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DD70 Washington

2 JuNtt*4


4 May 1SSU (Hot Beat

There iseport which repreaente aa intervieweubjeet off the attachmentperson

appeared at Headquarters onay and deeired to talk about *hiB report ia panned on to you in order that you may review the information contained therein and provide LINCOLB with any pertinent

LIHCOLH has Informed Beadquartere that the information provided by the subject was on the whole factual. However, itoted that no mention was made of LAS, and that the purported statements ofoncerning his connections are contrary to all instructions. In the opinion of headquarters thereoBBibillty that this approacha provocation attenpt. Headquarters states that it plans to take no further action concerning the matter.

Our position with respect to ERRATIC and the JUVTAS has been discussed in several recent cocnunicatlons. It lo believed that the fears of the JUVTAS are greatly exaggerated and that there israster involved which ie still not clarified. It was admittedERRATIC himself le not violentlyhe feelings of theS are apparently based on the belief that "many of hie (ERttATIC's) followers would kill any person suspected of betraying him". Mho are thesehere did tho threate originate? Can thoy be considered seriously? In this connection It ehould be recalled thar KRRATIC stated onpril that in

the event the promised support was terminated, or there was evidence of betrayal, that the movement had progressed too far to vouch for control of all of his followers. It would appear from thic statement that ESHATIC himself le the one making the threate and that perhaps the violent followers oxiet only in his mind.

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h. We cannot assume ths responsibility of protecting every agent who works for ue. This should be made clear during the period of It is admitted that wo ehoold do everything within re aoon to help thoee ngonts who get into trouble, bat oar operations must cono first.BPRDB cltlsen. It appears highly unlikely, on the basis of erldence submitted, that he is in any real danger.

It is hoped that ths status quo can be maintained for the time being. It night be advisable foro tell ERRATIC plainly that the only thing that matters to the LAS and its sponsorshe overthorow of the Ouatemalan regime by freedom-loving Oaateiaalans, and that personal feelings should be set aside. If It is felt by the LAS that ERRATIC can help in aone respect, he will be so informed. ERRATIC should be told that he certainly will bo counted upon for valuable support after tbe liberation of Guatemala, in tbe event it le felt necessary for unavoidable reasons that other forces carry the brunt of the actual military operations. Be should be told that all elements in Guatemala, which are opposed to the Communist control of the government, will be asked to cooperate, and that it ie hoped that the ERaATIC-controlled groups will lend ell aseletsnoe possible. The talk ofshould be scotched at once. It should be made clear to ERRATIC that such comments ere not appreciated and that they only cause harm and confusion*

lour common to on tbe suggestions ln this dispatch will be appreciated.









Tha subject appeared at the Administration Building at about Hi US8U, stating to the receptionistant to speak to somebody about Guatemala," Be was referred by the receptionist to sn interviewer.

Be la af medium build, strong featurea, wears horn rimmedprinkling of gray in very dark hair, erect In his stature, speaks English very veil batistinct accent, eeemed to be wall balanced andery favorable impression.

He left Bl Salvador onpril, going to the Mayo Clinie "to get well.11 Be arrived In Washington, ohecking in at the Lafayette Hotel ths evening ofay, (Be has subsequently moved to the Park Hotel.) On tha morning of IS Kay he wasetter which had been hold for hla from ERRATIC,ay snd stamped as received In the Hotel Lafayetteay.

h. Making frequent reference to the letter, the eubjeet narrated ths following storyi

Be la saaoolatcd with ERRATIC tn an effort to dispossess the present government of Guatemala. omplete plan to accomplish tide was furniBhed to an officer in the American Embassy, San Salvador, onU. No reply has ever been received.

ntroduced to ERRATIC onendicating that^ ntt-Ccomuinist German military group, tated to ERRATIC that he was aware offfort to overthrow the present gOTeromant of Guatemala and offered him financial assistance in accorplish-ing hie job, ERRATIC asked him If he had anything he oould give him at the present time to Indicate hie innediate good faith. urnlahed0dollar bills, then "pumped" ERRATIC ae to who in the Guatemalan Army ERRATIC was counting on,

slnce raRAfJCC iously been taken "by

manner,hake up In the Guatemalanhat ERRATIC was reluctant but did giveome names. He askedhat group he represented andaid he would tell him later. He aaid he was contacting himesult of the paperc he had given the American tabassy,

Urte6 workMs plan butubsequent meeting JWIA-^came in to tell him that "his chiefe" had told him to cease helping

m^JS'*EmlJhM subjectold ERRATIC that he represented KUBARK and was backed up by ODIHtt. aid that General

at,inlw ritn President Osorio, of El Salvador, thatad been denied this Interview, and that If ERRATIC couldget

MInterview with Ceorio thatould see that ERRATIC gothelpnited way," Ihe subject stated that Osorio would see na oca.

At about this tire EHHATICH's Intelligence people told him thatknew that ERRATIC was trying to get help from KOBARE.came to ERRATIO through one[[vorke for-Corapany, ERRATIC askedhy CALUutfUS knew ofand yet ERRATIC did not know about CALLIGERIS<ethat CALLIQJdS kept informed

At one timeold ERRATIC that under certain conditions hia group could furnish ERRATIC with ants and anything else he needed through KL Salvador. Osorio told ERRATIC that he was neutral but that ERRATIC could pass tho necessary arms through El Salvador. The subject said "we knev Oeorlo waa treacherous and would eelee the arms. We feel that underneath Osorio has an understanding with the Ouateaalan Government. Wo do not know whether it is because he likes then or fears them.

latersked ERRATIC to arrange an interview with one CaneBsa. Minister of State, El Salvador, for General M. Canessa was out of the country at the time, but when be returned ERRATIC approached Mm and Canessa said it would be "suicidal" to get Oscrio'e help. esult of thisold ERRATIC hia group could not help Mm any more.

.eayS that ERRATIC feels action must take placeatanco^ 0 lfdequate financial

6. The interviewer told the subject that he was not competent to make Mstotel of kind to him but that he would be contacted by someone at


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