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kbmku otherokece-jtli aruiveu from the rlaces

t) WHICH TrT* Tr^^attob REFKRS.

1. 3HT0"TiflfU (Capital) At tne Militaryre areroop* erd about flerf, including the|-jvornor.


'laeMne tuna, between LHIs and We

Vodaehotrmred oare

2 tai'Jce

Tn addition tie reeeerve etjefc ofotalonJaown, Tw> aroreu core with irequoncy at algM fw San Pedro Pi aula,oferw titersoncentration of nemoere of the Caribbeanactcd byat*>ri>erimontal farm,od-CuartorR , Lon,

At tjie co-wwtnd poet of the 3aae theynti-aircraft nacnine rune

cal.eady to fire.

T!w* Civil rvjard la divided Into tw> corpsI "IHSTi

le and lech rifles tovrmm-nt civilian**

en. Each man with his ryn plus stock for equipping civilians

In ease of emergency. In all the feesnions taey nave Men distrl cvtirm ante of Csech

or wspion.

Through anti-coanunlet Individuals that have been able to Infiltrate the Conaunistto cat Information we :iave been able to verify that the uomal institute* jf boys and fiirls are reserved to be able to concentrate clwrnimst l' tirre. Likewise, thel schoolsrTiivas - Flor-cnclo J'tifwriL, "'ra-iplto Floras and Abrehsn Cereao.

Atcnja "ecuarla "lactonal (itat'.onsl Cattle Farm) in PeteplaMorales there are eras, and tho Informant says this

inConeatior. is cei-tain.

It sees* strange that tnero are few people on tne Military Jase,is oecausc tiie majorityin Zacapa*


ti: . WKcrhiss.aiuak *yjP3 Aim umaiY-xr piufTCAL A'rrr^s*

J.nroy (diputado)

Arujel Pals Kejia (diputado)

Harco Tulio Giron

Carlos Alberto Giron S.

Hugo Rene Sagastune

Pedro Orellana

Rafael Cardona

^liverio ZuntEa

N'arciso Guerre

Huraberto Saenz

Liceneiedo Huaberto Alonso (hondurcno)

. Odtnr AdolfO ItOSSal

Profosor Vicente

errocarrilero Alirio Recinoe (coouniato)

Joanoroy (Tits)

i'araberto Cervantes

Rigoberto Diaz

Jose Hendea

Gregorio Cetino

Jubal Cetino.

Franc Is co Cetino

Carlos Aquino

Rafael Mata

Javier Zunlga

Los MJos de Jose Jordan r. Alfredo Eg pane Ruben Guillen Tito Cabrera Rene Sages

Roberto Cabrera (nrtembro del partlo eomunieta) Marco Tuliorio Valdasiar.

ThoCivil Guard that Iiad its headquarters ln Jocotanuards and one leader.

At Copan ituinas arc Luclo Arroyo Cores, Francisco Arroyo Corea and Juan Paiz, wno have as tneir mission to advise tne people not to join tue organised on;<osition because it isey are from the Union.

Also inare Tsllx Mandalirector of the rods of 3opan,ieeo Sa .doval, Guatemalan who corvee as courier J'or the communists of Guatemala, masses as an emigranti tneyin to rested in discovering our movements.

Andres Cuestas, who lives in Copan, says he is anti-cowaunist and tries to Infiltrate our ranks, but our scent tiere as been establishing that he works with the Ouatemalan Consul In Copan and that hooonuniot (Cuestas).

Director of the rods, ACWS7ISC, is going and coming to Jocotsn perhane carrying infomationbringing conwuniet propaganda. Joaquin A,esidentawmunist; lie has just eooe to tiuato-^la, delivering propaganda end returning with instructs and money to spend on vigilance of our friends.

Andres Cuestas lias an anti-communist card if-sued in Capoten and therefore has access to Infiltrating our ranks.

Theo is Chief of the defense of Oopan, wants rsetfotiations made with the Kin:.ster of Government to have them called to this capital andcir stteutlon called, inclu'.ln the Ouatenalan spies.

. who oas been aof ours, arrived in Copan for

e of ov'-.n here; in fact, instructions were given to hbnVisit it is soured tost later ae enoke with the Guatemalan Consulto the village where he residesnchor, Zacapaj he saidnoin,: eturn on Saturday,h, and take the plane. Thison C as given by

Inirder piece in Ouatemalanerellitar.-detacn-'ont oonrosrdfficer,oldiers; thoroelor.raoh.kiloswter avar Is the Civil Guaro, cv-.oosed of one sergeantfjards.t4$XA was detached from the Union to investigate ourieirourfi Jocotan via ^opan .'iuinas, where he. VTVIAIT) fSGMSS and his eon .tnlSftS daii'I*^? who oessrtod from our ranks and were in one :t" our training caips, are in Cspanj. they insist on finding out wnat persons that they knew who arrive ln that region are doing} theyat feieying bo complain to tlie authorities if their identification "fipers arc not returned to then, denouncing alley have se^n.

:rro*KI.Honduran)n at the detachment ofl.rido to take tojateaalaa CotsvI in Copan.

Tiie Guatjtalan Consul nasMis tripiext Saturday,h, through an urgent call, and it is certain that he will leave hero for 'iuotenala.


The piece where instructionn thello-et^rr

iron tae nHltary letacaaent of El Florida endetore from tae

dlvidim- line,etera from tiia road, to tho left going frs* here on

tive la:u: rf an -ncle ofthe ahed laale attain a

coffee plantation^ ltuhar ti* ahed la aboutaras.


L orta that tbe equipment vy now be eont and that. If anothnr

placc le needed, it can be constructedays.


in charge of

of CiviqulsrAa of "hiquinula of Chiquljsula of Chi qu inula of Caw tan of Zacapa of Zacapa of Zacapa of Zacapa of Zacapa

ofs already hap oft already hart

'T I" CiPAISTDO caw: at0 bo sent to ;iin, ball* in quetsaies, because Je is in

criartc of tue fe"dlnt of the persons berfiren <se who are ai-rl^lr.;;

ond ot.mr wjrk, or. well as for the other Durationalpo-ichosore Wiio are ,oiiy. to sleepthe credential of Instructorbe sent to hla.

L 1 U.

IffCOTTO THSthe Lcforaatlon.

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