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Chief of Station, Guatemala City




rUSucaaS, Headquarters



Wo are forwarding herewith copies of thocripts which eit&or were already broadcast by SBEHKQGD or are about to be broadcast inays. As usual, these scripts are meant to keep you informed and to show you our present BJOOWrl policy line, but must not be quoted verbatia or reproduced by you.

"Reply to the Suspension of Constitutional Liberties'1 is our formal answer to the latest acts of the Guatemalan government! it contains tho first announcement for an "Assembly of thetriotly notional body whioh SHHB.OUD may usearger scale in the Immediate future.

"No more distribution of land, but Kolkliozes" is another attack on the agrarian reform,lack technique to expose what ie basically the true intent of the concaunistsfully collectivized agriculture.

It. "Defections from Armed Forces; Ad viae against flight of fiddlers and civilians" is an appeal to limit flight into exile or into foreign embassies to the absolutely inevitable minimuman appeal whictt has become obviously necessary because of the events of the lost two weeks. Note that we specifically exempt air force pilots and similar personnel from that appeal: their defectionigh priority objective.

5. All these English-language texts are staff-written originals 1 the actual text of the broadcast is noterbatim translation of this original text but may be sonewhat modified by the WSBURNT personnel in our SHEHWOOO editorial team.

- .MillEU (ii/"tv)

lj to tho Suaitvnfllwi or -onatitutiorml Llbortioa)

V'uini* to hoarintorioal decision adopteeiftHt by tlio 'iational Liberation Coimlttee, assembled ln ecret aop.sionlloe froa the national ^alaoo. ir-der tneoaoa of Arbens* spies and oozmuniat acnts. VhLa dootalon ia of the utmost imortanoo. Ithe Uvea ano tho futuro of every ono of you. It affeota the lranedlata futuro of jut country. on therefore oarofully andno all your relatives, friondaiepoelally to th >se wilour amod foraoa or who are employed by the Arbonsd viay therefore bo Tov.-tod from listening to uo now.

Youlow tho opoakor of our National Liberation Ooniitbao.


..atioual wlooracior.oproaooyal population ol .Aiateraala who has renin

ful to our constitutional libertieaf tq-our bolovou uoiiwlauito the .iroooi'ts of Christianity, In tho i'aoo ofitrarj ro lie whian haa ailird Itself with tho forelclas*wi -wt In ex-raor^inary session lo dol'Lio its stand alter oon eonfropi*;ed with tho latoet outrat;oflartuny


iational Llbaratloi .os-ltioe,Loil: dlolo^atio ando-orto

oi o Mioorvor v., tnaiium arte

haa adopted thoecisions which are noilannounced to all of our follon-cltlsens by theeavm chat thahas lot boen aoio to muKslo, tho Voice of Liberation which haa suoceosf.illy evaded the clutohoo of tho local police aa well aazbio assistortuny"o. in their nefarious enterprise*

"1. Tne Arbons-^ortunyo, instead of av.ewerinn to the people for the innuraornblo violations of the letter and tho spirit of our constitutionave driven our country to the verge of civil war as well as intomatio-ial war with our noi .hbors into whose internal affairs tlioy have Intorvonod with assassination plots, anaslsubTersivo ropa^aiida and theof political strikes, haa aov aeon fit to abolish tho constitutional llbertlos altogether, thoroby hoping to silence tho voice of the opposition completely* Nobody who is fa-iiliaro-xiunist methods tho world over bolleves for'o:;ethat thla laemporary aaasure, liisited toays. The Arbanz-I'ortunyhas oloood down our constitutional Inatltutions, froo oleotlona, free spoec-i, free tress and rfi'rtio, due >rocoes of law, fully Oetemlned never to rooponain,tarting rapid transition to an undisguisedof full-fled eddictators.lp.

"3. "be Arbonz-.'ortuny ro.jlmo :iai. tiurebv ua:itroyod;idaLi) ont .uij. intour

In; tuo lottor as well an tie r, irit oi hoofrbons and thowiti olootodj by baldlyrt.al-j. iuite tijs sritii ,

and International ties and beingvomod by auch an illegalastituiio.ial jfirty, thok> has becomelo; ai,ed r based onforoo but oo longer cn law, every day oi' its furtheran outrage against tho trodltio/iS, tne liberties and tiio constitution ol' our country, as wellinet our friends and neighbors throughout tho Ar.orioaa.

"3. ^ho ilafcional Liberationthere-fore proclaima the off zho President of the Republic to be vacant and the usurper, Jscobo Arbonz iz ion an outlaw, to be punlBhedourt. It declares tlie nationalo dissolved since It no lo.ir;cre topic's Mandate nut otters from Uosoow. The oath ofar.ee wnloh ubv officers and soldiers of our arned i'oreot, civil servants uao. ;overa/nont employees have sworn binds them to oar constitution but not to the orders of those why have ustrayod the ooiistitdtlon and usurped national offices undorro tonnes: Oi'ficers ano. soldiers of our anaod forcos, civil eer-vantn and ;ovoni;vont employees, you aro lioreby I'elievod froa any and allo obey orders froiu tne outlaw Arbons ond his acco On tlie contrary, it La your uuty to uphold theto rol'use totl, crLninaltheror aari ;nai&ut& wviioh ars detrimental to the boat Irit^rosfcar boliivflfl Panola

'4. "IkvifctJiuod rule by the outlaw Arbons-Fortunyio ;1'hco ? sv,clclnl i. troops ell as guerilla bands

of foreign.eorsaunlsta. of the Car lbiod. and ^ovlotteians" cannot be tolerated. Tho National Liberation Coaoittoo ia therefore convening an Assembly of tho ?ooplo to i'lxli. void croatod by the outlawrynd hlad t- IM-ostabliahubstitutional :na; ilnory to rcevoro ournvitations for tho firatf this Assembly of taolo have already been Issued by snfo loans and wo expect lt to moot very soon, orgaiizSnc tho pooplo'sinat tho traitorous dictatorshipo ooratio, .joacofil but determined manner,

"6. Ponding the deolalonn of tha Assonbly of the j'oople, wo roalnd all tellow-cltlzens that the Arbens re ;lmc tc Illegal ind tiiat anybody who cooperates with the present ^averment, Ooa.rroas, polioe, courts or with the Go^cuinlet Partyruns tho risk of beln^ holdlble for their orinea* tao. ilio Motional Liberation Committee hereby f civic disobedience againstlawei do not follow Its ordors, do not answer ltfi queotioaa, do not oboy itn avwfloonaoaj do not pay its taxost On tho contrary, everybody who Isosition activelyppose tho mlMlnaTanil lullo- In to do so at oncoi

expect our loyal ar-ay to brine all weaponsare now in the hands of oamunlst shook troops and other mbvor-slve olemonto aider Its custody hwaodlatolj;

xjoct ail trart workora to refuaor/jiSind ot'.ser subversiveo report any -uonet as well n't Lo tho localGOvtnAtteoi

iVo oxoect alll iCitibors of tho -olico and of tha Juardia Judicial tn rormo tho subversive ordors of tholruperiors, to warn theod victims of now reprisals and toilonr-outho jldo oi to pa ;plo;

o expectho on mot tnko a 'oroart in our fight for liboi-atij.i, at loarteport any sua*'clous oo'ounlet activity to thoberatlon ^orr.'tteo, to boycott all comnmiots, Individuals and institutions and to Join us in nrayors for an oarly liberation of our country froadloss co.munlot invaeloni

"C, rhe Matioaal Liberatione totrlctlc compatriots to achiovw thelnsr, theniatu and traitors situ speed, dotorilnatlond discipline. on to all oar .'art .crlb willou he Voice of Liberation, hotr local and recio.ial ro >reae ;tntlvo Tf- :riella, .'anJulew otner lacod traitors wnnt to* amwar-. rielrlorxoopt make surehey uovnlco val-itt ioporty Along Intowant. :nly wantld our country of their orintnaA ruin I

d,oedoii. r: :'jr boration of our cou ttpyi*

V .

. oauot o:r. i. orea^t a r,ov.-Hrt'o. oelsi&is uU

oro distribution of la-.ci, but Kolkhozes (Soviet

(Mo of our moat reliable friendsooopted, some time ago, at our urgent roqueiit and with understandable reluctance, anposition in the inner circleso Coranuniot Party. 'ilchoso merits In the oaueo of our liberation artali bo publicly acknowledged voryias brought us yostoruay thoInformation which will be of apodal interest to our cam-poalnos, but ought to be noted by all our othar listeners ao well.

In the last mooting of tho Isadora of theew, tho Cominfona polltlool oo*nlssar fron Prnguo (who dwells In OUT midst in the gulsoalesman of Czech oaohinery) explainod to the oooirades the gravef Koecou with tha stateo agrarian reform in our country. This unconditional doling oat of land tonds tolass of independent smalllieof pooplo whom the Russian Bolshovlko coll "Kulaks" (woll-fo-do poo oar-to) and whose extermination thrpu^out mssla cost thou yoora of porsocution, deportation and moss murder, *urthomore, these independent small formers are ovoi^ today the greatest .obstacle to too successful oo.uplotlon of ooamunlat society in the oatolllto oountries, in Czechoslovakia, Poland, dungory, and so forth.

ilere In Guatemala,omrade "laoilov explai :oc two wonder whether this is bio true name, yut it'a the :iano unaoi1 anion ue was introduced at tao first nesting in vnioli hetoc, so.ao) - ofn.lass of independent fnr.iw.ra ia ovon greater than it was .uicitt oftti ourregardf race.ltaiuioh

Individualist, unwilling to bo ro ltaontoa and ordered around by

a bureaucrat;ojt cases, heuithi'ul catholic

and views therefore all oorxiuniflt oxporimonts with ^rayo distrust.

Smollov aoknowlod^od that in the "first phase of tho oolonlal revolution" (as lie cullshich tho communis Is iiad so auccoaa-fully nanauod to -'Ot started in our country with tho help of Arbenz and other traitors and dupes, only individual distribution of land would have bean oosslble. Ho pol.itod out that this had been the first step in the Torlous .fusslan Ootober revolution,ho atop whloh made tho tuaslon poaaants at least passively uupport tho Bolsheviks, tlowover, loarnlm; from the Hussion, Chinoau, Polish, ilungarlan otc. expar'.onoao, tho oo.-iwunista in Quateuala nuat not let so much tine >aaa. must not allow on Independent for-iora :lasa to tjrow too strong and nust tho ro fore procoed to tho next stop, tho collectivization (socialisation) of agriculture as quickly aa poauible.

At this point ofew of tho coirados present,tlorroa and rollecer, Arod to question whothor tho economic situation porulttedurther stop,out that tho distribution of. had so far onlyraction of the country* tnat tho now cottiers had to -ie with crop loans and fanaliigfirst, and so forth.

"noilov ratortod snartly. poortod by artuny, onson ami iaycononlat deviation,oaiunist voray oc ononis cila Bipror* siat subordi.into oc erotic ioaj res toro*-uiu ic-u i. wjt: .is liatenors tnat "oi'OOW

iiad soloctod JuatOiftula as tha focal point for extrouely 1nportant political and militaryro -float tao astern liemlspnore r. ux', tho tirrvo tablo for these plane did not oeralt any delay ln tasking tho dononlic situation Innough baolo ior those external activities; and t'nat tho ro fore the growthtojitlaliy nontilo Independent farmer claoc must bo stopped at onoe. io also sectioned tnat under the prosunt system mostio additional inoomo derivod from now farms coos Into private hands who use It largely for luxury gooda or in any case for Choirconsumption, thus leaving the treasury of tho Guatemalanlangorously low ebb.

:io -urthor quoations wereed Ln tho mating aftor this peremptoryent by the Poll tioal somalaaar-who ropreaonts Uoaoow'a oowar in our country today. Tba mooting adoptedraltod byhich fully endorsed the views snnc by .andi tho ^roaent suspension of all constitutional libortlosarticularly editable

ciance to carry out tho required steoai Land alroacv dlstributoi!

it-shall not bo takenin at once, but instead of "ranting fio

now fnr-iers individual loans,ovornnent is toool.i.

tractor nttorn from where She farmers nay borrow the required tools and raaohich will brin- tHoacroar.odde :coho "AN bureaucracy. Tho nocossary tras-Lors and -tthoraoo oq :io tliono statio-ia will be fur-ii'.shod by jont for in torn la's coffoo cropsuli r o thocrican irtoerlal Jsf.s. olitical

CoiauTaaar is to bo attached to each such station and ally political! "reliable" fnraore snail recolve any benofits.

latrt aution of land toail be slowed dond soon discontinued altorother. roclpionta of land a'-iall botoahich will subjecto clo-o economic us well as solitioal control and to oanpulaory dalivorloo of oertals sharoa of thoir crops (Intended prLnarily for tho sustenance of oooaunlst shock troops, of tho increasing, nuabors ofunlst "toohnioinno" stationed in our country, etc). Matablish lent of "fa.Tolng cooperatives" undor cloae goTunnoat control as the first atopully sovli,tlzed syatom of Kolkhozesfame) is to be pushed as quickly as possiblo and oa the or.i. aoalo practicable. Campeainos, we have Just tola you what tlie communists -the treachery of Arbenz, Torioilo, r'ono lias >en=ittod to bocomo masters of our boloved homeland, evon though thoy aro still


malllan to do with you, with your laid,our freedom. Aro youo wait passively to boolkhoz slavo, working from dawn to" iinrforlpoliticalr will you flrhta torate our ountry from tho oocr..unlst Invaders'/

(Defections from Armed Forces; Advioo against flight of soldiers and civilians)

Numerous officers and soldiers of our Armed f'oroos, unwilling to serve tlie contnuniet traitorsortun".; Coonger, have arrived during tho last few days in noi;hborin* cmuntries. Much as wo appreciate this gesture of protost against the shameful betrayal of our oountry and of the honor of our Army by theand thoir dupos, wo feel bound to make the following urgent appeal bo all loyal officers and men in our armor: forces:

Do not abandon the array to tho communists, 3tay where you are and help us to maintain the Amy as tho safeguard of ourand our liberties: this will booome impossible if all anti-communista leave their posts. Only Individual officers or men who are oithor in immediaterrested andunder trurapod-up chargos havo the moral right to floo. ilore ovor, those offloorso, by loavinr their military posts, canubstantial contribution to our liberation inovomont -for Ixtstanoe, pilots wiioianolaoe whore it can no longer bo misused by tho communists (for instance, to maohjno gun anti-co -nunlflt assenblles orr to briocriminals or their loot to anfoty Dutsido our country, ns thef rookonin^ approaches^ have a ond,o _o. All others, however, mustinii stay .vhoro bheyiUiit soe to it tiuit oiii*my coca .iotool of tho traitor Arba-iz or or .loscow'stc banlnd iiim.

The same rulerue of our civilian >ov.-ufttlonll. rtell our friends tiwo ut the country:take to

: ileaving the oountry or seeking asylunorei pi

embassy, unless you aro Immediately threatened ot only by temporary arr.iat, but by cruel porseoutlon andnder which youit endanger othors In our liberation movement.

5voa If you must fear arrest under tlie arbitrary and lowloss nict.ioda of tho Arbens-Iortuny dictatorship, do not loavo tho oountry or seek asylum unless it is absolutely Inevitable. nto hiding, change your residence, change youroin even one of tnebtin Brigados of our Liberation Movement in tho mountains: but do not abandon your oountry In the time of hor. direstay where youko an aotlve part in the struggle for our liberation, whore our instructions can roach you.

Tho people who have every reason to floe are on tho othor sidoi the Arbonz, Torlello, r'anjul and their accomplices who muot disappear very soon, if thoy want to save their ill-gotten gains or oven their bare Livus in the face of tho mounting wrath of our outrugod people. o, however, the people figntlng for our froodon, our country, our churches against tho dictatorship of godiosie must .iot loave tho saoretTsoll of our homeland,for tho most compellingnd oven then onlyile, to mislead tho onomy agento and torturors.

o re >oat to all our frlonds, to all nou-Corriunlsts Inf'oroesor; tho civilian population: our country on cho ove of Ita liberatinnI ft toy whereht back! Do not lot the Army and the -at.-jor basicof i'i'lI dofons'ilossto oho ha id'; of yir

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