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SUBJECTi perational Kattera.




Attached horotoopyatins between Minister of Foreign Relations Ibborto fi, CANBSSA. Ambassador Michael J. HcBERtOTT.

The msnoi-andun was calledby Ambassador HcDtflSHOTThen he to DIR Ohl5$.

Tbe Anbaosador reiterated his reluctance to seeRI0 until he had scan answer to OSCCO's reouest for arcs assistance.

h. The attached copy inplies thats the chief Salvadoren Goverrraent sup.jorter of ERRATIC and does not necessarily sneak for OS0RI0.




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Juno 3,

Participants: Minister of Foreign AfStirs ftobei^-flTKeAIESSA; Ambassador Michael ^McDSIWDTT.

I called at tha foreign Office this afternoon end left with Minis toropy of the document entitled "Soviet Comnunlsm in Guatemala". He pointed oot that there was no idoratification of tho source of the document and asked whether there was any objection to his having it translated and copies sont to the Salvadoranin Central America, id not have copiec in Spanish;ould appreciate it if he would have it translated and see that the Presidentopy, andaw no objection to his sending it to the Salvadoran Ambassadors. emarkedreat deal ot work had gone into the preparation of the document; that it was sure to have involved the workood many people. He rosarkedi "Tou people do these things very well; we Just don't have the personnel or facilities for doing such studies."

I then impressed upon the Foreign Minister the Importance of each country's immediately preparing its case to show how it was threatened by international connunism in Guatemala and the special threat involved by the fact that Guatemala ia getting direct arms shipments from behind the Iron Curtain. aid preparation of Salvador's case would be very important;oped he would keep In touch with me on it andould be of assistance. Just to call on me.

I suggested tohat he knows tho Central American people and reactions betterould ever hope to,ondered how he thought the Guatemalan Government would defend Itselfonsultative nesting of the OAS. lie said the Guatemalans would follow the sane tactics they did at Caracas; that they would play to the grandstand; they would charge that United States imperialism was being imposed upon them; that the United statea was seeking the help of other countries to impose it; that the whole thinghreat to Guatemalan sovereignty; that it was threatened only by the United States and not by Russia. These tactics will get soma support for them in Guatemala. Mr. Canessa called it grandstanding and said both Guatemala and Nicaragua will play to tho grandstand to divert the thoughts of their people from their local troubles and put the blame. In the case of Guatemala, on the United States and in the case of Hicaragua, on the conmunists.

Canessa said that although "we" do not like dictators, it is most Important for stability in Central America that SOMOZA continue in office in Nicaragua. He saids "We know what ha ia and where he stands and we do not know what would take hia place if he were removed." He aald 8oroza has gone very far; that if he continues in the course he is

following, terror will reign In Nicaragua. He said ho knows Somoaaand he wished that President OSOHO would send him to talk towould adviae Somosa to try those whom he thinks guilty, aentencedeath and then pardon and exile them, thus demonstratingthings would settle down. aid it appeared to me Sqbtom wasa nerve treatment. Canessa said that was true and he could , i% he vlshfKl'quieten down if he stopped

lightening his own people. He said he would like to visit both Sonoza and Figueres. aid: "Xou meane said no, it would not moan mediation; it wouldeeling out.

I then aakad the Foreign Minister whether he thought the United States proposed resolution goea far enough. He said it did not; that it would not cure the situation in Guatemala. sked him how far he thought we could go and have the support of the other Latin American countries/ He said henow; that what we proposetep and as such it would probably be approved. Ke then said the United States has scent millions of dollars in Europe and Asia and could easilyCOO-COO

ituation in Guatemala. skod him how we could oroceed. Ho said ZDlGCIttS Fuentes (he brought up the name) needs money; that all he needs is money to buy arms and to buy the support of Ouatemalan army officers. He could arrange for me to rcct General Ydigoras. ad net .do brieflyirst came here buteally didn't know much about him.sked whether he was dependable. Canessa said Mlgoraa has many good aources of information in Guatemala and that sometimes things havehe morning In Guatemala and Cenoasa has hoard of thepj^ from Ydigoraa by noon. He said hef the information that had come from Ydigoras was correct. nderstood the Quaternion exiles dldn't pull togother very well and that thereplit. Canessa then said there were Colonel CASTILLO AI1MAS andtwo. Ke said there were Just these tao men with whom we could deal and why not

Jtof asm. "hen they had chased the commies out of Guatemala, let them then decide who waa going to run things. sked how Ydiporas could get arms, if ho had them', into Guatemala. Canessa saidumber of small ranches up on the border vhoro arms could be concealed

EO along with the idea

he had Just indicated that arms night be smuggled across the Salvadoran border. He said there was no question in his mind that the President would oppose It.

He stressed that this conversation was just between the twoandaot to say anything of it and not to uae his name,El Salvador. opy of this memorandum isonly to the

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