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Acting Chief of Station,



CXOAM and PRQHTO (Koto for Hegarty)

Please forward th* attached note to Usgarty and send ua hia reply aa toon aa practicable.

JB80BE c. msaiR



iles -3



For hodolfo

aro reconsidering tbe question whether It is fair to expect

you to exercise effective control over CHUM and ROTO In Mexico, (a) because of your many othor commitments, (b) because they aro so far away fron you and your Influence is at best remote and indirect. Moreover, ve have begun to wonder whether continued support of CBOAM and PRONTO is warranted at all -einco we know very little about their aotual contribution to our enterprise. On the other hand, we are anxious to see whether their activities would be capable of expansion! the dally Increasing difficulties which our mutual friends inside the factory ore encountering Make it all the more desirable to give them added, active support fron the outside.

deciding one way or tha other, however, ye want ioadvice and opinion about this matter, togetherompletethe present status of both the organisation and the newspsperi factual information about either of then has been received here

answer as aany of the following Questions se>.possible ln

your report"

exactly, is the chain of cojsnmlcations betweenthose people in Mexico? Viar viar Is contact maintained by mail, by courier or hovT Howreports fron Mexico

such money Is being given to either CEOAH orIt givenump sua or for specific sxpenses?

(in the latter case* let'so you jjive money for this purposo or does Pancho take it from his over-all funds? flow Is it being transmitted to Koxlco?

either CEOAH or Hi OH TO hare other sources ofso, how much money do they receive (say, during one nonth)whom or how? (Especially! membership fees, sales offrom groups ln Mexico).

manydoes CEOAH have? How doee thiswith tho total number of exiles in Mexico?

aro ths officers (members of tha executiveCEOAM? what are their titles In tbe organisation and whatactual significance of their work for the organisation? you evaluate them personally?

are the day-by-day aetlvitioe of CEOAH? ypical working week). Do they hold- for theirembers only, orroader public?

How often do such meetings take place and by ho* many people, on ths average, are they attended?

g* What other contacts inith other exile groups, with Mexican political organisations or if^jng personalities, with governoont agencies, nevspapereoes CEOAH have? How close are theae contacts, for what purposes have they been used so far or for what purposee would they be available in the future?

h* How many members are willing (and able) to return to theow or ia the future? For what types of Jobs Inside tha factory would they be qualified?

ow nany copies of ovary Issue of PRONTO are being printed? j. How are the copies being distributed, in particular)

How aany arend through whoa?

bow aany are distributed free innd to what groups of addreoeoco?

How nany reach readers inside the factory and by what noans? (This Is one of the nost important questions and should be answered in a* wuch detail aa possible).

(It) How aany copies go to other coonive breakdown according to countries and groups of recipients, k. Is there any evidence of the effectiToneee of PRONTO? For instance, do they receive letters frcaf so, how nany per month and how many of then fron inside the factory7 Are its articles reprinted by other publications or quoted over the radioif so, give examples. Is it being attacked by thef so* give examples.

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