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Subject -. Contact wtth Heiniel and Psncho,une. KfcLtASEAS3

Manuel reported that the material for CKQ hadispached th*pr&SBaa day. This arterial, aa previously reported, includes an exposition of El Plan dos well as background material oa Pancho and tho C. C. A.

The importance of the three pay-war teams were caphasixed to Psncho once more and he stated that he had given explicit orders lhat the men assigned to the three groupB vera not to be given any other asaigroent and that they were to be giveri all cooperation possible by the tro,p Both Pancho end Kanuel seemed to grasped the importance of tbe psy-war op- ration, atd agreed that it may result in villages and towns being taken withouthot.

!. Pancho stated that he had decided to keep Kunucl with bim end to assign another man if possible to San Pedro Sola toteady flow of propaganda once action cocsoncea.

case that another man is not available,who has handled the

up to now will be given complete instructionsanuel. The instruction* will consisit pri- marily of following the clandestine radio's lead aod tranaitting all bulletins forwarded by hanuel during the progresshe action,

Both lanchonuel seemed in good humor and optimistic cnxiv toe wnole operation. Hanuel, in particular, wasighly emotional nood,cho left. r.uel has sensed that the actual actioa ia iainent aod it seemed hard for him tot it will actually take place after soo.tns of waiting. zeunuei the laoortance of propaganda and counternda and urged him to coaunmic..te ais own enthusiasm for it to the rcat of the men involve- in it, particularly to the leaders of the three teams.

Onmiol will be engagea inutUe of Lo 7oz which ia scheduled to come out or,h. Ho will alao be engaged la recording proclamations by Pancho aad his chief aides to the peoplehole aod to the army in particular. Copies of these aroclaaet. loos will beo you and to all our radio outlets.

Manueleeting forh at whichill pour, hi* the mo.tey for expense* from 1'j toune* 3ote: TiUs is tne first tin. that Pancho ac'uiescd to having ao pass the money to Kanuel instead of to hia personally.

Comment: (The followingare included for your information and reflect my aopraiaal of both hanuel and Fancho.) Pancho, aspirits. Oa first eeetlr^no not aware of the fact that Panchoendoncy to joke about evert the most serious oal-ers. Cnhook his hand end atatedished nia and his mea the beat of luck. ompletely straioht face, Pancho atated that the tu no need of our saying goodbyeould be right up front with him and. old himertainly wishedould go along with hia, he laughed una stated that he was not aerioua since he understoodould not go along with thorn no matter howi^ht want to do ao. On another instance, when Kanuel informed hia that the wires leadingu Aiocrica had been cut and ho was sure that local cocnie might take even more drasticadio station, Feacho stated that he woulcraored cars to stand guardhe station, ^hen Kanuel started to aak hia ifhing was possible, Pancho laughed and stated that ho realized tho dauger, but that he had already token ell the security measuresrocured the assistance of tbe local police endew of hise aroma .he station. Kanuel has always spoken of Pancho with respect, particularly praising Pa..cno's honesty levcl-her4ed attitude. nuel has stated several timoa that he can tiot understand bow Pancho has rouaioed calm ia the face of all the problems head to face, Kanuel, himself, isoreeeaitable nature and can become violent when aroused. aveuol to bo very logical in his approached to all problems, in many instances anticipating our instructions, and always able to grasp the lmprt-snee of _cy suggestion coming from us and wi.ling to work unstintingly in carrying theneliveeported previously that while Mai.uel haa always deaplnyed and expressedloyalty towards Poncho, he also haa rtreat respect for Col. Plores, with whom he worked previously inside the factory. Kaiiuel has stated several timese regards Col. Plores as peruana the moat complete gentleman he bas ever met. In Kanuelwn words, Plores is "un hombre intogro." Kanuol was particularly nappy whe.ounced that Plores would be his second in coraand. Eriefly, then, both Pancho and aar.uel have iapressed ae ae being si core ie^flsn^yWr?riT^tir,^ountryn0WerBo doubt their desire to

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