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Intorvlow with an Army off loon

Q > What is the prevailing attitude of army officer, ooneexftisg. the most recent events In oar ocruntryT

A *h' deep distrust against tha political Intentions of the rresident,

focused upon the arrlral of Soviet eras and the disquieting circuiistances surrounding this huge shipment, has by no neons been alleviated. The statements by the Foreign Minister and by the President were contradictory, evaeire and ambiguous. Host officers are convinced that these anasoviet gift, made ln exchange for some political comnitraont by the government, presumably to farther oammunlst purposes beyond oar bordera.

What do you and your brother officere think of the announced arrivaloviet military mission and instructor personnel?

A i foreign Minister Toriollo denied it, but most of us beliera it nevertheless, *hie nws fits in precisely with the other, veil known activities of ths regime. But Arbens and ths coessinist wire-pullers behind him areery dangeroua mistake. Tho Army is loyal and disciplined, but it is unoopprowtsingly antl-oomainist. It will not carry out orders designed to further communist sohemes for trouble st home end abroad, Instead of safeguarding the pesos and safety of our dear fatherland. If Arbens ei* rolls his regime into troubles with our neighbors as well as with, ho must not expect us to protect Ma from tho consequences of his rooklees policy.

i Bat is your statement not In conflict with the traditional non-politicalor at least non-par tlaanattitudt of our Army? A l Not st all. Ve cannot olooe our eyes before developments which violate the constitution which we have sworn to uphold and which endanger the

oountry wbich we hare sworn to defend. Apart from this basic duty of every

aoldler, every officer, it vould also be wrong to consider the ootirounlat activities as just another political party affair Jiloh is of no concern to military men. There hare been many discussions among our officers recently and their outcome was fairly the army must be alert to the aomainlst danger!

Q i Would you care to tell our listeners what the main arguments used ln these dlaoueeian>vere?

A I Plrst of fill, the communistswhether disguisedYorkers" party (POT) or openly oal lad Communist 'artyshould bare never been recognised by the authoritiesolitical party, Artlolef our octistitution expressly forbids admission of parties with foreign and international ties* there can be not the slightest doubt that this omens especially the communists. Seccod, oommunista owe their loyalty not to Oustomals, out to the Soviet Unionan attitude to whioh the Army oamot be indifferent" it makes any ooonunist oomplstely unacceptableember of the Armed Forces, let elono as oomnandar-ln-ohief.

Q l Doss the Army coosider President Arbensommunist?

A ( There is ns doubt about it in our ranks. Sure, none of us bas seen his

membership cardbut does this matter?an talksotsminlat, surrounds himself with communists, follows oammunlst advice in all matters of foreign as well as domestic policy sod accepts secretly arms gifts from the Soviet Unionwhat else can he be?

Q i ouldn't agree more. Thank you, Raj or, for your remarkably frankanswers, 'hanks also to all Army officers and soldierslike you and on when wo rely to see our country saved from tbe

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