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The touriet traffic in our country ie virtually deadi no wonderpeople who have the money to visit foreign countries don't want to spend their vacations under ccomunist.

We believed until now that the only foreigners welcomed here by the Arbenz-fortuny regime are foreign occBHinistai from many Latin American countries, even from Spain, coraminist fugitives have been granted generously asylum hero, while othei to usu the hospitable soil of Guatemala (and the funds lavishly contributed from our taxpayers' money)onvenient point of departure to promote strikes, unrest, communist propaganda and other plots throughout the Americas.

Kost recently, Itovover, we have learned that Arbens welcaaeew persons of foreign origin for other than political reasons. As our first example, we present today the case of Sr. Guillarmoative of Austria who has been granted Guatemalan citizenship not so long ago. Sr. Grlfislartner of the A. Zadlk company which has been ewarded some rather remunerative contracts on the Atlantic highway and in other government projects, as also interests in tbe chicla business in Paten and owns several flncas.

These flncas have been visited more than once, first by former ^resident Arevalc and more recently by Arbenx. We wondered at first, why* Grlffel isorasunlst, but on thoeligious Jev who plays an active role in ths Jewish Community, ho Isan who attracts by witty conversation and his money can be hardly of interest to Arbenz who Is very well to do himself.

The secret of these presidential visits is, as we learned from one of the worker employed by Sr. Grlffel, that he knows how to surround himself with beautiful women (hoachelor). Eager to please the: ^resident of his adopted homeland, Sr. Griff does not mind if one of the ladies in question keeps tha President company alone or e

accompanies hin when he leaves or meets him at some other place at hie pleasure, Thi arrangement is said to have worked weU with ex-President Arevalo and seems to please Arbenz, too.

Naturally, Hrs. Arbenz cannot accompany her husband if beachelor frie of.

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