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Guatemalaneeting. June 1,

^Jcarso ae usual to the bone of, on tbe night ofequest, which Lawrence told him was for the purpose ofto hisnportant development which should be of

interest to the latter and bis fellow officers. ecision has beensteps will be taken to prevent further deliveries of anna todecision la necessary in view of the Alfhen case. Furtheraccentuate the dangers of the spread of Communism froa Guatemala tothere is no certainty whatever as to the ultimate possession ofin Guatemala, inapite of the stout asauranoeo of the Colonel thatremain in tbe absolute control of the Amya change of the topthe stroke of Arbens' pen, could oliadnate those officers who now claimthat the anna will not reach the Communists. Neither couldany assurance that some quantity of the present shipment or those tonot be diverted from Guatemala into the hands of subversiveneighboring countries. In the circumstances, any other decision onof the United States but effective measures to prevent furtherbe blind to the realities. It was desiredof

the decision, and pass it to his fellow officers, Inasmuch as Ms professions of cooperation have been accepted at face value and this informationesture of cooperation in return.

2. ^started to say thatTery Bure of Ma inform*-

tion on the present security of tho Alfhen shipment, but Lawrence interrupted and said that he could only find the Colonel's defense of the deal very He ignored the obligation necessarily impliciteal vith a


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