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kwkjwn specific SITJ-JTAdditional publicity

Wo received fror?tho tape recordings of the congress speeches which we had requestedem over to the SHEkwood editorial terr.* because of the hectic events of the last days, including repeated last winuto ehanges in ifffiWDOO broadcasts and tho rcnve of thc editorial team fron Llft30LK to thesite, selection ond editing of these voluiaincus recordings bed not yet beer, ctnolotc* fcj yeaut we hopeappropriate oaaevptt of these speeches uillce or the air in the next few days,

In ther; of tOUXThe haric oi the reports received fro-as wellf the pertinent press clippincs. ihii|rrtaar ITjfec; distributionat in the neactls* total censorshipposcd, our-e -ct suffered losses and hf s: to te reorganised intoteaM" for lojal use during thc final phase of rMMKSsa so the* we have at the noveit no distributionor thia report. It would rialce little sense to send it te the other stations la thc LlttZvW are; since their controlled papers neve printed in the meantime their own stories about SUM-IT.

Wo are therefore ren-ine, this str.ff-vrit*.er. report (in tfM Ehcliah cri^ir.'l andpanish translation) to you, su^sertin* that you may wish to reflstribute

J1ihoutand/cr elsewhere. Wc are sending such copies also tc

fc hich night have como use for it through the jel'i' aecteaiia. cow o- tl'ic raj.ort has rOso been siren ta SHKRwOCD as basisirst, prelininer? broadcast but since SHHWCOJ is not TtrtAtia,doicer thisiatributioo an obstacle for your furthernf the attAchnontl u nry, however, wish toie introductory andc^rr.rhs re as to hotter Suiturposes,



thn freedotri-Ioving peoples throughout Latin Arteries


tlieir oppressed friends and brothers in Guatemala

The terroristic police dictatorship which Arbana, Fortuny end tlieir accomplices have imposed upon our beloved homeland, prevents the delegates who represented the people of Guatemala at the first Centreso contra la Interveneion Sovietica en America Latina fromtheir reports in public meetings or through the press. Ir. order to inform you, nevertheless, of the significant proceedings and resolutions of this Important Congreso, we have prepared the following short summary which will reach you despite communist police censorship and terror.

Report to the Voters of Guatemala

Mexico City, historically the center for defiance of old world dictatorships and enthusiasm for new world ideals,itting host for tlie first Congreso Contra la Intervene ion Sovietica on la Aroerica Latina held in the westernanifestation of tlie determination ofpeoples to oppose the encroachments of soviet iwccrisl)sm. The delegates drew upon their conmon Christian, Spanish heritage in declaring, singly and

androup, that thc "doetrinas exotica*"to useords of

the Costa Ilican delegate, Rafael Cardonahad neither roots nor a

fron Mexico

future in this hemisphere* Senor Jorge Prieto Laurens/ thc director

of the Congreso, was still wore explicit on this point for he said

that Latin Americatiene nada en comun con la URSS, supuesto ni la

historia, ni la geografia, ni el idioma, ni la religion son sone^antes.1'

This was the background against which Jose Luis Arenas, the

distinguished Guatemalan, askedoment of silence in respect

for El Todopodoroso and pointed out the cleavagehristian's

lifeommunist's lifo.

" El comunismo lucha fundamentalmente contra Dios, nlega su reu provideneia; por lo tarto, nada mas Justeen est* Congreso, nosotroa, los representantes de este Continente, noal, que es, como nosotros, pcrseguido por los enemigos de la vtrdad, de loe la verdadora pas."

The Delegations

Jose Lois Arenas and Senor Jorge Prieto Laurens were addressing

an impressive assembly, gathered together in the Cervantes Theater for

a four day conference beginning onay. There were delegates Iron


ountries. Argentina waa represented by the venerable/Andres de Cicco, knowing well the horrors of communism from his days as military attache in Moscow. Brasil sent its sincere and dignified admiral, Carlos Penna Botto, as well as the distinguished journalist, Antonio Porto Sobrinho, who has expounded with clarity and energy the anti-communist position in his string of newspapers and radio stations. Ecuador waa ably represented by Dr. Jose A* Jlaquero de la Calle, President of the CamaraDiputados

do Ecuador, whose Intelligence and sincerity of purpose gained theand appreciation of his fellow delegates) Ecuador was also represented by Dr. A. Uribe Hiaas, tte outstanding Rector of the University of Antloquis.sent Dr. Lincoln Plntas Gallardo, Vice President of the Camara. dc DiputadoJi, Fron Costa Rica came Mariano Quiroz Gonsalez, representing the Juventudernando Varpas Fernandez from tie Union CostarrJcense Antl-Corajnista to expound ably and with sincerity- their allegiance to democratic principles. Nicaraguaine dolegatioo from tho Confederation Kacionalista de Trabajadores Dcmocratlcos as well as the brilliant orator, Antonio Rodriguez Garcia representing the Union Nacional de Estudlantes.

:>iat*mala was veil represented

Guatemala's delegation waa composed of those groups who fight communism from exile and those who have chosen to remain and fight from within Uie country. Jose Luis Arenas, the man who led the domesticto communis* from his position as Chief of the PUA until forced into exile earlier this year, and Carlos Salasar hi jo were present to defend with ability and integrity the cause of Guatemalan anti-communism. The group who came from within Guatemala was largo andalient group who had come to the Corn reso at great personal danger; thoy had in fact had to resort to subtefuge in order to leave and Uiey had left behind families and friends as hostages to their good faith. They were therefore extremely cautious in their statements to tN* press, all that la wUh Uie exception of Ricardo Lara Galvez who dared to point out Uie danger by citing

the example of Oscarant Secretary General of th* Anti-Communist Workers in Guatemala, Mho was originally designated as the Chief cf the Guatemalan delegation Lo the Congreso; when the police learned of this, Oscar Lttti suddenly 'disappeared*as people have been disappearing for some years now in Guatemalaand his body was found later floatingake, still bearing the markslow on the head. It is clear that tho Guatemalan delegates caiK prepared to tell at first hand the effects of soviet intervention in Latin America.


The theme of the Congreso was, as we have pointed out, the imperialistic ambitions of the Soviet who export arms as well as "Doctrines exoticas" to Latin America, with emphasis on the point that the communist parties of all the Latin American countries take their ordors from Moscow. The delegates talked of the measures necessary to oppose communism, for examplethe expos-ire of party cells end the expulsion of communists from the key positions they occupy in some governments. The delegates also talked affirmatively of the principles for which they fought, en-bodied In the "Declaration de loi Dsrechos del Hombre"por las Naciones Unidas and in the "Libertades Humanas" de la Carta del Atlantieo.ongreso, in Its short session, sought to implement these ideals through an appeal to the Organiaacion de Estados Americanos to consider the case of Guatemala whore soviet intervention Js >nost flagrant and most dangerous, and through the establishmentermanent executive committee bo that Use gains made by this Congreso would not be lost and might rather be strengthened and extended by continued action.

ile Solidarity

Througlioat their sessions tho delegates wer* ware of the

world vide attention and sympathy of peoples everywhere for IMs determined

stand against communist ion, Ihe most reverend Arclihlshop Vela

Farga, exiled from his native Hungary, spoke for his people

byommunists"in desiring success for the Congreso's "oagnifico

e important? trabajo". Similar messages were received from Etequiel

, the director of the newspaper La EstrgHa de Panama, from licen-

'anVf from

riado Jose Vssconcelos, llcenelado Fernando de la Fuente,/Konsenor Guillemo Piani, Delegado Apostolico on Mexico, among others.

Hie second day was given over to the various delegates who wished to point out tiie instances of soviet intervention in their own countries! the major speeches were given by Admiral Fenna Dotto of Brazil, Dr. Andres de Clcco of Argentina, Dr. Jose Baquero de la Calle of Ecuador, and Dr. "Jribe rasas, also from Ecuador.

Guatemala -- Poous of

The third day was devoted almost entirely to the presentation and discussion of the Soviet domination of Guatemala, the most obvious example of Soviet successful penetration. The GuatenKtlan doleRation offered full and substantial proof of the gains of Soviet communism,act wh^ch has long been obvious: the separation of the Guatemalan people from the Guatemalan government since that time when the arboncistas took up the comnunist banner* Their evidence, bearing

the title 3vl Caso de Guatemala, detailed the maner in viiich the Soviet Union had directed and financed the selsnrc of power by their local agents, the Guate:calan communist party euphemistically knownin Partldo Guatemalteco de Trabajo. This naterlal was handed overommission for furtherommission composed of Or. Baquero de la Callc, Dr. Uribe Xisas, and Cr. Andres de Cicco.

At one point, when tho flags of the participating nations were carried about the hall, Jose Calderon Salaear rose to say that while the Communists ruled in Guatemala his flag could not fly with honon

"Os habra extranado, senores delegados, que la Sandera de mi Patria ha sido presentada en esta asamblea sin el asta usual para ser empunada enllo, senores, es un sinbolo:sena de Guatemala ml patria, ha dejaco de ondear al vicnto, abatida por el comunismo que coadna en mi pais. Pero pronto, os lo jurawoe, esta bandera, abatida pero no manchada, tendra su asta, no de madora ni de brooce, ni siquiera dc oro, sino hecho con nuestroe propioa brazos, con nuestra propia sangre, con nuestra propia vida. odra ondear al viento entonces,ibra, llevada en triunfo por todo el pals por Iceremolada por la nano bravia de nuestro jefe, Carlos Castilloientras tanto, aqui la teneis, senores, abatida, pero jamasi sus colores han de tenirse no sera ciertamente con ol lodo de los caminos, sino con el rojo beroico de suse loe"

Resolution on Guatemala

Acting on the basis of the eviience presented by the Guatemalan delegation *nc its stirring presentation by the dis tinguished delegation from that country, the Congreso took decisive steps to rally popular and government action against this first instance o* Soviet Intervention in Latin Africa.

By firm acclamation tho Congresohole adopted the

following resolution on the Guatemalanote: both this resolution and the telegram to the OES were adopted before theof civil libertieslt).

Ojue los gobiernos de Juan Josee Jacobo Arbena

haaiguen poniendo en peligro la pas en America,

por raton de sus constantes intervenciones en los asuntos

de otros paises, ya fomentando revueltasyudando

a esUs con dinero,, pertrechos, gente,a agitando

en tarrenosgricolas, alentandoinanciandolas,

yo introduciendo propaganda mantis ta subrepticiamente, en forma

de Hbros, folletos,asta enviando tecnicos en las

laborer, de proselitisno comunista.

Que el gobierno de Jacobo Arbenz esta al servicio del comunisrw interneeional.

Ojue elee Arevelo hen viol ado repetidamente los compromlsos contraidos en las conferencias lnteramoricanas dc Rio de Janeiro,a IV de Cancilleres de Washington por razon de sus compromises con el comunisao internaclonal.

Que los gobiernos derbenz ban violado repetidamente la Ceclaracion de los Derechosas Libortadeses proclamadas porT.

And they ordered that the following telegram be sent tc the Organization de Estados Unldosi

Primer Congreso Contra la Tntervencicn Sovietica en America Latina aprobo ayer por aclamacion declarer Gobierno Guatemala este servicio Conrjnismo Intemacion&l, conatituyendo peligro para America despues do estudio hecho de docuraentacion presentada por Delegocion Gualcmalteca. Virtud tratadosnte extrema graveded del caso procede resolver ese Consejo conformldad articulos uno,uarenta constitutive.

A Permanent Organization

Second only in importance tc the Congreso's willingese to apply their resolutions to the specific case of Guatemala was the decision toermanent Committee to supervise tlie local implementation of tits Conereso's resolves and to preparf. for tlie 2nd Congreso. This comrittee, called

El Coedte Coordinador Anticononista,mposed of the foUoving


Almlrante Carlos PENKA Botto, preaident, Brasil

Jorge Prieto Laaiwis, secretary general, Mexico

Dr. Rafael H. TELAZCiJEZ, Colombia

Marianoonzales, Costa Rica

Federico NtTLSEN Reyes, Bolivia

Eduardo Alfonso FIGEAC, El Salvador

Dr. Jose A. BAC/JHtO de la Calls, Fcuador

Josealazar, Guatemala

Aurelio LOPEZ, Panama

Hectorenator anderu

Carlos Aden FSPIKOSA, Nicaragua

Isabel AfiKUA Callejo, Paraguay

Omar IBAPGOYEK, Uruguay

Luis Felipe BELL3UA, Venzuela

Final ceremonies

The Congreso gathered once more, late ono hold a

banquet and they llotened attentively yhilo licencludo Salvador Mendo2a

of Mexico reminded them thatlos paises de America representan la mas

alta idealidad, de los ob*etivos trascentales de la autentica domocracia

del mundo.' And they thought again of those affirmative principles they

had set downesolution that afternoon in answer to the claim that

anti-communism had no real contont; their principles, they declared, were--

Valorisation del trabajo como medio de emancipacioneconocimiento de los valoresuncionales, para los efectos de su Justa corapensacion en todos los ordenes de actividad.

Establecimiento de los principios normativos que permitan la equidad de losa participacion de utilidades.

Adopcion do sis tanas que faciliten la general!zacion de la propiedadl fomento irrestricto de la producclon.

Realizaclon de un regimen depurado de seguridad social, que no

sea oneroso para elue garanticc pler.amente la proteccion

de la colectividad.

Inenor ^ndoza reminded his listener; of the

words of Eli alruien to fide anriar con el una mllla,

camina dos." And Senor Kendoxa exhorted the delegates of the Congreso:

narchado juntos con nuestro3 hernanos deas Haciones Onidas la primera milla; esa primerasta llena dea hsmos recorddio ya desdo Sanogota, pero habremon de contlnuar en nuestres esfuerzos caminando la segunda milla hasta llegario de Janeiro, dentro do un Ano, cuandol II Congreso(in Rio de Janeiro)


This brief saimary of the first Congreso Contra la Intervene ion Soviotica en la America Latina shows you that the shameless encroachment of Ir.te: national Soviet communism upon our belo ed homeland has not been bypassed without notice by our friends and neighbors throughout the Latin American republics. The infiltration of Stalin's agents, contrary to the farsighted provisions of our constitution, all the way up to the Presidency, has at the very least servedrim, but impressive warning to all freedom-loving people from the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fucgo.

Tou will all feel witheep sense of pride when you read how brilliantly the case of Guatemala was presented at thisnd how unanimous tbe delegates from lb sister republics vere in theirexpressions of solidarity with js and in their undonditionalof tin-ortuny regime.

This heBuspheiic solidarity in all th- wore important now since the communist dictatorship lias suppr^nodast remnants of civil lltert'-ff ir. our beloved Toi the time being us moat rely on

curk1 U'oth'.-r* ii. rough-nut Latin America lo raise theirlt; cur te! alfre now murr-led by communist rolice lerror. Jibarc the active support whichtd-ed U> us at the ahall instil us with even greater courage and determination In tlio decisive battles Tor the Jiberntiori of cur country which lie immediately ahead of

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