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j^ Jj^HaeMi^ -in- Mr.Guatemalan Situation.

the discussion inoffice this morning a, number .of

conclusions were tentatively arnvea at with regard to steps to be taken in consequence of the United Nations Security Council actions of Sunday. These were as follows:

a* It is understood that there is not,uestion of . nitednspection Committee. The Inspection Committee concerned, at least at present, is the so-called five-nan peace council of thewhich at present comprises representatives of the United States, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina and Mexico. (The ? Mexican representative is considered unfriendly and is regardedossible Red. However, Hr. Holland believes that the con-3 rdttee can be substantially controlled by the majority of the ' nenbcrehip which ishree out of

b. It is possible that the OAS Peace Cccnission may move aa aarly aa Thursday of this wook. It is very important that jrior to any -ove into the field by this inspection connittee (OAS) that certain very clear terns of reference be developed and These terns of reference snodld includenimum the points that the corr-.ission will move togetherody; that it will nc- allow individual by individual menbers; thst its first point of call will be Ouitcnsla itself /the place wf-.ere the damage is alleged to have occurred, analogy of theof the investigation of any allegednd that one of the nost Iiaporta.itf reference will be to look into the causes of the present situation. /By this point it is rseant that the door must be opened and Vert open to investigations of the alleged bombing attschs against Guatemala ard the other aore spectacular charges of the Guatemalan Government such as the claim that there are no Guatemalan; engaged in any resistance to or uprising against the regime. Put also to be investigated under this heading is the conduct of the Guatemalan Government and the Guatemalan Comxuniet Party andrganizations. The charges of any or all ofgainst thecitizens ofhould he investigated./

c. At the very earliest moment matters becometo enable this to be done, our Ambassadors inand Guatemala City should be infomed of the terms

of referenceand even more important th* chronological steps plus time-table if possibleand they should be instructed to Inform the heads of the governments to which they are respectively accredited, Nicaragua and 'rJonduras are specifically charged with acts of aggression and there nay welltate of gravestth*?re which could lead to irrational and unfortunate actions on their part which need not occur If they are informed.

This flay he old stuff, but it seenf to nc mosthat some effort be 'iiade tc of. sir, statements frcci the friendlyoreign Offices with regard to the charges and allegations of bombing, bomb da-age and deaths resulting froia bombing in Guatemala City, Thisarticularly to the Eritish and French Aril sssadorswere present vith Anbasssdor Feurifoy at the time Toriello repeated his lie about the burning of the Mendoza hou&e. It is also veryo get sane cooperation and assistance from the French and British with rerjBct to givingof these facts to their ovn press.

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