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ation and Plana of Crtpoaltloni

Poo! tire kncvlecceJIWs organisation ln PIFRCOS on plans of opposition has boen hard to chock as to quality and has bean aoa^or In Qualify'Quantity. His Intel iicnece eervioedod

ue acoeos to an mvanent of trawlers la and outain thro 4jh any of legal tranoportatlon.

wo hour nooting the night ofay with SEQUitt uaa ny first OOnjVletoly lelteod Mooting with bin, resented tho problon ofnovec to hinj lie adnltted its innortanco and acreed to otop up activities in this direction and volunteered tho foUowiaiii

SantosGuatemalan exilo in SalTador la probably ais that tho Salvadoran ljnbassy in

ofuend hia political Mutuary and ao ho asked the Chief of Cuatenfila City Police, Crus Vort for help and the Utter aliened hia to leave there, he talks an antl-Coaounist line, often appears with Xdtgorea and ono tiao tried te strikeonversation with SSJJIH on the anU^Coanunlst those.

U* Calindol (probably fory loft and suspected try St&IH'e Group.

C. a ruaorcd that Osorioa wmberos-uniot cell worn

oxUed in Ifcxicou,

P. Tnoroorder incident near San Cristobal between Salvadoran aial Cuatiattian troops darinj; tbendinglay Sh.

ot yetosition to place an irvaluatlon on the above infer-nation, and pane it alone for what It may bo worth*

itery Attache LnVika" V'HJA:i,

tiecuoalon with aUooal reoortorxhot SKQTJ woe under control of Rustenala, If consciously dono this co-iltl haveffective counter-blow to ao sinces the key flaun irn. "ftor two works of doelin withflnvlnttnfi'IK is . C

riter and ferae: neaour jvsiuentv) of the.tcrala as saoat of Can* Oarkeek leerincofiay. ccorcinc loepoleslct for th. <nc andro-Co:an toith res'-. :'c eaa vtsUod try two unlawnm Sal-nututino and by

. .wu-chant of San Salvador. T

cootaet with sunn; uoo 27 ^a,


roXoa lonal Cosrunlat/kajWa: and chiof of

., rtralnlnc* Iatoban. AUan SaUrar Zulota

L'nrlquo Dieeuaa silva

el venae Silvio Gontrcrau Blanco

nJr7 JuBttao Ajoadeo Oudiol, paeudonyo need

feCUXWAjr by CuatamUno fro. their Miaa nerc andjoin observed in caapo Harta conversinc with Ouatnoaiana.

"con, ^riwro oftaUl at tho OuAteaalaa ;ftbaaarCOBMmUt in cbarjra. He runs opr.saition inalvador?^

"trite -ao attested on ISC*vador to he ttacd with

dan car crossed the border at oan Cristobal with four mnpont noaL of the day in Santa

ovate hoWLnS^

Dlanca tarlec ana then returned to Qu Lvtaus, oLte ae t,

aova6Vjr .ato chaos,

i od info:xmtion. e Uate cf travel

In referoao*'to

with SEQJIN io incrfiulne to such an oxtafit that it no ir can no hmndlad ln tho car on rldjo through the country. For thisouse" vas too; il rod anndnitiatedCO a. ao salonJ* Ve wore aoro rolajad, under meh lcee proasure andeal chance to chock each other and throw Idea* back and forth. The CT m paaeod at tho ond ofoetlugeceipt reaMved inrue nana, C. J} uvlraai the receipt) Thisphi ofaornlshed fArtannt inu beiiocd trhen long dtocutuiian oooslo;i3 aro necoscary, the ear is still effective for busl-noss of abort duration and for casalnc of na to rial.

00ffl? Lo actually edited and nonaged bylio KonocalHvooBoardingbouse. the aaaa pension useu by SEQUtH.

either uso then Inoolf or pleat then, four three thanes enU be puahod ee suggested aneeling ofrgency.

Since there wore no unsubsidlsoc delegates fron LTI1CCS going to tho anii-Cawainlst Iterican Congress, SKQtflM has assorted Era. Jose VAWOiffi Caotro and Joan CKKZ KarraoB fron the nefonne Social Salvadorern te attend. Tbey

loft for Mexico City.

Cenonil 'nforaatlont

;. Siff-TK loarea for ?eguc-_galpe t$ hey and retimingay %.

crndualfy dovolopinc social contacts anon;to report except that jwoplo withaveprone toeutral position, asouae tne struggletwo competing glante and that it doesn't cake anyto then who wins. They have no sense of urgency oriirrolveaent. Could give you the nans cl L ' young and bwcitlful niatroaa, if useful.

one of the few iH^ETKB oitlaene on the ETPHOOS Tennis Have boon lucky with this Club) it has put mewhich few of ns touch,

Contribution of lj-tatodduardo taiaCIM de la Cards.

opies nailed ln DTTBSGS te Ooverrssont officials, business nen,

police, schools, un vorsLtiee, etc.

oploQ neilcd throughout Latin America to preoo, radio, educa-tionol institutions, Government officials, etc.

ISCO co;ries distributedoarutteos in Honduras, Wcarr-pa and r'nxlco.

MOO copies sole en streets cf San Sal^dor and Santa0 Total distribution.

T can't vouch for thoc the vcreentsga is :rebeo3jtint thereroat demand in Santa Ana.

T icy ire aware they are not retting conjee into UB8 im and when ;yehed t oo conge reus to risk lar^osing their clandestine channels and netar. the latter aro needed for paaoa;.t. of -en, notorial, etc. Tho borne ornnr da-igerous and tight and tlvry hate to attempt it with D, Co nar'andn inter? o3 can be rrovflgated through tlie clflndns-tine tuoTo. Clven the radio, they argueesult ofthrough


plctodon too borderay by Salvadoran poUce warn

tent tfSL^Jf^ftrcnt aod tho *en are beconlne verTroXno-tent to tfcco uimocessary chances nnlose thos worth ths

la reference to

Have discussed matter of propaganda volunteers very cars. STWJIW. He stated cateKoricallyontlnu. prcas and explore that triors would be no auch volunteers In OT tho foil ovine reosoDsi

Ouateiaalans in exile are very hot and oould notwhich would be nocesaory if they ware to be of any Only the erUea have the brains and initiativein this work.

pool of Ouateaalano in DTFBOOS other than exiles whois non-existent. '

exiles arc all assigned now end oould not be sparedthey could be eafolytbey can't.

ere no Salvadorans thatIS knows who haveto be trusted and who could oualify,

in terns of numberslnff and crista only onof H. CCK3ATE

I'll continue to check this natter but at present aa proneue with SROJIM.

Approxlnato porconfc^go breakdown ofo5k.


a CttBaBStAL



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