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title cf person to trice action and that of tho originator, Place conaents thereunder by numbered paragraphs'. Initial in center of page andinetbe*page and forward. Each recipient is to repea* above procedure until action is completed and ready for filing. This cover sheet must be retained with enclosure.

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CEGAMoosely organized, apparently rather ama il (presumably less thanembers) group of Guatemalan oxilea In Mexico, led byIt is part of the CALLIGERIS forces in exile. eriodical, PRONTO.

PTas not included in the original PBSUCCESS plan. Authority for our support of subject group and publication is cable DIRuthorizingsubsidize it. There is no project outline and no aotanou rupurt on the group on file. Our latest comprehensive information on subject was contained in -

a reportnow ftt tho SHERWOOD safe house at LINCOLN,

but then traveling to Kexico on CALLIGERIS"n English translation of which Is in the project rile. This report does not contain, however, any information as to the present strength of CEGAM, its current activities or any details concerning PRONTO, Its circulation or, especially, it3 transportation Into Guatemala.

seems to have been, from the beginning, abetweenasshould handle ana contiu. auuject group ana puoiication. as tho record shows, initial contact was made betwoon J C jKaah^intor demandedcrnteol of rronto ana reconciliation between CEGAVrivalroup as preliminary conditions for any ^complained to CALLIGERIS and the above mentioned HQ ake all payments, specifically -JrVunao.

The two latest developments concerning subject appear to

control overnot jcuiH vo luwibxun veryhich is onlyunderstandable in view of the fact that subject iscountry. In addition, it is questionable to whatCALLIGERIS controls his followers altogether. Thiscontrol ia shown by two majorave notany substantial report on either the group orn at loaat twoampaign andbombRONTO'a performance haa boon

still in contact withc

Jchoy Torwara regularly PRONTO to ua ana tr-ovobvioualy worked with him in connection with SUMMIT. They have, howovor, apparently not interfered with tho editorial

work anyt Least there haven't boen any more complaints so far aa wo know.

5. Recommendations: As aoon as wo know whether the nowfor PBSUCCESS makes any furthor action on subjoctnftor having rocolvod tho roporta on SUMMIT (which ahouldtho degree of cooperation now existing between las wall a3 perhaps ahod aomo light on CEGAM'o Ine ahould

HEGARTY to submitot tlmo limitreport on subjeot group and publication, includingof his control and communications,oyof tho group, tho ability of the publication toinside Guatomala, etc.;

this report is unsatisfactory or unobtainableinadoquato control viawe might re-openof transferring the project- ortry to obtain the roqulred data through thorn;

might also debriefpara 2greater detail about subject;

upon tho information thus obtained, wewhether subject project can be developed Into aAU GOWN asset: if we cannot be reasonably surepoasibillty, we ought to discontinue it.

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