite rentes ratico "de" "fa11ados Americanos y_ Esponoles tt. and thelinaza Femenlna Ouatsnalteca, etc.(Comite Saeional por la pi

Chapter IV I Political 'octroi of the Press and the Sorters Federations

Chapter V : PredoKinence of Coanunism in the Government of Arbenz Gnzasi.

i, apolitical; since Presidentdefinitely communist

Secretary General of the Presidency: the ores appoints all rubers of

the administration; relies on Sec forthusommunist

of offices controlled by communists: specific persons ir. the bureaucracy

Chapter VI: Autonomoushich support conrtunium)

1. XRTOPniversity of Sac Carlosalient efforthough it has capitulate in variousancoario

Chapter VII: Justice

1. describesanner ir w* ich tie executive and Ihe legislative branch have taken away ite authority and fur tier, how communist have been appointed to different positions of key importance

|>i specific instance: the trial atrrested without writs, long trial,rrest of Major CT.TVA; newspapermen and Dieeaders beinr token to border and pushed over without money

Chapter VIII: The Army of the Revolution

1. according to coneunist theory this nest five in to the cornunist part

in conflict

Chapter IX: Theof Arevalo and Arb^nt/dsiay vith their international obligations because of their devotion to communism onstant intervention in the affairs of other countries^

Crimen dehe attempted invasion of Salvador,

truotion of ths constitutional government of Dr. PICADO in Costa Flca.l"

Attempts on the Dominicani6. Nicaragua andas of now

5. $ relaUons withLuisragon as ambassador:Pellccer as Sec: but tlese broken off: now maintain the* with Czechoslovakia

s. coanunicatlonPQUTBUBO to Mexican embassy, this with th* Polish and Chee embarsies: Soviet Eitoassy in Mexico directs Guat affairs

ChapterHghtOppoai tion against Communism

REVALO returns to beharacterized hereenegade-denouncer! his country,ncouraged class strife ami imposed "economis dirigicV*

po fron bad to worse: desertions froa hiitie Electoral Law to insure political controlagainstxercising right tobroken up by police

"Civic Association of Defense againstt first

organized demonstrations! then took definitivefolitical party, the Partido de Unificacionntered on the Civic Register,fi

PJA extended its filials throughout the country

A5AXA was going to run forkilleduly IS

opular demonstration against this broken un by treacheryy Cuban bombs sent to Arevilo by Carl'srras

c. Don Kanuel Cobos Eatres raised the spirits of the people with his famous "Xirmtes ofo aggravated the situation that Arevalolate of siege


s. ncident whirs the police threw out the orphans and tie Sisters of Saint VIcent de Peal from their university studentsarktt women took tbsapopular rtem castration

nU-eovrjnistireat Xattonalwas ashed to attenddid not even acknowledge invitation

that workers were Win- subjected to arbitraryalled onomplemented byprovisions of the electoral law; moretere pdletition tc the Congress asktng for

an interpretation of there constitutional and legal requiremcr ts: this broughtead on2 when moreersons demonstrated in th- streets and at the National Palace

19L5 on, personso exile: gradually thiszed itself under th* leadership cfnus

a. the Frefita Antiecmunista Xatdonsl (AJA, CCA, C"

lH abroad- CEMAG!-, TAGS, PHTXGE, ACNGF.FAGE, CBGAK F'rente Li ber tad or AnUccmuni rt^.

these two toother wake up tlie Comite Coordinator Ant'comunis ta

Chapter ZZl Violation of Articlef the Political Constitution of Guatemala 1. statement of the article, 1st of Kerch speech by Arbenz in which he admits it exists, is net in conflict vitl constitution; text of College of lawyers who say I* is illegal

Chapter XII The appropriateness of the adoption of our symbolsDIOS, PATRIA,in the continental contention with communism

{not written as of this paper: to be written by Calderon Salazar)



iloraunism will fall But, what

After this, the dawn, the awakening, the rebirth, the life, the JUSTICE, the TRUTH, the WORK, the Plan de Tegucigalpa, for GOD, for the PATP1A, for LIBERTY.

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