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L 1

disagree with Mr.analysis and

recommendations. There is nu tQQfi! evidence that Arbenz wants tois regime by removing key communists. lso overlooks that Fortuny holds govtherefore, even if he weres he apparently is nothis would not change composition of govt.oubt whether Moscow permits Arbenz such move which might make communists "lose facb

Askingrial, banishment or deportation of the communist leaders would bo utterlyto say the least. After all, the communists and their allies represent anmajority in Guat congress. Nothing short of the unconditional overthrow of the Arbenz regime will serve our purpose. Any such "demands" may lead to negotiationswhich seems to be exactly what Arbenz* commie adviser want.

In thishe frequent conferoncos between Amb.oriello may help to strengthen tho Impression that. wants to negotiate with the regime. It might beto ask for the Ambassador's temporary withdrawal, but at least he should play "hard toommunicate by note anduat Minister only at the letter'sact to be made clear by official release, to set the minds of our friends in Guat at easenamely, that they will not be sold down the riveriplomatic compromise ).


Action Anticipating Pretended Reformation of Government

have all, for sometime, recognized the possibility of and the problems which would ariseemoval frca the Government of certain key Communist leaders which action would be followed up by an appeal to world opinion claiming non-Comrauniam on the part of the Guatemalan Government. anmunjcra operation would haveaffects on POSUOCSSS *nd would confront this Government with real probloris unless, and it is not likely, that the purgine be taken fully and in sincerity,

The removal of Fortuny was at first thought totep in this direction; however, this see-is now unlikely in view of Fortuny's temporary replacement by Comnunist Alvardo Montones. None the less.


3. Shouldurge become fact, it will be necessary for this Government to decide what are the actions we wculd recognize as representing definitive sincerity. Current thinking is that we should bo satisfied with nothing less than trial by the Guatemalan Government of the Conraunist leaders with the prerequisite understanding that the maximum punishment allowable under Guatemalan law be administered.

k. To anticipate this possibility, it is suggested that SIIERrfCOD and RU?US may nowosition alleging the Fortuny departure to be partuse. At the same time Calligeris should make it clear that he and world opinion will not be taken in by this Pannunjoo and that

the very least move the Government could make that would be creditable would be the public expulsion and banishment of the Communist leaders and that Soviet Russia should, through diplomatic channels, be publicly requested to receive the deported Communists.

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