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Report Ho.Ju:'e

ontact witii jianuel,nine.

Xunuel tur >od overort covering the periodoytt So.nd the atwheaa,, The-il.rieiv^icc traops and thee-ais.

Thins -lmost completelyo lor theeems. Itceuhe terns hill boyaidteiim will go to Juti nd will contact a- r his son;c na his groupo Zacfcpa and contact^ vr.ije E ill so to Puerto ferries

and contact At initial,cont&ct, each leader will collect Oil necessary

ypewritter, mifluobrbp. macfiine, paint &nd brashes,er,paper. The le der will also obtaincessary ir-fo concerning theadio station (note there i3 uo radio st&tion in Juti.ress, lsudspeakera available, wid local help avcilable. The groupsordwill travel frca herevedor. The Juti;.pa group wil the.', travel fromalvador to Sou Criotobal de la Frontera and then to Jutiapa, Th. Zacapa group will travel from San Salvador to fcetapan and fro- tnere to Zacape. The Pto Borrioo team will travel iron here to San Pedro Sula, from there to Ka;uelizo, to Tenedores, and then to Pto. Earrftos. (Sotc: All this tr-vei will of course be altered if it interferes with military Doveiaent.) Al. three are sen duied to be in oosition byune.

All three jroups carry the following,ons: once:ttrate on taking overadio oti-tionii as possible and counter er.emynda, attempting to assure people that the army of liberation is in complete control of the situation. The .le-soiioeroe-e overs aoan s possible issue Paucho's proclamations andtatcae/.tsone Tegucigalpa. Two ftc&icers of the teas wiil procjre loudspeaker mou .ted on truck and traverse the town and coicuiunities broadcasting feci the -ar.cho'sre in complete control andesistance useless. Another member of tejm and helpers if possible *ill paintndacho's name on all available surfaceoe,

The laysut andrticles forie issue of Le Voz were set up. The editorial if ill be entitled, La Hora de Actuar,erieslora ie editorials,

Thef Rodio America and fisiio Suyapa wii_ be guided by thatfof Vozberacion. Kanuel will transfer to HRQ and takehere person-ally, guiding himself by cH destine radio and issuing bulletins on progress of Pancho's men, all bulletins of course being ootimistic.o exaggerating progress made.


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