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Oscar Luna Campos, mechanic,ears old: has been in Anticoaarunist Opposition5

record had outstanding part in Partido Onificacion Anticomunista Sec Oen Comite Obrero Anticoounieta

too* responsibility for Hora Anticcaaunist* after Horacio de Cordova left had been elected the Labor representative to Hex congress

had been arras ted severalimprisoned El Rancho, in Progroso, in

Puerto Barrios, ln Guat Cityillegally aa is tbe custom

his home open to workers, in defiance of authorities, helped many to escape

2 Kay with two friends, In neighborhood of Church of San Jose, Ouat City

approachedaapthree men Jumped outpot where activity is 1 t: plain* clothes men: no credentialsguns, so they get uardia Judicial and Civil denies having hia


found in Amatltlan Lakefixowned "while taking aof the article) by Guardia Civil

O.C. said it identified him through papersafter drowning??

ha vas fully dressed

not In bathing area

bodyblows on the head, the face, neck

wrists tho marks of metal clamps very tight nasal and ear hemorragetorture and blows

Ruben ViUatoro, President ofears old

earsfought In Revolution of lydusoon realized it had gone astray began national campaign against eonmunisn in Que sail tenango formed OKTL to combat coamunlat labor unions: arrested but released due to public pressure


an: our offices were attacked at'clock; arrestedbeaten

taken to 1st body of Ooardia Civilall money, belongs taken away pat In individual cells which had been filled with water previously to make them damp and cold; kept there'clock, then token out blind folded, hands tied behindfive hours ln vehicle, returned to cell, taken outwas night and he could hear moans all around Rogelio Cms War questioned mehim across theundressed, stretched out on floor; two men sat onreceived first blow on zatt sole of foot, beathen put rag in his mouth and would not let hia breathe; when he bit hand orer his face they kicked hia In stomach until unconscious; threw water overhla to revive hia: beat hia and when they .tired of that, made hia walk over salt water with rawthen beat himosethen "pi Is"waterhink

submerged him in water, kept hia submerged, would beat him Into consciousness

finally took him and Gabriel Fernandez, Guillermo Davila Cordova, Horacio Cordova, Jorge Palaclos to Mox borderdropped them there

Sergeant Pedro A. Hechua

roup of young men. recognising danger to Arned Forcesnnuniorganize: betrayed

3lii5 Guardiaubmerged in Pila, beaten with electric charges,ithanged, slapped

beaten on soles of feet until his nose bled

bayone tx blows on the stomach

made him swallow liters of water, then prevented him from von'ting with dirty rags across face

put mask on face, then electric charges

had to walk barefoot across tables with sharpened points

Senor Guillermo Mazariegos and his son in the village of El Jocotillo

finca of Santa Rita: summoned there, attacked by union workers with machetes mortally wounded Mazarlegos, beating his sonesital wanner

Mario Sandoval Alarcon, Salbout to lose his sight

Rene Fernandez Alfaro, Capt. govt, orejas tried to involve him in dotct 52

picked up, beaten for three dayshim with steel wires on legs

with hoses on hishen to Mexican border same oreja who denounced Federico Paizalligeris* nppbev) MarioSandoval

Flores Avendano, Col. tied up, blind folded

Horacio de Cordova Monronpictures of lacerated back director of therogram anticommunist hour

beating him on feet, submerging him in pila, fxxxxik^ixJxx flaying him unmercifully

nBHqt Coronado, Sec of Organization and Propaganda for UNTIL beaten, couldn't speak from from damages to throat

Ramiro Aguilar Gonzalez, Sec of Finances of UNTILpila, until almost asphixiated

Miguel Angel Quiroa bound up and blindthrown out so hard that his artifical leg hit his testicles, cut open upper leghemorragedipila boat on testicles

Jose "Maria Guaman> Dir .of the daily La Opposition

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