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General - KUGOWN Operations

Spcciiic - Report on El Priacr Congreso Contra la Interveneion Sovictica en America latinaPart II


1. eek has passed since the subject congress ended its sossions, and the aftermath hasuiet one in Mexico. Little further publicity has been forthcoming, with the exception of the attached. With the recant wave of arrests in Guatemala, it proved impossible for some of the delegates from Guatemala to return to their hones; their future is still undecided at this writing. Several other delegates found matters to occupy theirfor additional days in Mexico (sec Attachment for ut mostto their respective countricr. imaodiately.

_ 2. It still proves difficult to evaluate the results of thopointed out in reference,

Prieto Lauren's deternination to expose those whom he considers to beCommunist influence in the Mexican government brought down upon his head and the Congress* shoulders the ridicule of tho majority of the local That issue, coupledaoro objective but scarcoly-more-favorable criticism that the meetings were tied up in "sterileended to de-yrcciton^rccs in the eyei of the Me rican reading public. Otfcur,l the Congress were those of:

ij BoWb bubsr. local correspondent formagazine, who stated

the dfictjates "were not specific enough in

tht" '

ieir declamationsthey"talked gjaorally of the threat of Communism but named no names, not even the Soviet Union, in pin-pointing their targets" (this wo believe to bo an excellent and weU-fo^Med criticism of the groat majority of the delegates, and pointseakness in Latin Americanwhich we tried to minimize in naaing the Conareau snd setting the agendo, and which must bo considered in the planning of future operations utilizing tho Permanent Ccwmission and the country conmi.toij.

o) Victor Alba, Cornish Socialist living in Mexico, who was invited to the Congress but didtcrd: "the delegates attended the Congress only to 'aprovechur' tho situation for their own (unstated) ends";


member of the Spanish Communist Party: "the Congress aided the Communists in Mexico since it blasted tne local government, thusfor the cause of anti-Communism the ridicule of the press and the disgust of the government" (this is an optimistic overstatement but it is certainly basedertain amount of obvious fact);

ttended the Congress as an observer: "Given the xempcromont of tfio Latins, the Con-grossuccess. Therereat deal of enthusiasm on the part of tho delegates, albeit uncontrolled at tines, and many of the speechos were excellentuhilo most wore well received by the assembly" (tho Mexican pressatural emphasis on those incidents and dissertations of the Congress which pertained to Mexicothe other speeches wore given little play);

Jorge Prieto Laurens! "Tho Congressuccess. AHwere enthusiastic and cooperative during the Congress and sincerely pledged their support to tho futuro activities of the Permanent Commission" (this, apparently, in spite of momentary lapses of conviction displayed by the Costa Rican, Ecuadorian, and Uruguayan delegations).

The real evaluation of tho Congress' success and of theies for effective action under the Permanent Commission must come from tha addresseesas requested by Headquarters, debriefing (whore controlled) and interviewing (where controlled) of returning delegates is essential to secure the over-all picture impossible to obtain in Mexico.

3. Tiie outstanding delegates of the Congress, as reported by NASHWIIITER eo3 RNSHIELD, vote (in no order of excellence)! Admiral Penna Eotto (for the sincerity and dignity which ho lent to the cause, although it was generally agreed that his age militates against his becoming an outstanding anti-ComunistAMOS Viana and PORTO Sobrinho (for their clarity andand for their apparent energy in pushing tho anti-Communist effort) Mariano Q'JIROZ Gonzalez and Fernando VARGAS Fernandez (for their intelligence, li;cldity, diplomacy, and seriousness ofose BAQUERO de la Calle, (far hisO.lLfenee, loadorsho, seriousness of purpose, andPi'tCGi-'BZ Gtreii his superior poise, speaking ability, ond

'Ci' "h3 e addressee stations, the business of the ely the following schedule:

tey: convened. ReaUin of letters and telegramsrerLi-ip Ooening speech by Jorge Prieto Laurens (tho spesoh urich attackedinfluence in thegovernment);

Second Day: Speeches on Communist theory and on Communistof various Latin Anericnn countries (ri*ny delegates took port in these discussions, major speeches being given by Penna Botto, Andres dc

C 4



Cicco, BAQUERO de la Cr-llo, URIBE Mlsos, and Cnar IB&RCOYEN;

Third Day: Presentation and discussion of the Soviet domination of Guatemala. Resolutions passed to present the Guatemalan issue to the Organization of American States for action and toermanent Coimission of the Congress. Appointments nude to the Commission and Rio de Janeiro chosen as the meeting site for5 Congress. Brief interruption of Congress by Pcronist-inspired students. Temporary ualk-out by Costa Rican and Ecuadorian delegations in protest over Prieto Laurctis1 repeated blasts against the Mexican government;

Fourth Day: Closing Session. Pledges of adhesion to tho Congress and the Permanent Commission by all delegates (walV-outs returned for last day). Ceremonies at Mexican monuments to Independence and Bolivar. Evening banquet.

5. For Headquarters and LINCOLN evaluation, and for the informationshould be stated that RHSHIELD proved to bo anything

but an ideal agent for"this type of oporatlon. roject 3uch as this, where so much detail is involved and where the srsallcst details can be all-important, complete control over the agentust. Control over RNSHIELD was, and will always be, liritod: when Instructions coincide with his opinion, his cooperation is excellent (as with the formation of and appointments to the Permanenthen thererxiance between orders and the direction in which his prc-conceivcd and ofttines over-enthusiastic notions carry him, the result is difficult to predict. It is for this reason that the Mission has in the past recommended that he be used only for the nost specific of operations (one-shot posters,ad itesson uell-learnedongress is far frompecific operationon the contrary, it is an all-inclusive operation with many facets, all of which must be held under tight control in order toompletely acceptable end-product.

nreiea* Gvr:.






with Q

Is therefore the considered opinion of this Mission (seconded,by officers of this Bibassy unwitting of KUGOWNhatPermanonte del Priuer Congreso Contra la Intorvencion SovicticaLntina will flourish and becorw effective only, when itson H- members cf its governing body more responsiblencision to bo wcr"cd mir, by Hoc.dquarters, and one whichxrlination In the meantime, the Pcr-

ofits present secretary-general, will iiMi'ly tho activities of the various membersittoos, cuxl will carry out spot missions at (The first act of the Permanent Commission, was not carriotlt Headquarters request, it was done uitirely on RiiShlELD's


6. Corrections and additions to the list of delegates QS given infollow:

C JuneBX3


also In attendance: Arq. Roberto Saenz, re-

presentative of the Profcsionlstas do Buenos Aires

correction in spelling! ZUAZO Cuonoa

also in attendance as an aide to Admiral Penna

Botto: Joaquin Miguel Vielra Ferrciro, journalist

El Salvador - also in attendance: Juan Antonio Altamirano and Rone Moreno of PRUD, Dr. Jose Ortiz Norvaez and Dr. Joso Valmoro Castro of the Dofcnsa Social Salvadorena

correction Ln spelling: Francisco Perez Estrada

correction in spelline: Carlos A. Banboran

also in attendance: Fulgoncio Baroiro

United Statos - although. delegations were invited, various oenbers of the American CI Forum of Texasroup of American veterans of Mexican extraction) attendedbservors.

Boyd I. Rolendor



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