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Extent of Operation Comarcensed

of the plan to ustC torage and pick-up pointe movcumik. of armsin KUBARK cables 3 (Att. A) and

4 CALLIGERISetter (Att. C) to SEMANTICto dispatch trucks to thefinca on4 to receive

a shipment of arms and equipment, it- is assumed that this letternotes on the subject were mong the papers confiscatedGuardia Civil. SEMANTIC was advised in KUBARK cablet D) that four tons of equipment were departinginca.arrested by Guatemalan authori-


and Puerto Barrios Arras Inpresa PJ.ap (Att. E)

The details of SEMANTICS part in preparing to receive arns on taring through these areas were passed to him and therefore are assumed to have beon among the papers confiscated. These plans include grid coordinates, time schedules, and identification signals. The Gualan plan alsothat the city of Guatemala was divided for organizational purposes into four sectors.

tank car plan (Att. F) for the introduction of armsto KUBARK station in. Guatemala with instructions that theto be passed to SEMANTIC. This plan described the method byarms were to be shipped and the means of identifying thehe point where recovery should be effected. Instructionsnames. It is expected that SEMANTICS notes on this subject This is further evidence bv ARBENZ's questioning of

(GUAT uatemala.

was asked about tank carnd related subjects. .

employees oi re arrested.was to have shunted

arras-ladon tanx carsiding on receipt of the tank car numbers.

Agrisl fera-Droam <fitt. Hj

nruSere sent from UKOLU to SEMANTICStation, Guatemala City, indicating that an aerial supplybe flown in the future, Ho dale was specified. Tne detailsthese instructions

grid coordinates of the DZ.

of aircraft participatlne in the drop (two).

of bundles.


ofhour ofmarking signal and compromise signal.


Instructions for disposal of parachutes and fittings.

g. Coastal "all clear" signal (ground to air).

5. Pilot Defection Plan (Att. I)

Information regarding the plan was passed to KUBARK Station into be discussed with and handled in conjunction with SEMANTIC were contained in Essential elements of these in-structions were:

Jhas promised asylum to all WSBURNT pilotsaircraft to SOMERSET.

and SKIMMER promise financial aid for familiesand guarantee safety and welfare of defecting pilots.

frequency and call sign to bo used on Alao, alternate approach and signal to be used ifcontact.


It is assumed that although this information was passed tohe made notes and that these notes have been confiscated. it follows that tho Guatemalan Government knows oftho above plan and probably surmises that SOMERSET is ueinr iM>doperations base by PBSUCCESS.

Intent to disrupt Internalgtt. J)

etter to CALLIGERIS, SEMANTIC lists various intelligence items ou which he is concentrating his effort. Among theoe he mentions the details of the communications system and the sabotage of the comunications system. Specifically, he lists several points in Guatemala City which could be sabotaged by use of special equipment. He also states that he is tryinn to place his men in these strategic points or to bribe the men already there.

7. Areas of Especial Interest (Alt. J)

4 CALLICZRI5 sent an intelligence request toranslation of requoat was as foll<*rfs:

"The exact addresses, street or avenue with tnelr respective numbers, of the military garrisons in the following localities arc urgently needed: Coban, Zacapa, Jutiapa, Muzatonaago, Quesalterianto, Quiche, Puerto Barrios and Sun Jose.

"Together with the exactmall nap showing the location of the garrison with reference to the central square and tho public buildings of most importance."

3. Planned Use of Wireleapations

Id the same letter mentioned inbove, SEMANTIC was informedadio was being sent to him. SEMANTIC was cautioned "to bear in mind that it is an old trick to interrupt the current and thus determine whether therelandestine radio functioning by batteries."

It is possible that Instructions for tha Quesaitenanjjo radio operator wore confiscatedince theao were on an undeveloped rolla film which was passed to SEMANTIC. Howcvor, SEMANTIC questioned the purpose of two torn Quetzal notes which were to be used as identification by the Incoming RRO when ho came for his radio and instructions. Details of this identification plan wore on the film and it, therefore, is thought that the film was bad c

9. List of Hamas of Persons Attending SUMMIT

MUUC had in hisist of the WBflbV delegates to SUMMIT. Att. K) reports that thla list was among the documents confiscated.

Further cvidencu of this is tho government's denunciation of SUM'S? asarce in which the directors were in the service of foreign interests and betrayed our land as much as did tbe communistsLa tor fftjes-.rotated that the anti-communist Congress in Mexico developed in an anarchical atmosphere,he students who participated qualified it." Hotel The essential parts of those articles were extracts of CNE'n (Confcderacion Naclonal de Estddlantes) allocations released in the Mexican press ut the end of SUMMIT.)

It ia not believed that SEMANTIC had in his files any information that would indicate PBPRIME support of SUMMIT. The fact that heist of names of persons attending serves to indicate STNCARP sponsoranip of those persons.

of Sg^LTT's doopIc in tJHi nine primaryfSEHAHflC's collaborator file.

It is not known exactly what lists those are nor the names of tho people wliich may have been contained therein, however, thereossibility mot the lis: of namesough compilation from which the attached list (Att. Ii) was extracted. SEMANTIC and SECANT, on their most recent trip toFS discussed with CaLLIGEJlS their inner assets and brought with them Hats of people which could be counted on ln varying degrees toevolutionary attempt. Prom thosereliminary tentative organisational structure was planned, the result of which is the attached roster.

Supporting evidence of the compromise of these lists has not been forthcoming, oincc the government has not, to the best of our knowledge, made pick-ups of listed persons, neither among civilians nor ln tho army.

instructions to Qrraniftors

It is possibleopy of the above paper in Spanish (see attached translation) was among the documents confiscated. It contains no concrete details exceptypes of weapons to be utilized and serves onlyuide for tho organizers. However, the pattern of preparation is there and the modus operandi.

Information contained in tho following newspaper comments may in part have been the result of the compromisehis document:

3a-Muestro Diarjo

Tho largest plot against tholans, codes andin tbe hands of authorities: Article emphasizes that tho proof shows clearly tho involvement of many "who militate in the ranks of anti-communism."

For the government the plot iserious one for it has come completely under control, having In theirho is directing

it, preparing the rebels, tho armament they are counting on, whore

they aro training the civilians contracted for, for what purpose, and in short all the throadB of the plot, in addition to the fact

that they already knounwhero tho clandestine radio is installed, who operates it and in what place."

3 Juno

"The conspirators were organizedilitary type organisation but whftch bad in addition the elasticity necessary to cover the otner aspects of the affair. They counted on people trained in such tasks as the recruitment of individuals, the enlisting of



civilians and soldiers, and the proper instruction of groups of saboteurs who within tho country would carry out acts to weaken the legitlnate resistance of the government.

with Puertogroups already acting io proof.

kinds of plotters i those opposed to the presenttbe revolutionary parties and those with foreigninterests .that, at the ooaent, thedoen not wlljflh to analyze."


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