Created: 6/11/1954

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Chief ofWashington,

, . Letter from EUFRACIO

Attacheda copyetter whioh WilfredLOVER ree-.ived on the night4 from Eufraolo,

8. The original letter complete with key ie being forwardedfor ONTRICH. True copies are being for-

warded Lincoln and Headquarters.

CLOSER reports that Eufraolo's morale ia very high end-that ha and his helpers are anxious, willing and apparently able toreat contribution to the cause. It would be greatly appreciated if CALLXOERIS couldhot note to Eufraoloj this for morale purposes slnoe it le very hard on him to remain holed up and In enforced idleness during these difficult tlsMS.ave passed fictitious messages of appreciation from CALLIGERIS to hlmtfilah have tended to keep up his morale,

WilfredLOWER has done an outstanding Job In his oontaots with Eufr&clo, Escobllls and Secant. Since their morale was very low after the Semantic flap, it was necessary for him toew tales" including statements to the effect that he, CLOWKH, had previously been Inhe knows ONTRICH and CADICK, and that ho badmet CALLIOBRIS briefly at one time. All this was told them not only for purposes of authentication but also toittle more weight to his words or hope and encouragement. Apparently Eufraolo and the others have boon verj highly impressed by CLOWER and thoy have tended to look to him for encouragement, instructions, and guidance. In all oases he has given instructions only when such had to be given to prevent them from incurring somo risk which he considered to be foolhardy or impractical.

In view of theould greatlyTRICH giving Setnontlc. Secant and any of the othoro who hove or may go to

who have been in contact with CLOWER the story

thatrusted and skilled CALLIGERI3 representative.

Enclosure: us noted4ash


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-as sanitized

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