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cia historical review program



Director of Central Intelligence

Guatemalan Friendship SocietiesGruson piece of lhli, New Tork TIMES.

line with our conversation of this morning about the Gruson piece in today'selieve you have already received byopy of the piece that we have worked up and given to TIME Magazine, entitled "The Friends of Guatemala."

This piece of Gruson reporting is about as harmful ashe has done. It places the entire emphasis upon the line taken by the (known) Conaiunlst-inspired and Canwunist-organized so-called Guatemalan Friendship Society In Mexicogiving the iraoression that there is tremendous Mexican sentiment against the US position with respect to Guatemala and implying that the Mexican Government had better watch out if it is thinking about shifting its position

in the direction of what the United States wishes.


don't know whether you plan to have any furtherwith your friend on the TIMES, but it has occurred to meyou do plan any further conversationor if he shouldagainyou might call hi3 attention to this Gruson piecehim how much we know about the (kmmunist origin of thissociety charade. You could then make the obviousthat Gruson, by his writing, isot of heavy waterwheels of this Communist operation and that he must beif he is not aware of the significance of his action. Iyou should provide the actual text of the piece entitledof Guatemala" to your friend on the TIMESsince wegiven this to TIME Magazine in this precise form andwould make it all too apparent from where TIME got its poop.

^PSAUK G. r: Deputy Director (Plans)


cia historical REVS'/ PP'

isconscln Ave.RW)


i)oar Arthur:

Despite the Reunion festivities of the weekidhance to talk with Julie about the eubject matter of your letter ofnd your subsequent telephone call and passed on to him one or two thoughte which might be of some use toealise howroblem this situation may present and my purpose waa not to bring any pressure to bear,o not believe that this would be appropriateituation of thie nature, but merely to point out for your own background information certainwhich might not otherwlee have been brought to your attention.

I have no immediate plans for being in New Yorkhall certainly get in touch with youm next in the city.

Faithfully yours.

vbbj) tun w. Bunts

Mr. Arthur Haya Sulabergor Publisher

The New York Times New York, New York

i ct.yr-


c Reading lec

nils suuacncca


Dear Allen:

I would very much like to pursue with you that matter that you were talking about with Julie.

Are you coming to New York In the near future, and could you arrange either lo stop in or for me to meet you someplace ?


Hon. Allen W. Dulles

isconsin Avenue, N. W.

Washington, D. C. a- .


historical review program releaseinrjll,



director of cantral mtauigenoe

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l. in lina with ovr coftrreraatloa or thin ataralag aboutoruaoo piece inl*Te yoa hareeired by nowcopy of Um piao* that v* hm worked wp aad given to tduba friend* of omtaaala."

8. thla piao* of oraaon reporting ia about aa haraful aaha haa dona. it plaoaa tha entire aaphaaia upon tha Una takaa by th* (kaown) cooqwrmlat-lnaplrad and gaawunlet-organlied eo-oalled ooataaalan frlandahlp sooloty Id mexicogiring tha lapraaalaa that than la trwaeadotai mexican Mntlnent agaloat thaoaluoa vith raapact to oaataaala aad laplylnc that tha xaxiaan Quiaihad batter watch oat if it la ti.inm ojr about shifting ita poaitloo la tba direction of what tha united state* visbea.

3.on't know whether you plan to have any further oorrterea. uona with your friend en th* tin KB. but it has oocurred to a* that if yoa do plan any farther oonraraatloaor if ho should ccoUot you acelnyou adjdit call hla attention ta thla oruaoa piao* and tell bin bow arueh we know about tho coeeranlat origin of thla whole frieodahip society charade. too eoold then make th* obvious eeoelu-aion that oruaoa, by hla vrltlng, laot or baary water aa the wheel* of thla aaajeaalat operation and that ba aoat be prettyif h* la wot aware ofnifloaaoe of hla action. on't think you should pro-ride th* actual tort of tba piao* entitled Tbe friend* of oaataaala' to your friend oo th* totsednaaere alraady gl*oa thi* to ttxe kagaflno in thla precise fora and nine* thla would neke it all too appaietitbera the getoop.


Deputy Director (Plans)

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