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Salvadoran Hot* on Expulsion ofaborer* from Guatemala

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It waaittleonth ago that Salvador's Plario Latino carried tha full taxt of an interview with Alfonso Martinet, the director of Guateaals'n DAN, in which he nade the grandiose offer of land0 Salvadorana. At thews were slightly skeptical of bucI; an offeri it was obvious that Arbens's regime was enteringtormy period and that the offer of landropaganda move, an effort to gain tie nood will of the Salvadoran Government which finds it difficult to find work for its many caapeeiaoe aa well as an attempt to bribe mere workers from the rioh ooffers of the Agrarian Reform Law,

The offer to potential Salvadoran settlers left nothing to be desiredt'ey were to on joy all the prerogatives which in theory at least the Qusteaslsns themselves enjoyed under the Agrarlsn Reform Law, namely land and the technical assistance and credit necessary to work it profitably* The offer sounds too good to be true* It was.

On Kayuatemalan newspapers carried the news that twenty Salvadoran workers ln tha western sons have been arrested. The Government hintedew

plot and for their own preetlge they could not sdsdt that It was Guatemalans who were Involved t aa Hitler blamed the nation's ills on the Jews, so ths ar be no is tea claim tho new plot waa managed by mysteriousextranjoroBn. Those Salvadorans who had accepted in good faith ths offer of the Ouatemalan government ware the obvious target. Of course they aren't really technicians, they are just good farmers, but since there was no other oulprit handy the Salvedorans hsd to suffer. Sons of the farmers had already planted their crops but this was no consideration to the arbencistas who thrive on illegal acta.


But Salvador could not and vould not corralt Guatemala to trample upon the rights of her citizens In soashion. She called hone her ambassador to Guatemala, Colonel Joeo Alberto Funes, and discussed the matter vith him for four days, from Hayo June 3* Onhe newspapers made public the fact that the Salvadoran Chancery, acting on the preciseof the President of the Republic, Colonel Oscar Osorlo, ha3ote to Ouatemala protesting thla action. Actually the note ietraw in the wind for Salvador, as well asther neighbors, can expect an Increase ln degree and number of such illegal actions as the arbenolstas struggle to maintain their regime in the face of domestic and foreign opposition.

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