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SUBJECT: Guatemalanrepared by


1. The GuardU Civil:

This police forceorry, one uniform organization. The Army can. aod does, ignore them. The Chief bai no prestige. The Secret Police used to be efficient, theyrimeinger print outfit and trained operators who tnrnedot of information but this has fallen apart. One should not make the error of considering the Guardia Civilody of troops. They are one grade above the zombies.

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z. Rogelio CRUZ Wer. Director of tbe Guard ia Civil:

CRUZ Wer i* just another political appointee. Th*my enjoys "Fuero de guerra" immunity from civil action. It can afford to snoot him and it does. Tbe military men withas associated un my recent trip treated CRUZan of little consequence.

3. Personal Relations ot High Ranking Army Officers:

The higher ranking officers do not. and never did. pal around, party, or frequent clubs or the Casino MiUtar. Theyoped up in their offices.. When they close the desk they hurry home to lock the door and get Into shirt sleeves. They are unusually abstemious. No cliques exist because they are subject to suspicion. They have no close friends because one may get "in bad" and Involve them by association. Below field grade the officers mix and keep the Casino Wiltlar fromorgue. Out of such elements came the boys who pulled the revolution with amaxing ease and success. This Iseprecate too much study and card indexing of top level Individuals. They won't stay Indexed. They don't run according to form. Their loyalties, outside of patriotism, are things of the moment.

4. une Meeting With Col. EnrlqucVFERAl,T* and

I entertained PERALTA and the Secretary of

Embassy. JTranclsco OCANA. here in Washington on 2can't return home because of his stature nor canbecause this would result in exile. This he cannot afford. having been approached during his recent tripoevolutionary movement. He predicts athe Commies and the Army to strike the first blow,which will run the country. He said that he hadoffer made htm because already his absence from Washingtonhim an object of suspicion. While In Guatemala PERALTAto see ARBENZ. He has been intentionally kept awayby foreign assignment to Chile,Salvador, MexicoUnited States for at least twelve years. He is too good toloose in Guatemala where hetrong following. meeting OCaNA was free spoken, anti-Commie ands tn bad at home and bere in the Embassy because of hisviews. He confirmed the imminencebig change""When Itou'll be coming back to

Guatemala with peralta."

i. f ego MONZON, Minister Without Portfolio:

Since falling into disfavor, as result of Red Insistence, Monzon has apparently lost influence. People avoid him for fear of guilt by association. Moasan helped organize the revolutionnd is very anti-Red. He Is forceful, able, talks the Indian dialects, and can sway tar m They love tough bosses. ould want him in any anti-government movement. He considers himself badly treatedlowuatemalan's priderevlous wound. He Is vehement In hisThis can't go on! It has gone too far already. must beut soon". Hetart anything but he will support it tooth aad nail.

6. Luis^rJlRON, Chief of the Air Force:

Giron i. outfit is not bothered by tbe Reds. He is pro-American as are his pilots, practically all of them. trained. He Is friendly and approachable but keeps out of politics. The Air Force would not be Involvedevoltoubt that they would support any home grown aggression.

oquln ROJAS:

Rojes It editor of "Lahe anti-Red newspaper, and haa maintained admirable freedom of the press. He wouldood contact If discreetly approached.

8. Car loa Enrlqoe^felA Z, Chief of the Armed Forcee:

Ex-officio. DUi,ig factor. residential aspirant, anti-Redeant wolf. He la hard tooughie, and not afraid of Arbena. DUc has travelled in Sooth and Central America and haareat deal regarding Guatemala'a unpopularity and Its cause.

9- nPA JUNE LLP. Chief of Staffi

Pariaello la one of the few top notceera. Headon ta of the Mexican Military Academy and has travelledhe United States. He is bright,ood organiser, and. He Isatriot and enjoys Arbens' favor.

AngelBAMCHZZ, Minister of Defenee:

Sanchsa ta practically Inert,urncoat, aad to sit back andice salary. Bo commando tho) Up service es* military men by the power of hU position. Ho can discharge any officer or enlUted man by his verbal order. Thle mm fo tight lipped.

Ant nolo FRANCO. President of the Chamber of Deputies:

Francoraduate of the Poll teenies In the claaa. He is cold blooded, foxy, and repated to be atrongly pro-Commie. He haa. however, plobty of friend* who fawn on him for Us favor and for the buineso that he can threw their way.


Althoughaper strength ofhere would be great difficulty Inask farce Taking the uflewer of theuch as it la. out of the capital would expose It to- various kinds of disorders. orce would comprise Oo several "mobile umltsn. at present existing osly on paper, but ready to be organised per tables of organisation already drawnolonels, Id. Colonels. Majora. Captain a. Lieutenants,verything except soldiers.

eyes nail

Ready to go are the Guard ia de Honor, the corps of Military Police, and several small garrisons ta cities each aa Solala,apa aadetzaItenango.

Outside of these, the amy would consistob; equipment one cartridge beltoa user of doubtful utility. They will have had bo target practice. They win have bad no: open order practice, first aid, fie id training of anyo medical service; little If aoy medicines, ambulances; communications nil; no officer will have commandedlatoonield exercise. Thelliterate. They are dummies with chevrons.

field amasses would have to he improvised, likewise water. supplyountry where rivers ere scarce. No refrigeration. No inoculations,


Various caliber* of armsroblem. No maps except road maps.

The Onardiaops) sound goed. hut they are mainly Immature teenagers areeedlack-jackatyntirely unreliable. adyto one of themaaa who had been following and annoyingwealo? He's biggerna". eserve ia the city, they wonl* e pushovere. The civilians hate them for their arrogance.

Combined field exercises? Never heard of them. Air

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