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HTtiWP. Holland

liiift*at lecrotary- ol* oof *taW ViwhlACton, S. C.

attitude toward tho Ckute*alen


'iferance Into our previous con versa tl one cunsernloe; hlfhly critical attitudes reflected In tho British press toward tho ml tad tetee' position with rorsetrt to Ouateaala, and tha faot that articles and editorials appearlne. In theJhUIAB and other Tltlalt nevspepee Have boon played up propsInicu inay aa ta under cot the rectitude of the 3positionate eitartuent "ease* against CuattaaaUa. ava eauMd thee be rveaarebed back to the flret ofave not fwnri tbe article or lanaveieaav last %seh theicker ae balng attrtbutad In certainrlean capitalsoeerlnf In tba

t. i* tha r% -Varld sen ndap" at "rW* thia nan'trter fron Loadon devoted Ms entire tlae to adtiattoaard the 'United -States' posltlm on <and ncre specifically tavern the proposal to Interfere vf th ami aMpnenta. ut an-no-ed Tritlahvara quoted as aaylne cuen things as "deep!to the i'n'ted Xruit Companyp theet earn all of antralice end aril can." The CHr reporter said tbat artltudaa In 'nrland rawedold official hoetfllty to flawing 1kit: re.ardteof ar**a

1. ode-rataod free d> that aoae good nary tort has heea oona tdtfc tbalong the lines ofew tho facta ef life, ana thatrteawit haa the- bsssshsaaj or ttet thl" effort haavltb znsuccess. r, lt vouli seen to tae that uorr DM>ede to te done, andgber level, andr soon. If tbe currentof Brit lai. hostile and daaejflai atterances Is te be cue lied. It la my tbovrht in thisthat the Valt of .lr Winston Crnrcfcfll and inthony Cden aLgbt he takenf for thia purpose amithey nSrbtonber of the am eeaentlel fsete In tbe ease). Zt would probebly also be vies to further brief tho fa-itis*rior to their arrival, and pori ape


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to request tha Kabsasy to advice tta Foreign uTfice Uiet tbe Department vlshse to dleousi thla matter with Church illn whau they are here.

h. neve all, ef conraef rvcojd that the Britlah would be very eeealtlve en the subject of Interference vlth shipping.Mr Vlneton la one pereon who waderetanUe tbe fecte ef power oparatloas and the elcmlflcenee of the tntwmatlrvjal Ccnmonlet organisation and ita works, he alaoretty eleer couprahens?on of British vulnorsbllltlca to subversive work in their colonial areas. It bas nut been very long el new his rqverment ass placed cn the hotaa the result of inadequate knowledge of and preparation for developMbnta in Fs-tttsb Oulana. Britlahcould wail be next. It la eythatime of the Hrltlah trouble over Oulaaa the falted :uni ve- one of the few powere wr.leh took the part ef the .Titian andympathetichat ae did as deeplte tha known disadvantages which would eccrwe to aa In our relatlonahlpe with other Latin American nations, as well as mere generally throughout t'world wtere our preferred posture of snti-oolnnialiam hes been borne down by our concern over the poeition and difficulties of our major allies (the aritleh and the French). Theae arech could be used wfth "r. amrehlll.



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