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cia historical review programin v


Chief of SUtlon, Guatemala

RSSENCF Operational Report

Miscellaneous Background Data for CALLIGERIS

following paragraph* contain niecellaneoua backgroundby EfSENCE to Eliot P. RAZriAPJL

prior to the SOUKTIC compromiseroupthrough eaatern WSBURNT and eubmitted the following report to

anarate, Jorge SSTE7KZ, Virgilio CHAVARRIA and Miguel CASTRO stated that they have "sufficient" sen ready for any action against the government.

In Progreso, Colonel SinforoBo ALDAHA and Colonel Daniel OTIELLAKA (the latter Trom Loa Chahuites) stated that they have "many" men in the area who are aleo ready for action against the government.

David COXJKDRES and0 reported that the ianeare area is solidly against the government. They also said that theradio la clearly heard thereabouts.

People ln the Jalap* area are also solidly anti-government according to Colonel Francisco OUERka and 3aniel BOHILLA (theenber of the city council). aln they are waiting for action.

Colonel Celastlno 7ASQUKZ reported that the government forces

in Jutiapa are very alert and vigilant. Folicemen armed with pictols and machine guns were observed riding the trains.

in the east the source claims to have notedhopelessness among pro-government and communist forces. felt (at that tins) that the situation was unfavorable forgetting iwrte.


Pegfe Z

r) fource alto observed that many of tho government employees with wnosj he talked Indicated that they are merely trying toiving, that they -tre not in fact governmenthat they tooght against the government when the time comes, (In this connection, ESSENCE suggested that It wouldood Idea for the clandestine radio to play up this situation, promising antl-communist government employees on the lower levels that they would not be removed from office after the revolution, etc.)

A roup memberisited Queraltenangohe obtained the attached list of reported comreunists and pro-coamainists in that area. The station cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of the list, but it aay be useful ton the preparation of programs aimed at small-time provincial communists and sympathisers, Source alsoopy of the minutesecent anti-coasunlat Meeting at San Cristobal Totonicapan. The Minutesist of antl-communists at that place which is submittedatter of possible interest.

An unconfirmed report fromtales that Maria Trinidad CRUZ, currently reported toook in the home of CALLIGERIS in WSdOOFS,overnment agent. This report also states that Maria Trinidad CRUZ was married to Oscar LUNA, the anti-communist who recently drowned in Lake Amatltlan under questionable circumstances, but was also the mistress of the policeman (unidentified) who is ssld to have Wiled LUNA and made his death appear an accidental drowning. (Comment! ESSENCE himself doubts the accuracy of the charge that Trinidad CRUZovernment agent, hut he suggests that she be carefully investigated).

Following the SEMANTIC compromiseeclared that nany of his contacts were depressed by what appeared toajor eet-baok in opposition plans to overthrow the government. This fact and the long promised action that haa failed to materialise is making lt extremely difficult to secure active collaborators according to KfSSMCE-l.

illustrate the current state of nervous tension,K-1many government functionaries are sending their wives and childrenanticipationu: violence in the near future. EWCE-1an unconfirmed report that President ARBENZ has ordered thethe calami prisoners at the flret sign of hostilities.

George L. Trangor

Attachmenti list of communists and pro-commies.







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