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HBN Tegucigalpa, in Spanish to5 GMT--W

(Honduraneply to Guatemalan Government's Mayroposalriendship and nonaggression pact)


Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Honduras. . To his excellency, the Minister of the Republic of Guatemala in Honduras. Dear Sir:


1 have the honor of replying to the proposal contained in your excellency's cablegram dated4hich read as follows!

"In emphatic confirmation of our policy of nonintervention, myla honored to submit for consideration by your excellency's illustrious government--In formal manner, notwithstanding the existence of theantiwar pact of nonaggression and conciliation signed3 In Rio de Janeiro, ln affect between our twoadvisability of the Immediate signingreaty of friendship and nonaggression between Guatemala and Honduras, with the purpose of firmly cementing peace and friendship and of removing any and all anxiety from our good and cordial relations."

Permit me, youra (fittingustake note of, and express thrifts for--in che name of my government--the reaffirmation you have professed In the preamble to your proposal, to the effect that Guatemala's policies ar*you say--to achieve the greatest possible measure of cordial friendship and complete collaboration with the Government of Honduras.

In thisave the honor of reaffirming andhe position of Honduras, which is one of nonintervention- -whether Individually or collectively--in either the internal or external affairs of other countries. This position, which serve* as the foundation of Honduras' foreign policy. Is being maintained by my government with special care, aad with the seal thatositionn relations withaaarc limited to Honduras by indestructible bond* of an historical and geographical character.

Your excellency's proposal has elicited close attention on the party goverment, because It presupposes:

atmosphere of uncertainty and anxiety between our two peoplea.relations between our two government*.

Imminent danger* of war (Eetado Prebeilco) between both countric*.

The government of Honduras take* pleasure In declaring emphatically that aa far aa lta relations with the people and government of Guatemala are concerned, there docs not rpt notits part--any such strained relations or imminent danger .of war (Estago Prebelico). On the contrary; we are trying to maintain unaltered, in Honduras and Guatemala, the harmonious relationship of living together that your excellency speaks of, and the bonds oi fraternal amity that--happily--unite us.

However if despite the cordial (relation*xisting between our two countries--any premonition of (difficultieshould arise, my government believes that there are already in existence agreements signed by us toany abnormal situation that might affect our relations.

Tour cxcslsancy Inopportunely cltas the antiwar treaty of oonaggression and conciliation signed in Kfao de Janeiro1 by Honduras and Guatemala. This treaty deals with obstacles and threats to peace among the American nations, and provide* mean* to ward off the danger of aggression. Into this treaty, there exist othor treaties In affect between Honduras at and Guatemala that meet your requirements, as follows:

One--tha treaty offor preventing conflicts among AmericanIn Santiago de Chile3S at the fifth International Conference of American States. This treaty condemns the sort of armed peace that lead* to the maintenance oi military and naval forces beyond the nceda of internal security and the sovereignty and independence of nations.

general convention on latar-American conciliation signed in Washington on Jan.9hich reaffirm* the (decisionsoncerning the aims expressed in1 Santiago treaty.

Three--the additional protocol to the convention of Inter-Americansigned at the Seventh International Conference of American States3

treatly relative to the prevention of disputes signed in Buenos Aires onhich was designed to setystem to study and prevent the causes of future disputes, to establish means for finding peaceful solutions, and to Insure and kacilitate compliance with all existing treatiesuarantee of international peace.

We may add to the foregoing instruments the San Francisco Charter and the Charter of the Organisation of American States, by which wc enjoy full guarantees of atability In our cordial relations.

Id view of the foregoing, my government has concluded that there le no necessity for the signing of the treaty of friendship and nonaggression proposed by your excellency. m obliged to reject the proposition thatreaty should be signed, inasmuch as--in the spirit of Central Americanhere should alsoarticipation by the other Republics of Central America,

akeopportunity of again extending to you my best wishes? signed, J. Edgardo Valenauela, Secretary of State (or Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Honduras.

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