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reference dispatch, weceiprchensiYC states report(both the group and the publication) from Francis P. HjCaRTI sincenot contain adequate infCroatian. At the saw tin, we debriefed T

J" originally sent by CALLIGERIS to noxico to establish Vfcth suojects but who had In the meantime joined the SHEWiJOD editorial teen at LINXlkon the basi*etailed questionnaire.

aro sen dine herewith to each addressee one copy of our quest. ionnaLvMohT Jreplios (translated from the Spanish original) have beenreplies indicate that

(a; cegam apparently represents moat of the Guatenaian exiles in Hexico, (bj no copies of ritCWTO reach Ouatemala,

Cc) the organization is weak, but show possibilities for future developntnt

ihe information is submitted to HBADQUAfitBtSossible basis for any future decision concerning subject, if any use beyond the current phase of rSSUCUEsa should become possible and/or desirable.

in the

(b)ocs&er it sound practice .to check, especially in the case of information on cole groups, information fron tw different sourceseach other. basis of the atoned report. *ny subsequent decision as to whether subject should be continued beyond the present phase of rtASUCcSss (provided subject remains ir. exUtmcf

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beyond this phase|and if so, whether control should rcunaiji vestedia CAii^Kcl'.ISj as originally directed by HKaDQOAlci'iKS, or transferred to will have to ccneUArtTeWSater sta^c.

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1. How many Guat oxiles live in Mexico, approximately? Ane.

?. How many of them are members of CEGAM? How many of the others belong to exile groupsto whichor to Mexican political organizations?

An... There are approximately IiO members of CEGAM and the rest belong to tha Comlte Pro-Llberacion de Guatemala.

3. Who are the officers ofmbers of its executive comittee)?

Enumerate then by name, giving their official title and describe their actual work in the organisation. Ans. The aeabors of the Board of Directors of CEGAM are:

Jose Calderon Salazar

Roberto Gomez de Leon of dentistry)

Bernardo Kendeacaptain)

Molsos E. Orozcoof Flnances(clork)

Manuel Mateuof Propaganda wner of a restaurant,

Bugonio Mendez Santiago Secretary of Transactions (clerk)

h. Does CEGAM have an office? If so, give address andumber ofoes lt workull-tineart-tixr basis? Who does what workaid or voluntary basis?

Ans. The CEGAM has no office, but Jose Calderon Salaaar haa given his private office over to the activities of the Organization. Thia office is situated on Ave.e Septieabreand Calderon Salazar transacts thore all the problems of CEGAM from. until

. and.. daily. He does ithat io, he receives no salary),

5- Describe the regular, day-by-day activities of CEGAM: How often are meetings heldfor members only oreneral public? How manyn theo attend these meetings? What other activities are being carried out by members and officers? Ans. annot say exactly, but the main activities are: to writeo correct it at the printers, to dispatch the packages to the exterior, and to answer all correspondence. Furthermore, it is necessary to maintaincontact with other organizations off our sane orientation.

The last meeting was held Saturday,pril. All those attendingocument recognizing "Panchofl as the Supreme Chief of the movement and agreed to contribute their efforts to the liberation of the Patria. Among those attending andn addition to the Board of Directors) were:


Horacio deand radio technician

Ruben worter


Gabrielaviator and manufacturer

Humborto Soils Gallardo lawyer



Moises Evaristo

Jorge A.




6. Is CEGAM making efforts to recruit additional members? If so, in what

way and with what success? f not, whyns. Yes. CEGAM began its activitiesarch withembers and at this time it counts onf the Guatemalan emigrants. In the last few

it has assuredly succeeded Jn attracting more active tmmhers.

With what other groups, government agencies, newspapers or prominent personalities is CKGAH in contact? Enumerate each such contact, stating how cloee it is, what purposes it has served thus far or what use may be nade of lt in the future.

The CKGAH group has had very close contact with the following groupsi

Frente Popular Anticomunista de Mexico

Confederacion Naclonal de

Organ!lacloo Regional Interamericana deRIT)

Prensa l Universal, AUsbos, Nos otros. Si, Ovacionoc, UP, INS, AP)

* The studenta of the CNE have repeatedly offered their unconditional support to our causa.Including violent manifestations, etc.

8. How many members of CEGAM are capable and willing to return to Guatemalanow or in the future? What type of activities could they undertake there? Ans. All of the members of CEGAK are anxious to return to their Patria. Very few of the individuals who composo the CEGAM would be able to develop activities of importance. Aside from Jose Calderon SaLazax, who is one of the best journalists Latin America can count on, the remainderble to adjust themselves to the activities they carry on in connection with their professions or trades, enumerated in point

9. How many copies of each issue of Pronto are being printed? Ans. 0 copies of Pronto are presently being printed, weekly.

10. How many of these copies aro being

a) none

10a Hov many of these copies areont.)

free in Mexicoand to what groups of Distributed free in Mexico,0 copies

amongtudents, the press, anti-communist groups, workers, and

into Ouatemala and by what ways? his isand should be answered in great detail)

ans. o not believe that they are being sent to Guatemala directly, unless they haveiaison with an individual resident in Coatepeque which they desired to do.

to other countriesto which countries and toof recipients there?

ans. It is being sent to all Latin American countries (Catholic organisations, universities,opies.

Pronto receive letters from its readersin Mexico, in Guatemala

or elsewhere? Bowpproximately) from each such source?

Ans. uppose so,ould not be definite about'the number.


Articles of Pronto being attacked by hostile groups, publications,or in any other way? If so, how often do such attacks occur,and for what principalith what main arguments)?:

Ans. Since it was soirae since Pronto was first printed, it is not very well knowno not believe that it has been the victim of attacks. Up until thisave not seen anything appear.

re articles of Pronto being reprinted by other publicationsin vhich publicationsow many perr quoted by radio stations)?

Ans. Almost all the Radio Stations serving tho liberating movement roproduce

the editorial article* of Pronto, because it has been considered the best

publicity organ published in the exterior.

li*. Are the finances of CEGAK and Pronto being handled separately or together? By whoa? Givopreferably separately for each of theman estimate of their averago monthly


of income: how much comes from Paneho, from sales

of newspapers, from membership fees and from vhat other sources?


of expenses: salaries, printing costs, etc.

Ana. Pronto has an approximate monthly budget, Somo times it has boon financed by "Poncho* and other tinoe by tho contact who is in Mexico. Tho budget of Pronto includes printing and especially, the air mail postage to send it to the exterior. 0 copies are sent to El Salvador and Honduras. No member of CEGAM contributes to its maintenance.

IS. Add any other pertinent information on either CEGAM or Pronto which ie

not mentioned in the above questions. S

Ans. Ruben Villatoro, labor leader recently expelled froa Guatemala, stubbornly worked on the attitude of the directors of ORIT and of the IPL to influence them in favor of our cause. ongreso Slndical de Organizociones Litres was held in Mexico and ORIT announced its repudiation of the Arbenz regime.

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