Created: 6/11/1954

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from : chief of Station, Guatemala


kDGOWH Operational Report (essence)



As previously reported the ESSENCE coixilex was not seriously damagedesult of tie SSKANTIC coaproniBo and we concluded that regrouping within the last week had reached the point where ESSENCE could reauae operationsimited scale. However, when the suggestion was put to him, he made the following concents which were orally passed to the station by Eliot P. RlZMAHAi

At the present time the government may think that it baa broken the internal opposition and consequently may soon release most of the prisoners against whoa there is no conclusive evidence. If operations are resumed prematurely, the government will recognise that an effective organisation still exists and nay torture the prisoners and through then implicate others who have thus far escaped detection.

Charnaud KcDonald has declared (to the press) that the government will release full details of the alleeed plot in tbe near future. Meanwhile it is presumed that the government is still rounding up evidence, completing its case. If new operations are initiated, the government probably will not reveal the awaited details and will not relax its vigilance nor lessen its investigative activitiea.

Meanwhile, it is best that we concentrate on shoring-up the aoralo of the branches throughout the country, reassuring them that the organisation is Intact and not scSioufily weakened by the temporary set-back. Us should alao take advantage of this breathing spell to lay the groundwork for*future operations.

2. ESSENCE lo already sending messengers to provincial branches for the purposee stated inc) above. In connection with this activity he has recommended that small amounts ofe given to each branch aa positive evidence that the organisation ia not only functioning but haa the wherewithal to pursue its objectives. RAZMARA has been told to advance money for this quickly as possible the branches are being told to maintain an apparent aloofness for the present, to desist from overt political activity (meetings, distribution of propaganda,ut, to prepare themselves forclandestine activities if future developments indicate the need to do so.

8. Since both ESSENCE and RAZMARA are convinced that it would be unwise to resume operations at this time, the station ia not pushing its requeat. ^owever, every effort will be made in the meantime to develop by-product intelligence reports from the various branches and thus avoid the existence of aaoamletely inoperative and non-productive complex.



e June Sa/GLT/agl

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