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for Anbaosador Lodge and/or. Representative in tha Inter-American Peace Committee

connection with the U1 debate, and alao for poaalble uae within the OAS, It seems extremely Important that we should Insist upon the procedural points previouslyhe first place of call would be Guatemala where the alleged crtwe la nl ail aeewl to harend if the Quatonalaaa refuse they shonld be challenged and belabored for their refusal to allow an objective inspection of the evidence there| Aa the next line of defense we ahould insist upon Honduras as tbe second plane of call by the investigating body. Honduras is the place froa which the allayed invasion is claiaed to hava been launched and, moreover, it the the country which itself haa filed ooaplainta of boabing of its territory. Tho last place to be visited la licaragua and under no circuBstancoB ahould the investigating body or any representatives be allowed to go there first or at the outset or until the other places have been tlvoroughly looked into.

the debate and particularly if Ouateaala and others resist the

of Ouateaala as the first place of call, they ahould be

harply challenged by assertions of aiarepresentatlon of fact andof clajas and evidence in support of clalats. f the bombing of open cities and the killing of dtlsene should be >first thing looked into. They claloed in the opening session of,^m debate on Sunday that two Aaierloansoabing planeoohed Ouatemala bad crashed In Mexico. This la known to be falsewill be demonstrated to be false. It appears to havaalsehood.


Also the clala of bombing in Ouateautla City and the fabrication of , evidence there should be brought up sharply. repeated


; claims of bomb danage to houses should be cited or referred to andX shouldlat statement made with regard to hia clalns In thisit is known that the Guatemalan Qdvernnent deliberately, the evidence of bombing. The house of Colonel kendosa isby many eyewitnesses to have been act fire to by the

Onatwlan police. ^ '

Tha last two paragraphs give only two exanples of the kind of aaterial which Ambassador Lodge oan use most affsctively and which can be used and repeated In any other foruns, including the OAS Peace Coonittee In connection with our Insistence upon correct terns of reference.

Finally, it is recccmended thst the British and French representatives be asked whether they have not now repeated reports froa their respective diplomatic representatives in Ouateaala giving thea evidence of false elalos of the boabing of Ouateaala City and of the fabrication of evidence of boabing by the Ouateaalan Oovernnent. It they acknowledge this privately they should be willing to state it^Rublicly in support of the statements of our spokesmen.

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