Created: 6/3/1954

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reaction to Orbit arms shipment reported:

Tlie AmftTiCar. eaoasoy in Guatemala reports that Guatemalan amy Kftrale his generally inprovedesult of the recent arrival of Orbit arias, but that this does not necessarily strengthen the Arbenz regixe. Tho embassy notes that many officers now believe the ftray is capable o/ actingand have spokenossible move to overthrow tho regime. This does not mean, however, that such action is "ir-minont."

June 54


Army reaction against any open wove by the government to err. civilians "night have seriousccording to the embassy. The chief of the arned forces. Colonel Carlos Enrique Diaz. has allegedly assured group of officers that the Orbit arms were procured exclusively for thed that he will not permit any of them to fall into Cobnunist hands. One officer has suggested that Diaz could prevfent this from happening in the capital area, but possibly not in the outlying departments- uatemala

June 54

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