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of Western Bos! sphere Division


KDQOUH Operationa

Report on El Primer Cooereeo Contra la Znterrenelon Soviotloa an America Latlnapert I

Thle lflf thlaon tho subject Concreai Due to llndtAtlona of tine and etaff, lt la lnpoealble to Include ln thla first report all of the relevant information eonoornlng the Congress. The purpoee of thla dispatch la to forward the baalo data onngresa and proas clippings froatj newspapers) Fart II willore detailed description of events, our evaluation of tbe effect ivr-nsaa of the operation, and pertinent attachments.

The Congress, called by Jorge PRIETO Laurens of the Kronte Popular Antl-Cesninlsta de Mexleo, bold its opening nose ion onay and lta final session onay. During tho four days of the meeting, heldaill legitimate theater (then Mexico City, tho subjoet of Soviet Intervention In the bemisphere una dlecusood by dolegRtos from many In tin Aooriean countrlee, prominent among when weret



Colombia Coeta Rloa


x-Argentine ambasandor to Russia Ida. Kduardo LUAZO Cuenee

Almlrente Carlos PEHMA Botto, Cruzada hreailena Anti-CoBonlsta

WrOdo RUOS Viaott, of tbe Fronte de Juventud Domocratloa

Antonio PORTO Sobrlnho, Journalist

Dr. Alfonso CHI BE HI aaa. Rector of the University of

Antloquia, Medellin. Rafael M. VELASQUEZ Hiriano QOntCE Conaales, of the Juventud Antl-Ccreaxlsta

de Costa Rica

Fernando VARGAS Fernondes end Lie. Kiroo Tullo ZELEDOH

Ifetaraoroa, of the Union Costarrleense totl-Cccunlsta

Raul CAMBRORERA and Oapltan Oscar ARARA Parras, of the Llga Anti-Comunlgta de Coota Rloa

Jose A. BAQOERO de lo Calle, President of the Cacrara da Diputados de Ecuador

Oalo CANiZ


: HP*

: 2


1RRD1 Vallejo, of the Isociacion Pro-DerechoB

de la Muger


CarloaINC8A, Julio SZBPAS and Franolaooof the CoDfederaolon NaolonallBta .Demoeratlcob de Nicaragua


ODRIGUEZ Garcia, of the union Haolonal de Bfltudlantee Nestor QAMHKTA, Senator

Dr. Lincoln PDJZAS Qallardo, Vice President of the Camera do Dlputados

Dr. fitBBtROI, of the Centro Cultural Amerloanleta Luis Oarloa NCRIBOA and Jrturo BASSAH Anteaes, of tho


El Salvador Guatemala

Orion de la Juventud Deaocratloa Oner ZBUOOXB, of the Moviniento Anti-TotaUUrlo

de Uruguay Eduardo Alfonso FIGEAC, of tha PSD)


A numerous delegation, lead by Joee Luis ARENAS, Carlos SAUZA* and Jose CALDEHOH Salazar, and Including residents of Guatemala as veil ae exiles. Many organisations represented, especially ofCatholic leanings.

delegates arrived from Haiti, tbe Dominican Republic, Cuba, Chile, Honduras or Venesuela, although invitations wore issued to individuals (who oould not attend for one reason or another) in all these countries. (Due to conflicting press reports and the confusion of the last few days, it nay be that the names of some delegates are ctslttod or given incorrectlyinaoouracies will be corrected in Part II.)

3. The substance of discussion at the Congress was to have been, of course, Soviet intervention ln tbe affairs of Latin American countries. Although eapbaais was placed by each delegate on Cosanmlst influence In his own country, and all deplored tho extent to which Ccassmilsa had gained control over tha government of Guatthe anti-soviet thane became aa antl-Ccasmmlst theses thereby losing some of its lnolalvenese. The issue which was most effectively presented and docuaented was that of the Communist danger lnesolution waa unanimously passed condemning the ARBENZ governmentable was sent by the Congress to the Organisation of American States requesting that it Judge the ones of Guatemala.

U. The CongresB alsoermanent executive ocasnlttee to which wore appointed the following!

Almirante Carlos PENHA Botto, president, Braaorge PRIETO Laurens, seoretaiy general, Mexico Dr. Rafael M. VELAZQUEZ, Colombia Mariano QTTPtCg Consoles, Costa Rica Pederieo HEILSEN Reyes, Bolivia Eduardo Alfonso PTGEAC, El Salvador Dr. Jose A. BAQDBbD de la Calls, Ecuador Jose CALDStCH Sale gar, Guatemala


Aurello LOPEZ, *annma

Rector GAHBETTA (Senator andern

Carlos Adan ESPIKOSA, Nicaragua

Isabel AfiRDA Callejo, Paraguay

Oraar IBAROOTKH, Uruguay

Luis Felipe BELLERTA, Venezuela

It willurther ta.sk of these individuals to establish coamlttees ln their respective countries to servo as operating units of the executive coBolttoe, The extent to which such operations will be supported by KXOVN and the siuroes of direction and funding (if any) will be determined by Headquarters upon conplotloa of anof the Congress.

5. Jorge PRIETO Taurine vent to euch oratorioal lengths to provo that the Mexican government was riddled with Communists tost he Incurred the disgust of some of tbe delegates present (at one time tbe Ecuador and Costa Ricaleft the hall ln protest) and tbe ridicule of tho local press. Because of PRIETO'a unfortunate obsession, and the natural inclination of the Hexloan press to emphasise that pirt of the discussion which pertained to Mexico, the over-all prom coverage, while extensive, does not lend itself to hemisphere replay. Herewith attached are those press clippings which, in our opinion, merit re-publication by the various Stations. It is honed that tho publication of theee clippings, togothor with wire eorvico reports and interviews of returning delegates, will provide atinimum of publicity for tho Congress in each country.

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