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the latter part3 and the first tuo months of this year, croups wnra formed in Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Cuba andisciplinedall orsa-iised for the purpose offriendship for Guatemala."

VJho are the men who make up the "friendship societies"? "Jhet ore j

the realf these "spontaneous" croups? did they cob* into being? <st!'

These arc the questions being asked throughout the Voetern Herd sphere by lii'l those Wio are aware of the political nature of the Guatemalan goverrjient. " The story begirt in3 "Aen Latin Americans beca.-ie lucre astr^ly- >.

of Cccaaunist Infiltration in Guatemala and many cf tlia Latin ancrioanj

Kritetnto call the attention of their rredcra toossible

ocKunist base in the Wsstern Henispr.ore. To t'iO propasan*lists in the


EreaUttj this unwanted attentioncblon which nan to beared. ^ this period,Brazilian, Alfreio TLzl Gccaes, hirpenatf to be in Moscow, Heavyer for the Brasil-Soviet Instituteo aid the "cause" in Brail.

SmtLat Coses returned quietly to Cultural Institute vras formedo de Janeiro, Thi? wasountry having little political or ecorosdc lrtcrcourte with Guatemala. But stronger still vas that tVre ware nolans essoclcUe! with the institute and that among the founders were Enrique risiao who haoOetstty returnedrip to .loeccv, Warsaw tod Tragus and his wife, aPrise" winner, and junt returnedrip to Guatemala where the had been wined and, dlrtfd..byjthe ^top Coscnunists in that nation.



The Institute began tout propaganda which looked very much like that of the Brazil-Soviet Institute, but dedicated to praise of Guatemala rather than the USSR. All of its references to the United States vere derogatory.

Inery important and frequent viaitor to Moscow, Vicente Lon>lardo Toledano, heaii of the Coirmnist Latin African Confedorotion ofannounced the formationSociety of Friends of Guatemala". Thiswas lade in the Hexiceo rress with great fanfare oph of The announcc-ient contained several columns of names of people supposedlyhe Society. alf of these na-ws were dropped frcen the roster after the surprised readers threatened libel suits against the Society. Asceig thece renalnin^ wereresident, Pedro de Albs, onceba*sador to Chile end longr. Jorge Carrion, and overt narftar ofx.lcan Canaunist Party; and another Iron Curtain traveler and "pro-peace" activits, Fernando 3enitez. All the society's pngmpBtiM contains loveatenala and hate for the imperialist Tankces".

Put the above apparently did notoscow's desires, because, through sources in Guatemala, it has been re1iabiy reported that Kanuel Fortuny, on his returr. fro= Xoncou,isit to Vicente Laebardo Toledano in Mexicoxpressed his and Moscow's worr; over news stories decrying COanunift influence In Guatenalc, and tne possible results of such stories on delegates to the Caracas Conference of American atates. Caid of January, Senor Tolcdaro sent cabHt to all the top Coaxaunist leaders throuphout the -JBsterr. Henrisphere.

A few days later Societies of "Friends of Guatemala" were formed in Bolivia, Chile and Panaris. Among the founders of these groups were: BoliviaJose Artonio Arse and Luis Soria, both top Coranunist loaders; ChileEaltazar Castro, president of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies recentlyfroa Koscow, and Enrique Hirbarg, member of the Communist Party's Central Ccmittee; Pan anaHugo Victor, president cf the PanamanianParty

In Bolivia, the Confederation of Teachers, previously condemned by theatholic Church as an instrumentality of Communism, was honored by tbe ex-president of Guatenala, Juan Jose Arevalo, as principal speakerally.

All of tbe above societies pumped the sn? linei "Guatemalaonderful place for workers an*.', the United States is an imperialist monster, ^ity Guatemala, who stands 'alone' ".

Jn the latter rart ofone list of known Cuban Communists including one of their top Moscow hatchetuan HarinellOj created anotherich praisedv'ho and domried the And when the Caracas Conference tock place, still another "friendly group" was created in Bogota, Colombia, bylso composed cf known Communietc.

As the Caracas Conference proceeds'! ami the position of Communismre precarious, the various "friendship" scciaties increased their propaganda output to hysterical intensity, expressing pity for "lonely" Guatenala arid hatred for the United Slates. They were unsuccessful and most of the Latin American governments condemned Communist intervention in the Western hemisphere.

After the Caracas Conference theretrange silence which lasted throughout the nonths of April md May; however, toward the end of April, as conditions grew worse in Guatesala and the Ouateoalan Govcrnoent prepared to take harsher totalitarian neasures. Radio Moscow finally revealed its handeries of broadcasts to Latin America and contended Guatemala,with it in Its "lone" struggleperialisn, and stated that the people of Latin America ore behind Guatemala, and cited the formation of "Societies of fYiends of Guatemala" as proof.

gaM ajajajaji

Although as irdlcated, the different societies of Friends of Gu^tenela have been relatively quiescent throughout the tact twi .Tio>iths, due to their international Ccca:;ur:ist origin,he opposition presr:;ros have build up against the CiaaaWilttregime, tne societies haveegun" their disciplired propagar.daloveympr.thy for "lonely* Gu it end a hatred for theed Steles.

yven as thlr. is boingecruedesences is seen in the Cidreystory or.^ to^ay'! (Jurw* Sew "fork Tl-ieg where it is

thst lher:Ie2ifi a of

support ind nTyapatby noatenalann the formtatement iiade by General Ccrdonai.. The Qruaon piece oUtca that the aaae-agay after the publication by "The Society of Friends off Ictk" newspaper srfvorttse.ients calling en rie:deo andxicans to stand at the side of Guatcnala in her dispute with. aver the rise of Corarntnist

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