Created: 6/8/1954

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eaggeeted lines for um In official statements.

representatives In tha field have advised its that tha people of Guatemala, apparently ecoepted the premise that th*ital and ever-riding Interest In denying theodgment on*oll. In Una vith thi* premiss itequested that yousuggesting to the Secretary of State or some other appropriate person of your selection,tatement be is suedropitious sonant to th* effect that the OS ia,atter of course,ympathetic and active interest ln the courageous efforts of all Guatemalan* from all walks of life to ward off Communist attempts to destroy the freedom and independence of Guatemala. In tha opinion of our field personnel,tatement vould sot be construed asintervention in the dene at lo affairs of Guatemala, but rather would be acceptedorollary to th* Secretary of State'* statement at Caracas Viet the domination of the political Institutive of any Americanhreat to tbe sovereignty and independence of as all, endangering tha pease of America and calling for appropriate action ln accordance with existing treaties,"

As official atataaaat of tbe kind suggested above wouldajor contribution to th* success of our mission. It vould undoubtedly stiffen the backs of those political element* which now aaaa resigned to Communist ascendency, and lt wo old push off ths fence certain Individuals who feel that no enterpris* of this kind can possibly succeed unless th* US pots the fall weight of its morel andpower behind it.


Hot* i Th* substance ef th* foregoing paragraphs wa* recommended by our operating personnelm sanding it on to you DOtwithetsndi ng the feetm aware of certain plans and states ante which youhave in mind, including the proposed quootion-and-enswar for theflcritery'fi use at bi* next press conference. ave seen considerable evidence during th* past two days to the affect that the Guatemalan regis*aking every affort to persuade the people of Guatemala, and particularly influential antl-CcmrnmlBt circles, that th* regime has

nothing to for fro* tha United Statae or fron our atteapt to obtainaction. Thle Una of tha regiae ia baring its iapaot and atrong at abe com Tary dlecouraced. fereovar, it daaa not aaaa to mm that in tha official atateaacta and utterances of thla Ooreruaant anough haa boon dona tolaar-ont separation between our viva of tha reglae and our viae of the Ouateaalan people, aa aaaa. thla aadge nan and aaat be driven nore parvuaelToly and aora effectively.

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