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: Blvadnran Note on Expulsion of SelYodorsn Laborerstcula


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It wasittleonth ego that Salvador's Dlarto Latino carriedull text of an interview with Alfonso Kartines, thr director ofAN, in whichrantfiose offer of land0 Salvadorunn, At the time we wore slightly skeptical of eucti an offeri it was fhwious that arbeas's re^lac was enteringtarsB/ periodt tho offer of landropa*;enda move, an effort to gain tielf the Salvadoran Government vhich finds St difficult to find work for ito many cf-mpeeinos as well as an attempt to bribe more workers frosi the ricf; coffers of thr Agrarian Reform Lsw.

The offer to potential Salvadoran settlers left nothlnr to be desiredwere to rnjoy all tic prerogatives which In tleory at least the 'Vjatenalnnn tl easel.res enjoyed unoer the Agrarian Reform law, nanely Laid and: nleal assiaujee and creditto work it profitably. Tns offer sounds too good to be true. It vas.

On Mayuatemalan nevspapers carried tt* nave that twenty Salvadoran wcrxsrs In the western sons have been arrested. The Ooveiuwnt hintedew

plot anc for their ana prestige they ccilc not uasit tint it waa Ouatenalana who were Involved i as Hitler blamed the nation's Ills on U* Java, so the arbencistas claln tha new plot was Ensnared by mysterious "tccnlco*hose SaiTadorais)d acceptedoc faitl.ffor of tin Ouatenf-lanere U* obvious tercet. Of courseren't really tectniciane, they are just rood Tamers, but cince there was no other culprit handy the Salvadcrana had to suffer. Some of the farcers had already planted their crops but this was no consideration to the arbencistas who tirlve on illcpal srts.

Bat Salvador could not and would not permit Guatemala to trample upon tne rishte of bar citirena ln soashion. Sheone her sabassador to Guatemala, Colonel Jose Alberto Funea, and discussed the matter with him for four <iays, from Hayo June 3. Onhe newspapers made public tne fact that the Salvadoran Chancery, acting on the preciseof the President of the Republic, Colonel Oscar Oaorlo, hasobs to Guatemala protesting tain action. Actually the note istraw in tho wind for Sslvador, as well as Guatemala's otter neighbors, can expect on increase in degree and number of such illegal actions as tho arbencistas struggle to maintain fair reglnt in tho face of domestic and foreign opposition*

Expulsion of the Salvadorans from frontier is causeote to the

The Salvadoran Chancery, on the definite instructions of the President of the Republic, Colonel Oscar Osorio, hasote to Guatemala with regard to the expulsion of Salvadorans mm by the authorities of the neighboring Republic.

Unofficially we have been informed that the trip of Colonel Jose Alberto Funes, Ambassador from' Salvador in Guatemala, was pronpted by this matter-Funes remained hero from Monday until yesterday, f

Since tba expulsion of the North American priest ebastian Buccelato, the government of Guatemala announced that it was going to proceed against all those who did not have their immigration papers in order. It was for this reason that Salvadorans, who had several years of residence, but who had never concerned themselves with complying with the Immigration Laws have been leaving.

But then the problem came up in the frontier areas from where numerous peasants have been dispossessed, they had been earning their living raising cereals on lands which they rented from Guatemalans.

Yesterday there were reports xxaiwxlx about the measures taken againstompatriots, owners of cultivated land on the frontier.

The note sent by the Salv governmsnt must neeessaril lead to an understanding so that those Salvador ana will not suffer more difficulties and will not lose the crops which they have planted in that territory.

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