Created: 6/13/1954

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Aetlnj- f 8tetion,

IMFOf Acting Chief of Station,




Transmittal of material

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Reference dispatchelated, but separatee) sanding UXHI materialbulbto Guatemala station, (b) lateral ii leesailiiiii.ranaalttel of personal agents* anil.

Ineofar as (a) above la concerned. It should be obviooe to you right nowarea though ve underetand It Bight not have bean obrloue at tbe time reference dispatch *an writtenthat HO each aaterUl oast be pooobed, until further notice. Contact with the 3SEHCEaterruptadesult of coo tanning arrests eta. even storing eaoh materiel at tbe station office le getting Increasingly lneocure. There wast be ebeolutely no eueb shipment, any aorc, until expressly authorised by XJUCOIB.

In thes we bavo stressed In our letters to Francis P. HB3ABTT again and again, every effort moat be made to transport DGOKN materials Into WBBUltCT dlmotly, by sniggling etc. and not by pouch. Apart from everything else, pouching dees not solve the problaowofaUlonU distribution within the target area.

]Mn 3" ff aganta* pereonel mall me net spectrin ally eovered In We repeat bare the gist of oar organisation's SOP In tMs aatteri anywritten by an agent and txaWtted through our facilities, pouch, courier, cable or what not, must be readompetent staff member before transmittal Ja completed, 'here ia ebeolutely no exception to tale rafel eeeuiauoi by the agent,any non-FBfEIKKetfardless of rank oretter contain* only personal natters, does not relieve oa of the duty to read the commie at! on. Mrot of all, never take an agent's word for It If you oan check it yourself, second, ear oplnlem ao to what lo pereonal and what amy be operational, also what mayreach of securityin an entirely private letter, may differ considerably fron the opinions of our agente.

U- TM, caneorahlp ear be esercieed either by the oending or by the receiving station, in the present ease, heeever, considering tbe particular dlfflcultiee confronting Guatemala station, we bops that you will egree that any work that can




poaslbly be dona elsewhere oust not be left to the Guatemalan staff. If you hare read anerruni cation and hare satisfied yourself that it is puroly personal, of no operational interest and does not viola to security, you nay forward It laterally without any need for copies or translations, but you must state tn your forwarding dispatch that you have checked the enclceod ecemeuiications and have found them secure and of no operational significance,

our arguaent that this Is too each work for you nay be factually correct, but does not change the basic rulea as suaoarised above. Either Ontrich, uegarto, etc. can read tha letters before they turn than over to yon for transmittal or they nay explain to tho agents in question that tho present tense situation aakos it Impossible to trenaaAt voluminous private nail. Post cards will inform anxious families adopnatel; for tha moment, that tho writer is alive and In goodnd will give you little

JERGMfr'c. DMfflAR

U Distribution!




difficulty In checking.

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