Created: 6/9/1954

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TIaws of CoEticnUt Journaliats at Geneva

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In ooovwrsatlooV Turi Zhukov, Pre erf correspondent, twice brought up lb* teportanc* ofTBlocor confererr* on lurepean wc-rliy, to bo hold probably ln Berlin. Referring to Seoretary cf State Dullea1 epoochune, 2bukor askedeoret agreeacnt between. and Gorman? had been concluded providing for Canaan roarnaraent,

In diacuaalng BTitlah-Chinaae arrangements regarding the release of prlooaera. Zhukov said that.alk* vith tha Chinese about Acericnn priaonera wereeetep ln th* right direction end that aaay other natters should alao be dlscuasad directly with the Chinas* Ccocunlots.

ilfred Burchetl, oorreBpcndsnt of the IaMod IftllT Marker and SHEW Chlen-tu of th* Sews Agency dleCusaad American reaction to the British agreenaat tooaaualat trad* delegation and to th*. 3creh*ttd that th*h had cleared thia with tha United Stat**. SBZB Chlen-tu said he had beard that theiean* were furloua about tha deal.

i. SHEIIu aentloned that CHOU Sn-lal was(o ong tine and haa received ardera tc-

5. Alaxal Popov, Moeoow Bays eorreapondect attendlcC Oeieva'Ccoferonce, sti'.ed that he had board runors that HoTotov 'won staying around*.

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