Created: 6/8/1954

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MEHOiiAWDUH FTOi Mr. Henry Support by tho Departaent

1. Cur representslives in the field have sdvied ua that the people ofarently accented tha preedse that.ital and over-rldlng interest ln denying theodgement on Ouatemalan soil. In lino with this promise, it Is requested that you consider suggesting to the Secretary of State or some other approorlate person of your selectiontate-cent be issuedropitious Moment to the effect that. is,sttar of course,ympaUistlo snd active Interest ln the couregeous efforts of all Oueteraalons from all walks of life to word off Cormunlst attemota to destroy the freodon andof Ouateaela. In the opinion of our field personnel,tatement vo-.ltf not bo cnstrucd as unilateral lnterv ntion in the donastlc affslrs of , but rather vould bo accentedorollaryr^tery oftatement at Caracasthe doninetlnn of the political institutions of any Anerlcan atate, "wouldhreat to the sovrei'.nty and independence of us all* endangering the paaeo of America and celling for appropriate action in accordanceietlng trestles."

2. An official ststenent of tiie kind rigcested sbove, vouldajor contribution to the sucosss of our mission. It would undoubtedly stiffen the backs of those political elements which now seem realcneo to Conwtunlnt ascendency, and it would rush off tha fence certaino feel thc'< co entsnnise of this kind can possibly succeed unless. puts the full weight of Its moral and material power behind it.

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