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l - Here sre soae lines which rear satiate ahould eehe answer the better. It may be that yea are already ae tap ef aoae ef these, bat if yea are vot, let's getablebe tba appreprlate field etatlaea.

t. Tba first ef thaae la an idea that ear beaa had aedlab yoa would aea abet yea eeuld do about teday. le weald Ilka to hare tba stery dreelsted la the eaffee-prcduslne; soum tries In Central and South America to the affect that ana of tha real reasons (which aaa eeeeped aotlee thaa far) far tbe fall-off la eeffee eeaassBstlan within. aed aortain other oocntriee haa beaa the eonaara on the part ef tha heusawlvee that by buying eeffee they weald eane hew be helping the Coaaaalet eanaa la Oaataaala. Tha hoaeaalvss are, of eoaree, canfaaed aod do act realise how little ef tea total ooffeo pro<hkoed la the world ecaee froa Oaataaala. They only kaas that eeffee eoaae froa Oaataaala sad that Oeataaals la ranluaiillt eliane aba theyare are the front effioa reproeantetlTee efbeadqaarters. There la ae telling bee aaoh daoage the continuation of thisn do tho oof fee trade la general. Pub Ho opinion in. and athar free oooetrlee oennot be eontrellad or taraed around erar night, avert of acne speotaealar ohaage In tea sltaatlea ehlah glrea rlae to public acdnlea.

3, It is extreaaly importthat aa teg Torlallaaaber of palpable lice which be hss aean fit to attar In tha put U8 hours. Zt is sbaadently evidant that ha la placing hie eaphaelo and hia hope for success In hieppreaob upon tho asaertlans that Oaataaala is being a. boafead froa tba catelde, b. invaded froa the outside. Moreover it lo Just as elaar that the Ceaeaaniet worldwide propaganda aaaaaaaVaa la echoing these precise theaaw, and Quite regratebly that saah of ths free worldo la ding oar own, is doing the(see today's Washington Poet headlines and news treatment by oon treat with today's saw York

a. How Toriello bee declared that Ouateaala haa beau bombed, id point of feet lt haa net been boa-bed. Toriello haa tone ao far outat) ae to ctete tbat aheaae la (htataawla City via. the house of Mendosa (or Mandaaa'a Bother). Ua bare lt in oar oan eonaoini-catlone and elao in an enbaeey aaaa age that seoerdlng to eyewitness aeoounta thle house waa aet on fire, presumably by tha Guatemalanand that there ia abaelntaly na svHsnaa of any banning or boab damage. ave arranged far thle ta appear in. preea and on. radio,hink it ahould ba aafe for you to play it beessee of ita wide dissemination. Toriello haa also elalned that ail atoraga facilities have been bentwad. Tata ia contrary to the feet and ehoold be billede, eeneawatad with tba Nsndeea house bonMng fabrloation and oonooatlen.

llae of aonslaarsbla elgnlfissnce la the feet that tha araeb-publloiaed and widely-heralded naas denanatratlon of aupport for tha govarnsamt waa swdoealy called off "en ace ownt of rain." There ia an eh Jwdee ta be rung oat ef thia develeaassnt. Tea ehimia state or strongly infer that the real reseao far tha oanoallation ia that the whole affair waa sura to haveotal flop beeaaeeonapionoua laok of sny publla endoi^ssawit ar enthcaiasau Tha real reaaen the govarnatant hastily sailed offjar aaavnurtraUen waa that they suddenly raaliaad tbat no aaoant of preasure-ar reorultawet would prerrail upon the Ouatemalan people to turn out infos gsisraawnit deawsnetratlen.

Plaaaa look tbrougb tha traffic, both ear own snd Statea and alee tha aawa ticker mm* ms material far ether Ilea and exaggerations wMeh esn be attrlbatad to Torlalla end the reglawi, bat do not hold ap sn any of the foragalag in order ta gat off your flret sable.

Aa regards Torlslle's Invasion thee is, you ssiat aanhaalae that thia la an in tern al ravalt ef the people peeelbly aidad and supported

by tha hundreds of Oa atonal an silt risasuiilst rafugaaa vho have been naturally drlren froaian try by tha CossBBnlst terror and who areoat anxious to return.

frankisher Deputy Director (Plans)

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