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Qroup of Honduran Coaoaunlats, Including Rlgobarto PADULA, Antonio FAJARDO and Alberto QARCIA Bulnea, In Guatemala City where they conferred with the "Bureau" of Partldo Comunlr.ta Quatenalteco andonduran Harxlat group In Guatemala City oonpoaed OfRAMOS,AYA Amador, Ernesto FIAZ.LOE Hilfredo CHAVARBU, HiooU OHBIHA,LOZAHO ant Joaa Manuel ZDBZOA. All members of Marxist group receiving intensive night olaaaes In syndioallaa. Tlsiting Honduran Communists were taken on tours and given lectures.

Situation of PCH, as outlined to Ouatemalan Communist at that tlae, wasi Two groups in Tegucigalpa with seventeen members and twelve sympathisers, one group in Puerto Cortes with five members nnd two- group in La Lima with four members, two groups it La Ceiba with threeandroup in Tela all four members. Honduran Coamuniets ware given reaooenenjlatlous by Bureau of Partldo Cosunlata Quateaalteoo'on the aotlo they ahould take with regard to a) Harxlat study groups, the Partldo Democratico Revoluolonarlo Hondurefiond the Comltd Coordlnador Obrero an the Vex Obrera.

* Rixoberto PADILLA attended meeting with Alejandro

Eevero AOUIRRE and Kax BALASAR, both tisnbers of Bxecu Bureau of Partldo General Guatemalteoo del Trabajb, In San Salvador, at which tlae plans were aadeens-al strike in Honduras.

At meeting in Puerto Cortes, attended by Gustavo AHDARA Balnea and Irene ALTARADO froa Tegucigalpa, final preparations aade for genaral strike.

Mavgeneral strike organised, following Executive

Committee of the Strike createdi Rlgobarto pad] DloolPio BSJARANO, Franolcoo CARDORA, Harnan Hi Vlliatoro, Pranolsop^PTJHES, IfralnAT, Joan JoselOPBZ OVledo, Julio C. RTTBRA. Max SALAZAR, Mario SIlva Jonas* and Ventura RAMOS, members of ihe Partldo Ouatemalteoo to serve aa advisors to above Bxeoutlve Coaaltteo.

SALAZAR, Mario SILVA Jonama and Ventura RAMOS return* to Guatemala*


Executive Bureau of tha PCH organised aa follows 1

Secretary General, Dlonlsto BBJARASO. Secretary of Organisation, Rlgobertc PAPILLA. Secretary of Affiliation, JulioIVERA. Secretary of 8tatist: FTancisoo Saoretary of Confllots, Jos6 LOPEZ Oviedo. Secretary of Reeorda and Correspondence, JtALES. Secretary of Culture, Ceaar Auguato COI

PCH leaders planned organisation of workers Into

labor unions and to make application tothat Coamuni.it Party ba declaredreaolved that general strike wouldany settlement, until Coanranlets hadto carry out their PLana.

Five arms of Czech manufacture received In El Progrc froa Ouateaala by CooBuniats.

Cooaranists In Kl Progreao learned that wife of atarlc

80SA, Chief of tha Departaaento AgrarloGuatemala was In Tegucigalpa, with sub ofleiplraa for tho atrike withdeliver money to Coawnmlsts Gustavo AIDARAto Alberto OABCIA Balnea orost resortPUETjA Gone

Coaanmlata in El Progreao also learnedollars by specialwhofroa Hex too via Guatemala and

ayOABCIA Balnea sent by COBJmnlsts In BI Progr

to Tegucigalpa for purpose of editing propaganda, aaterlal, and to return to BI Progreao with Jose Pin Gomes who would serve as legal advisor to Strike Conaltteo.

when Xoie PXHBDA-Ooaas attempted to travel toll Progreso, ha wasprevented rtotraWm^ of Honduran Governmant. Alberto GARCXA BttlhwS travelled to BI Progreao, receiving at the airport tha money which Jose PIHBDA Oomoa was carrying and which had been received froa the wife ofA.

Jose PXHSDA Ooawa travelled to BIew day later by truck to replace Francisco MIL LA Beroudes as legal advisor to the striker*.

Central Committee of the FOB passed resolutions,

pointing out that reoent event* made It Impossible for the moment to carry out their plana aa anticipated| and thoy ahould concentrate upon


olltieal training of membersj covert Infiltrationstudentt professional, teachers and labor organisational collection of duos, and propaganda designed to unmask Imperialistic alma. and to educate the workers so they will seek the PCS as the party vhloh will give them theirollowing temporary secretaries appointed In view of action by authorities against some Comcranists: Trinidad SANTOS Mlralde, Manual Antonio BLSRHA, Julio 0TISD0 kendozft. Juan B. CARALES, Modesto

hehrera. Waa atated that following areof "Bureau of PCH*i Cesar a. Cotoj Clonlslolgobarto PADJXLa, Julio C. rxtou. Pranclsoo carcOHA and Ouatavo ARCABA Bnlnes.

Cesar Augusto GOTO and Joao PINEDAppeared for first time vlth Central Strike Committee ia meetlnga with Mediating COnadJalon and BtfitOd fruit Company officials, and refused outright to Big* oral agreamenta

Cesar Augusto GOTO.l^ PORTILLO Araujo and Hodeato RDBlO CorteWwith La Lima Strike Committee. Failed to reach agreement when GOTO proposed the IraaeOlate orgajdisTOOO of all workers on Borth Coast Into labor ufioi* whichbe affiliated vlth the POH. With consent of striker in La Lima under direction of JX Manuel de J, VALENCIA, COTO, SIERRA, PORTILLO and BDSIO detained turned over to authorities for arrest.

9 Central Strike Committee vhloh was organised an

controlho strikeboasBSJARABO bes rte4

RAMOS had already gone to Ouateaala. RE DA Gomes In hiding In El Progreso. Rlgoherto PADILLA in hiding. J. Antonio PAJARDO and JuanARALES in Jail in Puerto Cortes. Cesar Augusto GOTO and Francisco cardOHa In jail In Tegucigalpa.

SOURCE COMMENT 1 There la no documentary evidence to show instruction received by Bonduran Communists for handling the atrlke. While therefromBonduran Communists such as Rlgobarto PADILLA who had been trained behind the Iron Curtain and In Ouatemala were the principal organisers and leaders of the strike. During tho Utter part ofhere were crnstant rumors that an Individual


known only as "Don Juan" waa tha brains behind the Communists In Si rrogreso. Thla Individual has been identified aa Banuelonduran, who entered Honduras from Ouatemala under an assumed name.

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