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fcllc-tncist of tha points which worethe afcevo mentioned conversations, to^stl-crndirsticnextent of agreeiaent reached end/cr tha poUry juldrncosach.

further airborne leafletvlsedlconsidering the desirability -rod Using of additional 'Ae explained we night wish to do thla at any tire and.that there night te occasion to ucehaveon an unwitting basis) for certain af these flijhts. tho us* of such pilots would te reserved for flightsuse of particularly significant andandof dolivaryspecialIfurthtr stctodoren dir^ted to evploras-ialtiUty ofIr.iiivrr.ously ;jro-;orad alweepilot* for certain of the leaflet, drfjpa via. thoseiz3ortar.ee of shorter length, not requiring evcta cti-p ^stated ho ssw no objectionolicytha- va give further consideration tafbuibsfor th* area of tbe capital city. oof which Iv both ear-aly and eapsblavith little rlf'x^/

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^piicatli for export license, in whichu probably obtain spBciril

c-jr.lxicxti.cn to try* deportment's <BlN' against Guatemala. Itthat the posalbilities of obtaining the documents wouldby CIA, end tbat if it should prove to hi* oeeeoaary toapproach to tbo XL ' vould wish to bo

advised so that be can clear this'. ln important unresolved cuvstion in this regard Is whether tbe original documents sir* required for presentation at the OAS Meeting. If tbe netbod of cbtalr.aant is to te clandestine them It would probably be zrt embarrassment to present the originals at tbeince it would be ciore difficult tohow they wore cane by in original form than would be tho care if photOStatal here used (photcstata can bo obtained in various ways, but official original documents would have to ba obtained officially if it Mara not to appear clearly thateen stolen).


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attention of and he agreed to provide fcin fall support ineptrt-flsnt .sd with the fc=basey in C 3if tiis is necessary.

S. Ccncominf: cce very rsncliivof treatment, vhich wasirectly fcr tbe firut ti-io fcy ' In his aUKSO preparedc-isiJered this and ruled it out, at Iwast for the isoodiataha srwis tbat it wocld probably -rove to Letroductivo. Tbis*tS3 not conclusive and . SJEXOdwd thatith con* scccliic plans both ccncemic^ tea individual targetc, tbe Mains and trio of the purposeht. to bw achirvod with res-.ect towouldairly, aoliu Biiowlrgthe advantage to bo gaii.iu Vy tbisf activity.

o. petrolaua supply situation vuat ucwe lens'tb sr. rTaffir-ici! bis decisinaeffort* prior torcvall uprsi tfteaftsno ofjproaCh to tlvsa talcmaSenai interrupt vhipnenio. At thntine ho approval of sague to embarkar-fall/eriesins', certain installations. The hopnr-ss-isJ that if results cun t* achievedivnt kind, thear? results aij-ht incausei:cral benefit by en {Tendering dsinclinationooliora to ship the gooda.

7. It was served by cstablish direct liaisonthe purpocs o;deas and Information wiih


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