Created: 6/8/1954

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BUBJECTi Coteseating vith Heesrs. Pawley end Heneel

1. Agreed State Department vill fortbvlth advise MFLUgg ABbasssdor that aircraft would have to be sold to his gcvernsent without right of return to the United States, the title would have to pass in. before delivery of planes to KHPLUSH, but that If his government so desires we could explore with POA possibility of making payment by deposit of irrevocable letter of credit payable in thirty day:.

E. Agreed that Defense will explore nature of contactsl. ailitery mission in WSBUiST end Sanchezlcv to inviting Benches to travel to tho Onlted States.

3. Agreed desirable withdrew PGA mission from WSBOBJfT forthwith but keep military nlBslons there. RHB to get ln touch with Stessen or others in POA. (Later call fron Hardesty of POA necessitated review of this decision.)

a. State end Defense reported they will make complete plans to invite Velasquez, WSHOOPS' Chief of Staff, to the United States.

Agreed Defense Department would explore possibility providing two Air Force technicians with (IS background tc be hired es by government. This arranges*nt would be with full knowledge of VSHOOF government and individuals' function vould be to prevent sabotage. Kandelstam will prepare specific proposal and submit to Lt. Colonel Holmberg In Bsnsel's office.

Discussed Inconclusively feasibility oft

e. V3BORfJT reciprocal trede treaty as suggested inune from VSBU8HT.

b. Possibility of official finding Battle Act Prohibition on shipment of strategics which vould be appliedURRT. Presumably Pawley will discuss those suggestions in the Departsent.

historical review program

RICHARD M. BISSELL,ssistant to the Direct for Planning and Coordination

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