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r*velor*aanta In Gua tetania

heratoropaganda guidance together vitaon tbe recent shipment of arm* to Guatemala froo tbeand Guatemela'a offer ofayreaty of non-*ggre**ioa

vith Rondure*. (Attachment l)

2opy of StateA on "Poaalble Action by theAmerican States Regarding Ouateaelen Situation". Thla policyIndicate* the United Statea intend* to obtain inter-Aaeric*ntbe Guatemalan threat and that in order to do thla itto convince the governments and people of Latin Aaerice la intervening in the internal affaire of GuatemalaGuatenalan Coamuniat* la intervening in the Internal affair*

ad Benaclng the peace of neighboring

abla to support effort* to discredit thoaa coaoun Uncontrolled *hould report on action takenthe notorial, when poaBible, can bo piclced up for play inHetiiephere.



It. For your information, preaa coverage of .these developmentsvae carried ln the Dally hev* Highlightsnformation on Soviet violations of non-aggression pact*vith ICD neaorandua ofebruary, subject: SovietEuropean Security Pact.



Attachaent: Aa deacrlbed



c/mT-.j- 1


chief olitical and Paychological Warfare Staff




if BACEraoumi:

Onay tha Btata Departmentteliablethat "an important ahipnent of axma" had beer, tont from the Soviet orbit to Guatemala. It aald the are* wre being unloaded at Puerto Berrioe, Guatemala, and had been shipped fromormer Cmraan Baltic seaport, vhich haa been occupied by Coaawnist Poland since World War II.

The State Department announcement aald: "Becauae of the origin of thea* area, the point of their eafcarkation, their destination and tme quantity of eras involvod, the Department of State considers that thisevelopment of gravity."'

3- The announcement uade it clear that theof the armsccording to pressO-tone--vaa in excess of vhat could betha legitimate defense needs of Guatemala.

I*. It vill be recalled that ath Inter-American Conference atetuela, k, Guatemala caat the only voteesolution declaring that coeawr.isa vashreat to the aovereignt* and political independence of the American atates,the peace ofnd that increasing coacrjniat control of the forernaent of Guatemalaeeource of concern In tha Weitern Bcaiephere.

5. Or.ay the Guateaalan governmentreaty ofto neighboring Honduras, despite the fact thst the treaty of CbapiOtepec* and the Treaty of flio de Janlero7 contain autual security provisions vhich guarantee that in the event of an attack on any country (such aa Boodurae) the otherllied Americanvould come to Its assistance. These treaties afford Guateamla tha same protection.

II. TPRkimn:

follovlng llnea are suggested vith reference to the eras shipment:

1. Guateaalan foreign Minister Toriello in replying toof importing arms froa coamuniat controlled territory stated: Tor ua, coanunlat controlled territory is the Soviet Union. Other countries are eoverelgn." Thla remark can be used to point out that the type of aovereignty the present Guateaalan regime la bringing lta people is Soviet-dictatorship similar to that Imposedhe countries of Eastern Europe by force of Soviet eras.

2. Point out


2. Point out that if thefe srma really were poM for by th* Ouate-BAlen government, It Isompletely unnecessary, beck-Kreaklng on tbe Guatemalan people alnce for defensive purposes Guatenala haa no need foruantity of arms.

3- In connectionbove, suggest that If the arms were given or sold belov price to Guatemalo by tha Soviet orbit. It la obvloua tat Sovleta are ualng them tooothold ln Latin America and toev satellite. Historically auch shipments of Soviet arum nave been followed by teams of Soviet "teehnlciana" and "trie true tori" and finally by complete Soviet domination of the country concerned.

U, Eaphaaite that Western Hemisphere concern over the armsstems from the fact that the quantity and type of arms indicates clearly they are intended for aggression Cot for any Internal usepossibly ruthless repression of elementse Guatemalanion which rafuae to knuckle under to Kremlin domination.

9. Expose this Soviet willingness tc supply arms for aggressive purposes us .aridltional proof that international comrauniem Is dedicated to the principle of violence and is Cent only on increasing International tension and undermining the peace and security of the free world.

The following lines are auggeoted with tcnon-aggression pact:

Point out that since the Flo treaty obviates tbe necessity for any unilateral non-aggression treaties In Latin America, this offer of Guatemala's Is an act of divisive intrigue designed tc undermine the collective security system in force Ir. the American ststes which stands as ato communist aggression.

In connectionbove, highlight the fact that thii actlA on the part of Guatemala is patterned after tbe practice o* the Soviet Union which haa consistently used non-aggression pactsreliminary to invasion. Indicate that such an offer coating on the heels of the arms shipment la particularly oniroua. 2 the Soviet Union signed non-aggression pacts vithtenia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Tba USSR Invaded Finland9 and seized Eastern Poland9 and annexed Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Each of these pactathe signers from taking steps to insure their own safetyhe grounds that auch moves vould be "unfriendly" tc the USSR and therefore contrary to the aplrlt of the non-aggressIon pact.)

it*'en with the effort of the Soviet Union to undermine the HATO alliance, and point out that pen latent eoaneunlsto disrupt free world mutual security efforts prove the value of free world measures forsecurity as deterrents to comnunist Rgsreeiion.



for*Up OoverTummt Distribute. A


of Stat*

Informtlcofor OSIA


circular tel. gram lo.f

It will be the purpose cf the Onlted Stale* Government within the noer future to obtain inter-Aaerlean action to aeet the danger froa mx-tenelve Coeaamlit Infiltration of the poliM^laaUtution* of tho Guatemalan governmmnt.

' To take collective action under the Uter-Amerlcan ay*teato halt or isolate thi* infiltrationote.of tvo-thirds of the American etatea. Because of misconceptions. motive* and the true situation, itot clear that two-thirds of the government* of the other Aamrleaa republics would at present vote to supportaction against Guatemala, it is clearreat aegnent of public opinion in Latin America for the reaaoo* just stated, and because Guatemalan and direct Oceanic let propaganda have carried on en effective campaign to obecure the Issues, vould not at present support, or at best would be apathetic toward, collective action against Guatemala. Since public opinion in many of the latin American countries will etrongly influence their governments in aucb action a* may be taken with regard to the Quateamlan issue, Itssential that such opinion be Informed of the true state of affairs tn thj* ratter.

It la important to note that not only it the danger ln Guatemala item If Involved ln thla action, but ln addition the ability of the peine-taXlngly coo* true tad inter-American ays tea, the oldeet end to data the) aoet aatfectlve of international organization* in operation, toeal and prmeeet dangernvolved. If contemplated actionhe) prestU* of the Or garni ration of American state* and other regional security syatema might suffer no eeverely aa effectively to cripple the umefulnees for years to come of such organisation* in peacefullypotential danger*.

Tbe principal reason some government*arge eegment of the general public of latin America have found difficulty in accepting. point of view with regard to Guateaala'aad it* danger to the peace of tbe hemispherehat ComaunUt, Guatemalan, and earns otheranti-American propaganda baa convinced many people that!

The Guatemalan

that Guatemala in effectively pursuingobjectives of tho Soviet Union;

that Guatemalan policy and political lifeInfluenced If not actually dominated by

C com unlet efforts to disturb the peacecountries and overthrow anti-Coanunlst orline governments; and

Guatemalan and other Communist attesptathe United States. policies In latin America..

the United Stales Is second to no nation lo itsto ioprove the lot of underprivileged peopleworld, and that It Is making especially effective effortaregard ic Latin America.

the United Fruit problem in Guatemala has noUnited States efforts to halt aggression in

*), That the Guateaalar. ceee involves saving democracy from totalitarian aggression.


The posture of the United States in the Ouatemalan situationation which, while cognizant of Its great strength, la actingwith tbe other American Republics vith forbearance,dignity befitting such strength ir. the presenceerierseriously dangeroua)no quarrel with the

(No Foreign Government Distribution)

Guatemalan people aa auch, and wo will help them and the other natlona .of the hemisphere rid the area of Cocouniat Imperialist intervention in the hemisphere.

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