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Contenplated Supply by Air Drop to ADAM

U Aa you are no doubt aware, there were four(U) organisational seotora within the GAUIQERIS ADAM organization prior to the recent disclosures. As outlined elsewhere in this pooch, sen are being launched fron WSHOOFS to all target areas to rebrief and consolidate remnants of each organisation for supply and tactical purposes. These ma, in the ease of ADAM, unless an inadvertent cross-up occurs, are working independently from the HJPRACIO oontaeto. In the ease of supply by sir, howwver.no preliminary preparations have been aade, and the incoming man isold subject in to new men.

therefore,uppleaentarv ap preach to the above, LISCOLfl hopes you can, after studying your local situation, aid in setting op an ADAM supply drop through KOPBACID, If you can, without endangering your status there and with reasonable security for KJFRAOIQ and associates,eception party under the manner outlined below, cable LIBJCOLH details and await conflraation before sat ting up.

3, Eitheriven period of aerial supply prioray, oray, we will hare the capabilities of dropping approximately one(l) ton of snail arms and demolition equipmenteception party giving the right signal at the right placere-plsnned date and Una. The period to bo used inay drops or tho perioday to be assigned KUFRACIO's recaption group will be passed to you via cable whan neacVjiartoxa hag passed on Which of tho two conditions UBCOLS is authorised to fly under.

h. The drop will ba snde withlanes. Only one(l) pass ovor tbe DZ will bo made by each. ) bundles will be dropped, average weightbs. Each bundle can be iisasdiately broken down into portable man-loads by cutting the outer ropes, en should be in the reception party, the bundles ore sterile and tho men should be Instructed to saattor the pieces in brush. The chutes should be burned inmadlately and all buckles buriedole dug prior to the drop.



prior to the drop tine, signals should be laid out on the ground. for the drop for this group should be sn *V nade by arrangingflsshlights or brush pilesanes apart as pictured ^

if by night, or twohile n if by day. Whenonlighted end unmarkedoverhead at

0he team must light np or lay oat ths panels. The plane will then continue on and lower to drop altitude and guide on the DZ marker in its approach. The plane will drop on the aignal so make an allowance forards fordOae/hour ground wind.

Impress the team with tha motivation reasons, security to future drops,or complying with useompromise signal. If lights are used, compromise will be Indicated by use of fwvenft) lightsor by use ofed panel and one white 1ft*uS *if by day. lepres* on the. the need to clean gg ths DZ after drop.

Tbe DZ should ba attwelve) kUessrtres out of ADAM, to ths Borth preforably, to prevent crowding other planned drops. Density of population, accessibility to roads necessary, ate. should be np to your discretion concerning the local situation. Tha DZ should bo flat and woods-free and at least lgOards,If possible, there should be no terrain obstacle within ono(l) miles' shove DZ altitude. If you can't beat this, strive for it end indicate in asways as possible, the exact location of such obstacles. An alternate should be selected. The planes can search both searches en drop night. Reference polntalcroas-roada, stream Junctions,hould be indicated nth respect to DZ for pilot identification.

Distribution dates and places should be up to local situation in KUPBAClO's contacts.uggestank of these supplies either outside tha city or, aa the situation elEws, free, where we night tie in any, chance assets as things progress.

Uksly dates nndar present planning would be two days assigned betakenndane or Bnj_ day thereafterJj-hour notice by you

via LiwDom.

30. take It from there and advise your capabilities or suggestions.




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