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Guidance on Recent Developments in Guatemala

hereto Is background Information and propagandarecent developments in Guatemala. Earlier guidance and backgroundsubject vas contained In CPP memorandumune, subject:in Guatemala.

connection with this guidance, particular emphasis shouldon identifying Guatemalan President Arbenz personally withby Guatemalan communists that they will "beheadthe time comes. This identification can be derived from thealthough Arbenr did not make the statement, neither he norresponsible official has chosen to repudiate it.

Acting Chief Political and Psychoarfare Staff

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Additional Background and Guidance on Recent Developments In Guatemala


une Cesar Montenegro Paniagua, chairmen of the Labor-depute Connittec of the Guatemala National Peasants Confederation and Communist member of Congress, announcedress conference that the antl-coraraunists in Guatemala were In danger of being, beheaded should trouble start in that country. Be stated "it is not necessary to have concentration camps because at the first shot wo will order the beheading of all anti-communists

On the same day Leonardo Castillo Floras, secretary-general of the peasant group, sent telegrams to all confederation chapters telling members, in view of tho latest alleged plot against the Government, "to be very vigilant for acts of reactionarynd adding that should "anything new occur, the central committee will advise immediately as to how to proceed against the enemies of our revolution".

Meanwhile the nation's two big communist-controlled laborhe General Confederation of Workers (CGTG) end the National Confederation of Formersave held mass rallies to organize vigilante defense units and to lay the foundations for militia to defend 'the national sovereignty".

Guatemalan newspaper, called this the first stepeoples' array and warned against civil war forecastingord from Ceaar Kontenegro Castillo could "launch action against the defenseless people of the country and villages and cities ondilling orgy without parallel in the country's history". The paper further called on the Arbenz government to calm the populace by assurancesivilian army would noteality. Such assurances from the government have not been forthcoming.

5. To the contrary,une the Associated Press from Guatemala reported that "Guatemala's communist-backed government todayday suspension of constitutional guarantees. The action vas taken at an extraordinary session of President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman'smong the civil rights suspended was the constitutional article establishing freedom of expression and the press. The government clamped censorship on all outgoing diepatches of foreign news correspondents. overnment order said all such copy oust be subject to approval before transmission".


1. Point out that Arbenz' action of suspending freedom of the press, immediately after the press criticized the communists for attempting toeoples' army to Buppross anti-communists among the population, is clear proof. If more were needed, that the Guatemalan governmentawn of international communism. An "Iron Curtain" has been drawn ln Central America.

2. Emphasize that Arbenz by allowing the communists free rein In Guatemala will himself be the headsman if the National Peasant Confederation pursues its threat to order the "beheading of alt antl^cotanunlsts".

3. Suggest

3. Suggest that the disproportionately large satellite arms shipment recently received in Guatemala vas destined for these communistgroups for use against non-conxnunist elements in the population and that this shipment together with communist efforts to form peoples' militiaogrom of all those who oppose Guatemala's communist regime.

a. Highlight the fact that suspension of civil liberties and the formation of cooaunist paramilitary units to wipe out the opposition mark the complete satellization of Guatemala and Indicate that Kremlin strategy for Guatemala no longer calls for disguised communist control but for complete communist dictatorship, with all its attendant evils.

Emphasize that the events in Guatemala exactly parallel events in Czechoslovakia which led to the communist coup. Recall that in Czechoslovakia the communists In the government charged the opposition with "reactionary plotting" and armed so-called communist action groups% as well as "workers militia" which were ready at the tine of the coup to take control of the life of the country at ell levels.

The censorship imposed by Arbenz on reports of foreign news correspondents in Guatemala should be exploited as the act which makes the dropping of the iron curtain around Guatemala final.

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