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(Rolls, sahsdulsd for broadcast on Wednesday, June 9th)

THE PBlflClrAL THQCTS OPAI, as reflected in spot announcements and almost all prograas, vara tba following!

Message to members of Guardla Civil, Sacrat Polios, ate. Wa know that most of your ara raally on our eida, but can do nothing at tha noaent to show at tha risk of losing your Jobs.understand that tba conditions of Military discipline iput youough poaltioo. But thereay you can Your contribution, for the moment, nay ba snail. But many hands, reaching out together, can move mountains. If your communist chiefs order tbe arrest of soma anti-communist you can help prevent lt, by seeing that you go to an empty house to sake your arreet. Thus your nana will go in our files as one who has helped, and your name will ba erased from our list of thosa who muat ba dealt with on tha great oay.

The flight of Mendoza is tbe result of army persecution, as it increases against those faithful officers who have tbeto think for themselves and reason out the horrors of what military life would be under the comnia*. The parallel between this flight and those made from behind the iron curtain.

In all spot announcenenta, and in nearly all programs, one theme dominatea today'aArmy, Army I.

"Hlacelane Musical daj Aire") Flftaan minutes with Dr. So What, famous Quls Master. Full soundsaughter, whistling, applause.


Dr.i In the balcony to myoicei ady here, Doctor...

Dr.juentras if you can answer this question correctly! "What la "the best organized plot" that haa been made against Arbenx?

Lady: The one that haen't been diecoveredl

Dn. Give that Ladyuentrasicket to next week's show.

(Applause and whistling)

Lt* Downstairs to my left...

Voice: entlenenb...

Drj0 Quentras if the gentleman oan tell ne what Fito Mendoza made I

Gentleman: He made smoke I

Dr: Give thatuentrasJ

ostra Campana Radial": Part thraahre* part series on Communist penetration of labor unions. What the end result will be for those go dominated. Comparison with workers' life in Iron Curtain countries How the vigorous drive of sincere labor leaders is only hindered by the communist falsa promises.

"Laa Patrla" i lea for ail mothers who have sons, husbands or

brothers in the Aray. Talk with them about the problem that nowthen. Make them see that they are being used as

evenare not being used at all. Just cast aside so that

orces can do the work intended for them. earful mother,ashed and scrubbed for you through those hard years whjle you were training, and now it teems to have all been for nothing. Soma good for nothings are taking on the job you wereto have done. lou night as well have stayed home and helped dad at tho farm. other I'm not going to preach violence, but boy you'd better do something quick or you'll be back here hoeing them potatoes". LfFffWALj

"Los Acusamos de Alto Traiclon"; Today's theme of the regular programresult of suggests received inom Basic*

ally, that those now In power are traitors to the principles of the Revolution of October. pecial slant to tha Army, which has found it impossible to defend those prinoiples under Arbenz. "Where, then, are the postulates of the October Revolution? Where are the glorious conquests, what have been the benefits achieved by the "democratic" revolutionaries in Guatamala? What's the differencethe pre-October regime and the present one? It was ten years ago this month, June, that the revolutionace. Who knows, maybe this is the month that seejthe ten year cycle closed, so that oneCmore we can continue our efforts begun in lS^AV.

%uedonda Venous"t Continuation of previous program. Final

paragrapht "The Movement of National Liberation of Guatamalaagain make effective the principles of the Octoberhave so promptly been discarded. We will comply-withwhich for those who now govern isook Inbut which for ua is the mandate of the people ofwill shed our blood for this. We will fight, with tbe helparmy and the people, to restore tha nation and restore theof the Revolution. To make sacred onee more the oathswe pledged ourselves. And we are positive that the armyus, for they too, are fed up with this bloody joke that hasof the Constitution and the principles of the

"Pegando Ccntro"t Calling Dr. Selva in Zacapa. Telling him to turn in the arms store in his house, (not based on intelligence, but personal knowledge of TCHYJ. Be sure.and get your receipt. Dr. Selva. That fool Alvaro Hugo Sulguero had his arms removed by the Military Police by he forgot to ask for his receipt I

Maws From Sadio Lit* ration0; Thisrogram of all booadceuts ie this fjlnchell style retort of late news.

Incorporated here and the subject of much comment, the flight of Col. Hendoaa. he was the victim of persecution. .Vho will te next. You, Mas,? You, Angeli Etc.

This case is an ALERT to the military. Are you soldiers going to stand by and wait your turn to feel the knife in your back?

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