Created: 6/2/1954

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of Station, Guatemala

Chief, sWD


This is to advise youGF. oaldersonal call on the evening The meeting took place in JMflUJO's private residence.

In view of certain anticipated ratifications of the SWALLOW operation, it was deemed necessary to apprise JKHLIKi of whet had transpired and what we are trying to accomplish. PACE Raveeneral briefing on the scope and pur-coterogram and explained that he is operating independently of the Station so ao to preclude any conceivable compromise to our diplomatic representation should the Guatemalan authorities uncover his true rtfitus.

JKIC..OG fully approved of our endeavor to enlist the support of SWALLOW in the defection of members of the Army High Command and premised to continue backstopotnp PAGE to the extent of vouching for hie bona fide. PAGC advised JIIELUG that KHITIHG had decided against formallyGE to him so as to rule out any possibility of embarrassment should there be an unpleasantness.

A. PAGE disavowed detailed knowledge of the progress of i'JEUCOr.SS and of thefperationa in Ouateraala, Stressing the United and etrlctly conpartcentalised nature of the urogram in whloh h* it engaged,

5. It should be pointed out that the call on JX3IUGovo decided upon by PfiGZ acting on hie own re::idn?ibility. The ftationFi'GE and provided the necessary security safeguards. Further aeetings, if required, will lie heldecure, neutral ;ilaee.

'Irvham L. Page




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