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cia historical review program RELEASE AS SANITIZED


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1 srecmc Propoganda Guidanco RYBAT/PBSUCCESS

Attached heretoropaganda guidance together with background information on the recent shipment of aru to Guatemala frco the Sovlotand Guatemala's offer ofayreatv ofwith Honduras. (Attachment 1)

opy of Stcte Department Policy Inforraation statenent for USIA on "Possible Action by the Organization of American States Regarding Guatemalan Situation." This policy statement indicates the United Stxtes intends to obtain inter-American action to meet the Guatemalan thrt-at and that in order to do this it "is necessary to convince thoand people of Latin America that coanunism is intervening in the interne! affairs of GuatesuJn and through Guatemalan CceriuniEte isin the internal affairs and menacing the peuce of neiehborinr

Stations able to aupwirt offorts to discredit the Guatemalan government as coiaiiunist-controllod should report on action taken bo thnt tho material, when possible, can bo picked up for play in the Western liomiapherc.

For your information, press coverage of these developments in Guatemala vas carried in the Dolly Hewn Highlights beginningay.


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Onay the State Department announced It had reliablethat "an important shipment of ansa" had been oent froea the Soviet orbit to Guatemala. It said the arms were being unloaded at Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, and had been shipped fromormer German Baltic seaport, vhich baa been occupied by Communist Poland since World War II.

The State Department announcement eaid: "Because of the origin of these arms, the point of their embarkation, their destination and tbu quantity of arms involved, the Department of State considers that thisevelopment of gravity."

The announcement made it clear that the size of the arms shipment--according to press reportsin excess of what could bethe legitimate defense needs of Guatemala.

*t. It will be recalled that ath Inter-American Conference at Caracas, Venezuela,uatemala cast the only voteesolution declaring that communism washreat to the sovereignty and political independence of the American states,the peace ofnd that increasing communist control of the government of Guatemala1 hasource of concern in the Western Hemisphere.

5- Onay the Guatemalan governmentreaty of non-aggression to neighboring Honduras, despite the fact that the treaty of Chapultepec5 and the Treaty of Rio de Janiero7 contain mutual security provisions which guarantee that in the event of an attack on any country (such as Honduras) the otherllied American states would come to its assistance. These treaties afford Guatemala the same protection.


The following lines are suggested with reference to the arms shipment:

1. Guatemalan Foreign Minister Toriello in replying toof importing arms from communist controlled territory stated: "For us, communist controlled territory is the Soviet Union. Other countries arehis remark can be used to point out that the type of sovereignty the present Guatemalan regime is bringing its people is Soviet-dictatorship similar to that imposed on the countries of Eastern Europe by force of Soviet arms.

2. Point out


2. Point out that if these eras really were paid for by thegovernment, it isompletely unnecessary, back-hreaklng expense on the Guatemalan people since for defensive purposes Guatemala

3. In connectionbove, suggest that if the arms were given or sold below price to Guatemala by the Soviet orbit, it is obvious tie Soviets are using them tooothold in latin America and toew satellite. Historically such shipments of Soviet arms have been followed by teams of Soviet "technicians" and "inatructoro" and finally by complete Soviet domination of the country concerned.

ment stems from the fact that the quantity and type'bf arms Indicates clearly they are intended for aggression dot for any internal usepossibly ruthless repression of elements of the Guatemalanwhich refuse to knuckle under to Kremlin domination.

9. Expose this Soviet willingness to supply arms for aggressive purposes as additional proof that international communism is dedicated to the principle of violence and is bent only on increasing international tension and undermining the peace end security of the free world.

The following linos are suggested with reference to the non-aggression pact:

Point out that since the Rio treaty obviateB the necessity for any unilateral non-aggression treaties in latin America, this offer of Guatemala's is an act of divisive Intrigue designed to undermine the collective security system in force in the American states which standsar to communist aggression.

In connectionbove, highlight the fact that thisn the port of Guatemala ie patterned after the practice of the Soviet Union which has consistently used non-aggression pactsreliminary to invasion. Indicate that such an offer coming on the heels of the arms shipment is particularly ominous. 2 the Soviet Onion 6igned non-aggression pacts with Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, The USSR invaded Finland9 end seized Eastern Poland9 and annexed Estonia, Ietvia end Lithuania Each of these pactstherom taking steps to insure their own safety on the grounds that such moves would be "unfriendly" to the USSR end therefore contrary to the 6pirit of the non-aggression pact.)

Identify this effort at dividing the solidarity of the America!




effOTttbBUnl0nNATO alliance,

and point oat that persistent communist attempts to disrupt free world

mutual security effort, prove the value of free worldoL

lective security as deterrents to communist aggression.


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June9 lA



See Department's circular telegramfISCUSSION:

It will be the purpose of the United States Government within the near future to obtain inter-Americon action to meet the danger fromCoamwniBt infiltration of the political institutions of the Guatemalan government.

To take collective action under the inter-American systemto halt or isolate this Infiltrationote of two-thlrdB of tho American states. Because of misconceptions. motivea and the true situation, it is not clear that two-thirds of the governments of the other American republics would at present vote to supportaction against Guatemala. It is clearreat segment of public opinion in Latin America for the reasons juet stated, and because Guatemalan and direct Communist propaganda have carried on an effective campaign to obscure the issues, would not at present nupport, or at best would be apathetic toward, collective action against Guatemala. Since public opinion in many of the Latin American countries will strongly influence their governments in such action as may be taken with regard to the Guatemalan issue, it is essential that euch opinion be informed of the true state of affairs in thie matter.

It is important to note that not only ie the danger in Guatemala itself involved in this action, but in addition the ability of theconstructed inter-American system, the oldeot and to date the most effective of international organizations in operation, toeal and present danger ie involved. If contemplated action'fails, the prestige of the Organisation of American states and other regional security systems might suffer so severely as effectively to cripple the usefulness for years to come of euch organizations in poocefullypotential dangers.

The principal reason some governmentsarge segment of the general public of Latin America have found difficulty in accepting. point of view with regard to Guatemala and its danger to the peace of the hemisphere is that Communist, Guatemalan, and some other trad- tionally onti-American propaganda has convinced many people that:

1. The Guatemalan


The Guatemalan revolution, similar to0 Mexican revolution, is not Communist directed.

Such Communism as is discernible in Guatemala Is not serious; the United States sees dangers that don't exist.

3- Tbe principal purpose of the United States in Guatemala is to protect the interests of the United Fruit Company.

b. Under the present Administration the United States is about to return to policies of "dollarnilateral Intervention and interference in the internal affairs of Latin American countries.

5. The United States diplomatically supports and gives arms to dictatorial governments at the,expense of democratic regimes, thereby Jeopardizing the few remaining democracies (including Guatemala) in the hemisphere.

While developments in the Guatemalan situation are likely to be so fluid as to make it impossible to lay down rigid guidelines on operating procedures, nevertheless, the following general recommendations shouldte followed in so far as possible and whenever possible:

In so far as possible we should depend on affirmative statements of other Latin American governments and respected latin American individuals backing up United States policy statement*.

While we should give due notice to all such statements, we should encourage and exploit to the greatest extent possible statements from democratic Latin American governments or individuals known for their "liberal" tendencies which back up our policy.

3- Because statements on the subject will be more effective coming from such sources as are noted above, statements. official sources will be restrictedinimum. Statements from. private sources as the AFL or CIO which serve the above tasks should be encouraged and exploited as much as possible.


We shall seek inter-American action under the Rio Treaty to eliminate the extensive Communist infiltration in the Guatemalan government which hasenace to tho peace of the hemisphere.

To achieve the stated objective it will be necessary to convince tbe governments and people of Latin America:

1. That Communist imperialism is intervening in the internal affairs of Guatemala and through Guatemalan Communists is intervening in the internal affairs and menacing the peace of neighboring countries by:

a. Demonstrating

e tr at ing that Guatemala ia effectively pursuingobjectives of tbe Soviet Union;

that Guatemalan policy and political lifeinfluenced if not actually dominated by

Conounist efforts to disturb the peacecountries and overthrow anti-Communist orline governments; and

Guatemalan and other Communist attemptsthe United States. policies in Latin America.

2. That the United States is second to no nation in its effective efforts to improve the lot of underprivileged people throughout the world, and that it is making especially effective efforts In this regard in Latin America.

3- That the United Fruit problem in Guatemala has no association with United States efforts to halt Communist aggression in the Americas.

U. That the Guatemalan case involves saving democracy from totalitarian aggression.


The posture of the United States in the Guatemalan situation will be thatation which, while cognizant of its great strength, isollaboration with the other American Republics with forbearance, patience and dignity befitting such strength in the presenceerJter (if potentaally seriously dangerous) neighbor. We bave no quarrel with the Guatemalan people as such, and we will help then and the other nations.of the hemisphere rid the area of Ccamunist imperialist intervention in the Hemisphere.


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