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perational C . perational Report {

1. - five aontaot report*vita

IaTOi Chief, WBDj (


) covering recant

Thenatterr^ri^neloesrea alsoocloeure *, and It appears thatarrest iirru not

as serious'aa ve'originally

;. TbaofZ vara cabled to LInCGLK, lnfon-itlonastterhisnolo sura, van prstioul/ reported with

tba request tbat appropriate security aotloa be

3etailed reply toBoth C >tadconvinoad (whoa tba report tu written)uspension of ( essential la order to assure tba axletenoe of aa effective undergroundIn the crltioal day*ay. Tba/ hare sines concentrated onand other organisational work in connection vith the underground

the llalta ofve have indicated

that PBSOCCESSate_of readiness haa not baan seriously retarded bybe prepared to activate the undcrground teaae at

subjectof paragraphnclosureas raportad to LXNCOLK,

( ad DIS) and ve are awaiting Identifying daU before attemptingcootact vitho eleannte that appear to bave been cut off byoo-j The Identifier Motioned Innclosure.a

ret*load in station files.

nclosureefer- to tentative contact plan* for pickingindividual aentloaed the rain (not to be laajleMonted until his bona fide abyKoch of tha data in thle and stove enclosure"over aattara outsidetat ion Jurisdiction. Ve pre suae that theseecaatnUhave waning to LDCOLt and ( d lhat aro* actionbe handlod by responsible pereonnal. ontain interestingrsfloctlng reactions to current eveota and are suhnltted ln oowplionoe vith

Attacl'i5*entl SJuno






SUBJKCTi Veeting

1. ooting oocurred be )


meeting witht cheduled for

Wednesday night, failed to materialise. It la notthatboonnd

ia attempting another meeting withfor tonight*

3.net with Bereral oo florae del awrcado.

They are determined to carryand are fullurroports that thla group Is perhapa tha moat

courageouswilling-to-fight group of any. are planning on Bonding out aome delegationsdepartments to tell the people not to loae hope,expects to utilise thorn aa messengers to tha

underground if thla can be worked out In any altooat the only group left entireorgan!

ration Bince the recent ware of arrests.

.. eeting with her Tuesday

night, at which tine she reported that apparently the police had taken the pre enure off theod quart ere, elnoe the orajaa were no longer evident in tha violnlty. Her arroBt can poseibly he due to Information extracts^ frrn* otherhe lawyer retained by tha (. ia

>reports thatf being oub-


ted to oonalderabla torture at the hands of thas probably true In the case of the other arrests also*

that Inasmuch aa all packages

sent through the mall ar* Inspected at the poet office, and henoo another method would hare to be utilised in

a package to such peraons

mioh better to uoe eomcthir^

Also, rather than toirid men of-this

Ilk, who know they ha.on'X airything to ^oln at tho handg of the opposition and are confirmed goblernlstaa ' )an& hlo fallows, who aro fenoe-sittera, opportnnleta, vond cowardly at heart, ahould be tho reoipienta^of^auch. , If we oannot obtain any grenade ew (two or three) cllpa which he oan'use -however, tho grenade ahella would be ranch mora affaotlTe*

6m Concerning the details of ^-

before concluding one meeting, arrangenants, era uadenextine, place. The. meetings arenlght| anl contacta established in fadarkerthe olty. Because of the present

in hiding, and nnable to cone out during the daytiraa, emergency or unscheduled meetings cannot be*ith any degree of certainty in those plane*

7. Before her arrest,reported to

tho people arrlTlag at tho CEUA headquarters

from tbe departmentaroat deal ofu>ent among tho opposition, ardtbe belief that theaa recent arrests arxl goTernment ohargee have meant tha destruction of tho aoti-Commualstt least in eo far aa it meana any effective movement to liberate the oountry froa lta present rulers^


SUBJECTi Keating

la eetlng occurred be Ween

and ( )on Thursday night, une.

2.house wm entered and bo arched by "

tho police yesterday,house vaa also

searched, as well as various other persons.

police released Sheaha offered no resistance to tnoir vjcb*.ionl ag", answered "si" to everything. An attenpt latoore' detailed account of heranswers*

arrested yesterdayesult of thaarrest, or ofand confessions. in settingunderground in Puerto ijevrrioa, Quezaltenango,

6. olieved connected

with so mo pan. of the movemont, was arroeted

Booause ofarrest, BLAh'CA la now in eeml-hidding,

BLASCA reports that many people are hero in the capital looking for AHAHKhA. They carry messages, and not finding hla do not know what tohey search th* city for some one to deliver th* massagesha three groups at messages-turned in thla morning aref the type material these people are currying.ig demand oectcB to be for coney froa AHAHKLA'a aotlvlsts in the provicoaa te carry oa the work they have beentherwise it ia In danger of lopeing. The note concerning the arms shipment to Honduras comesommunist on the ABAHKhAnd ha is crying for his money. Te da fcxsx not know how xenoh money is Involved in any of these cabss.

6. (of tho ASAHKLA Byetem

a-uraably) has sent an argent cry to tha city that hi.desperately Inax -.

seoretary of ono

lialoa inui Bate have fled tc the capital (nana of aeorotaryhey report rany arrests in Tiqulaato area and the people dl Bhoartened. Thoee two are being sought by the police and are now in bidding here ln the city.

Beporta indicate there was aln Amatit-lAn yesterday. The gobernadort Jefe de pollcf a, and thafe wore reportedly killed, oa well ao others unnamed,

Alfonso Boner Pais yesterday statedeoup by tho military la expected this weak. '

Current rumora, with oonalderablo strength* in the etreeta are that Xlfego Itonxdn has fled Guatemala*

presumably to Honduras.

IS. DoLeon (nana and rankut la on ' eeld that therereat

stateseaeontrol" in tho army.

odTlBing anyone ando trouble croeaing the frontier.

14. The market women report that from other aoureea come continued reports that Maria Cruz (widow of Oscar Luna, and believed to be cook in Castillo Armas horse In Honduras)ovenmrant spy. They report that there scene to be little doubt about this. Her amante (name unreported)ember of tha Pollcla Judicial* Her father received messages every day from her* Her father la employedr. Serra or Sierra (fnu) who laa relative of Axbene. tonsideredcurious that Maria Crus went to Honduraa without

- on her ownmi had



SuBJZCTi Review of ( hdexwrcandRafereneesi Dispatch,nl9

'/ J, after diBCuesion and review

of the whole general situation* hera that it ia bent that no, aotlon h* telcen at tha pre sent tlae.wlth regard to referenda ratter, which may eomproedae our position, or vhioh will Indloat* to tha government that tha back-bona of the opposition has notole any -It seems boat to let th* goTornmani's antl-'anti-Oofflnsmiet" aotivltles gradually lessen before we undertake any more propagandaoa wlthlp tha oountry* aere propaganda froa within the oountry at thla time will only serre to betray to tha government that there isetwork or partial network of tha opposition elements functioning, and tha government will redouble Ita *fforte at breaking thla op. Tortures will beor renewed and many namea will be given under theee tortures that will only lead to more arrests, more disclosures, and morehich could haw* tha effoot of breaking op whatever remaine preoently of tha organisation,

halting of our propaganda activities nowaerve to lessen or halt the tortures on thetaken and now being taken by the govarnment*

Vmen, waa arrested yester-

day, and can disclose the underground eyetea intenango, Quiche, and Puerto Barrios*

3 ofay dispatch eon tainscompliance with thla rule (the teams shouldno actlvitios before word Is given)mperative tore our forces for th* critical phase". If th*system is expected toartor*of tha operation, it la considered neoeeaary thatpresent atctlvltiee other thanof communication aid contact ba undertaken*

4* At present there Is no propaganda which wa con put out which will counteract or soften the government's blows -such propaganda as "the government's actions have not

destroyed thotc, or "heror the issuance at thla time of Uie adavographsd news sheet, giro Uttl* encouragementeople facing arrestturw, and who haw* been fed ncoh propaganda through tha years and particularly in ths past few months. Their greatest wish and only hope at present la to aa* some kind of armed action* They ar* afraid and want nothing mora to do withhey want action, or they will render no mora aealatance until that time,

6. Another point to he considered in regard to the underground activities la that ooamunicationaajor problem. Dispatch reoommended that telegrams or phone oalls, in previously arranged open code messages, b* sent to th* ohiefs of th* underground. It is neoaaeaxy to remember thatpl* ar* not accdstoned to receiving telegrams, nor do1 they have phones. One telegram, when most needed, ia perhaps feasible. But nor* telagrams, at indiscriminate times, will immediately call attention to, and under the present existing conditions in Guatemala, direct suspicions against, the recipients of said ooaoml-


The alternative Is to send moeaengers. This must be dona by th* land routes in most cases, and in view of the poor end indirect roads, necessitatesime to get there, and time to get an answer back. Th* air routes ore too carefully cheeked, and the meaaengers available cannot uea these routea more than one* orif at all*

feel that too little advance notice waa given for the beat organisation of this underground ayetem, and partlcularlv Is this true (although unavoidable) la new ofresultant enforced bidding. Be were given two weeks to set up this organisation. Before the two weeks were up, the flap occurred. One part of the dlreotlre statwd that the personahould not he oonnected with any overt activities or should retire fromf such directives had beenonth ago or preferably even morenderatand the plan waa in being for some time before it was passed along to mo and through me to< uoh directives could have been oarrl ed out more oompctently anl easllyf Bow, however, withand moat of hie assistants either In bidding, arrest, or exile, and arrests continuing in the capital and theda!3y, it la extremely difficult torue picture of our set-up and what Is available to ue and what la now oompromiaed and dangeroua, anl to be able to Judg* how we

can boat proceed. le don't know who nil hare boonbyand through thewho else have bean compromlaed byunder torture.

B. The foregoing la not Intended to presentofut it la Intended topicture and our belief lo non-activity for thewe can only Judge from tbe meager Informationtothe dopartmoDts, Wo believe that

all our present activities should be concerned witheatabllehlng, or re-establishing and safe-guerdlng our cornmunioatlon llnee and our oontacta,in regard to the underground.

i1. Any propaganda designed to cheer the people can boet and moat safely be delivered from the airplane or over the cltmdeetlne radio. In this oonseotlon, la it not possible and feasible, that tho airplaneerlea of trips to the capital end other major centera, dropping extremely forcibly written and preeented volantea, promising retribution without fall, to all those personsand in torturing any of the prleonere being taken by the government? These toxturea are being applied to the prieonere and by no mesne gently. It might make things somewhat easier for them, and aleo help ue, because without torture, the prisoners are ccnelderably less likely to talk.

10. One great security hazard at preeent la thatthe government newa blackout, many people, includingdo not know who has been arreted. arrive ln the capital, carryingooking for When they cannot

find tbe persons they usually contact, they begin to search through the city for aome ooe elee to whom they can deliver their moos-gee. Thisazard to all concerned. Perhape the clandestine radio could make daily announcements of those persons it knows have been arreated or are in exile. This would servearning to per sens looking for any one so named on the programa.

oth feel that military action

should not be delayed any longer than absolutely neoessary. Tho people are cryinghange and will support any Buch movement. Proparanda-wlse, they are mentally prepared

for armed nation (orst they- wore, beforo the arrests, and there la nothing to Indicate they are any leas ao now). All comments from the i "roup indicate many are tired of propaganda mnd exposingto arrests,hey want aotlon. They are no longer willing to risk their aeourity for what they regard aa uaaleaa and non-resulting propaganda whloh geta then nothing except the governments wrath and lmprlsonment,

12. Bothfeel that beceuso wa have

never bean given even an approximate date for anywe hare been handicapped In preparingIn giving adrlo* on propaganda suggested. Thamuat be tine so aa not to got the people tootha proper moment, or should not ask the peoplemuch risk and exposure unless tha military is* readyup. A! ec, knowing approximately when anyla going to oecur to back up th*o know vhat propaganda vauld bewhan It ahould be need. Va have engaged Inwork whloh. In view of th* non-appearanceaction, seems foolish and Ill-timed, andto bring down government represelve measures. tcthat tbe timing of"

campaignwrong, inasmuch ae it occurred in April ( April was the deadline glTennd with no follow up untilonthnd apparently no military action of any kind was contemplated for anytime thereabouts.* campaign merely disclosed to the governmentast network of opposition existed throughout the country, and aroused the people (in conjunction with otherlory propaganda including the clandestine radio, airplane,ithout ever arriving at the only logical ollmax -military action. These propaganda campaigns should have been scheduled for very shortly before the outbreak of the military campaign. The people's eplrits would have boen at their blfhest point, and the government vould still bw too bewildered by the barrage of different types ofand the vaatness of the propaganda, to even begin to effectively take steps to counteract itc

l )


GUBJECTi Mooting

meeting occurred between riday night,une.

andof "tho Muniolp&lidad ofCity hove bean arrested. Reportedly, aomeore persona have aleo been arreeted along vith theae two.

1 eport that the entire municipal council of either Jullapa, Zacapa, or Cullapa has aleo been arreated.

mot withwho hao aoted as spokesman for the group of peraona here In the capital looking for ?le frora 2acapa. Hie father, ( leo from the Zona Zacapa, lerisoner here in tbe capital.

C ^etatea that the group he represents in Zacapa was given inetruotlona by PAHCHO (or ln name of PAh'CHO) while ( )wao in Kondurae,wao told tbat AtfABKLA here ln Guatemala would provide them with all that they neededi

a pick-up or Panel

three or four houaeslaoe for the arms

or the men

( )eetlnatee tbat this would representood, etc. for the.

iano or watohmen for the housesarmsrobably

fJ (

Other compromisesae spokesman for the


B) AMABAXA hu been giving coney to the

familiesrf tha nan who are in Honduras



In thoand whoumber of

people In his

J) Communistie name le on the paper turned In vith reference to arma shipment to Honduras. He states that in the uppor port of this paper is also the olave (key) to the oode used by the Coconunlets for thoae0

k) uardia Judicial,o

who passes Information to tho

Communist of paragraph, statee thatsent to Honduras in the mentioned arma shipment,trailed oresumber of fuelles.

lawyers hare been arrooted (namee unknown).

8* has been


roup of persons at the frontier (presumablyfrontier) asked( }to relay wordSalvador that 'capos de hule" and "sapatos de

Lule- oe sent them because of the heavy rains.

10. he following Information,

he hae no eontaot with the group ^talkedroup ef poreona ln Salvador on his bay back to Guatemala from Honduras, which persona are either now in the capital or due to arrive very shortly. They stated they were to make oontact withCoapadre" who wao to Instruct them and to hide certain people here in the capital.

ouse was "cateada" (searched) by Vlllagran

(fmx) andther police,alf hours tbe Tbev searchedook by book, andcan-ares, projector, radio, typewriter, hla

personal busineeB accountings, photographs. They found nothing compromising.

that no puoi haa fieo, wltn any plane, saoa pilot has aor spy, end everyone le carefully controlled.

13. The undorgr ound chief and oontaat has bofor Zacapa,does net hare this name aa

yet. Ee will obtain it froa

roup of looatarlao leftrip through the departments to-try and cola and roaoeure the people,

hat the queetlona she was

asked whixe In tho hand of the polloe ooncomed only the papers which the police had seized ard her worki

a) had she seen AHABXJ.Ai

h) who gave her'money for the offloe expenses;

she know where thie money oamewho gave her orders;

fJ did ehe have any knowledge of the papers oeized Inouse;

enjoh wao her salary)


wae tho motive behind oome telegrameto various pereono in different Zonaeby her;

she aware of the per eons who traveleddepartments;

J) did she know the "apodoo" of the pereons who frequented the offlcee;

k) did she know how they communicated by oode|

id she know theand addreesi

m) did she knowand wae ho a

member of thoanswered that

time ago he hodtheut

that he hadacquaintanceship

with him waeandslater)|

c) did she knowad Lreai (ah* stated

that aha belle vea ue.

^tTnow the exaot addresa) J

cj they had her Identify signaturea, letterand typoa of machinesj

p) what and to where did she eend to Honduras and El Salvi y certified nail.

with the locatariae (eefioraa delbe eBtabllahed throughi

Tho half piece of newspaper photograph should be preaented to her to be oatchad up,

following are workers (obreros) who canaa contacts with or through the locatariasi



SUBJECT! Meeting Between

mooting occurred between ( n Saturday- night,une.

friven contactlong toFurther talkssunderstandlng oonoerning ula namela notC a previously reported, hut

He ( OATr fir*, rrr*f- the

car-it" "T. Io

Ha can ho oontacted at this placendr at the tlendanderstandadio eorvlcio In Trent of the Club Guatemala, which tlenda io where he iaworking.

baa had two detailed conversationsman, ard eaya that he knows too many of theami too many detaila for theheclaims to be, in all probability.of then tha Zacapa sons andreturn hoaie as aoon as poaaible in order notoo long absence.

tates that heountersignAMABEL A, consisting of one half0 tvtcard. Thla was arrangedhadleave Guatemalaesult of the aa to arrange the matter ofen, radio technician and

6. CARTER arranged previously to ouranal sting of one half ofcentevo note (which has been already given tonote contains the number. This numberbothone half, andthe person

making the contact is to present the other half.

6, f ths

families, art


has been In charge of reparting money to these fandliei Thisaoh time to' each family.


coordinator andtho Zona Los Pied roa. La Palmllla, Cooulntanleft Gnatemala Oity Saturday booanst of )gave him some money, aB *aPA^CHOe

was asked by PABO HO toinformaTionouple of railroad bridges. ia tha foUowingc anl should be sent

Paonte ferrocarril,arraoco profundo, cerro al otro lado. It oould be destroyed and its replacement orwould be very difficult,

Puento ferrocarril,ame story.

These bridges are in the Zacapa area,

know abouthe is in Honduras. C >jayaany days sinceheard from him, and that( )lshole Tillage in the area,

chief of the v*nund ew*T> inbeen obosen- He la*-o{ 1,

)(J> father is



assistantyears old, lives at the riant hand wide of the

His father is (_

ave boen (or are. in prooeea of being finished)fbnp-of univoroltarioa to bring out aome :yol'antea among-the unlvoraltarloa touoMng on tbe cenaorehip, goverhsnnt'arreeta, etc.*with tbe aim of arousing the atudente and poaalblylare-up or strike. One of "the dittorom the of floe -in be used for thie purpose. This group la being rourdod oprofessor of Dereohotonal at the universityelieve Ma name la (

)fnu) and la somaoaaibly brotherman -wherepresently hiding out).


with onet stated that he and othera

would be willing tC oollaborata with the opposition If they only knew that there wasveil organized*


oays thav oe and others like him in tho government, feel that ithame that becausegrupo do intranet-genclae" the aims of the October Revolution are going to be loot, beeaoBe it la "oosa aablda" that this govern-meatinished, and all because of the atubborneea of Arbenz and his group and the oommunlet Influence.

Paragraphsndre indicatione of how many goblemletae, now feeling that their side is doomed, are caking overtures to the oppoeltlon or at least letting rensrke drop where they can be over-heard, bo they won't loee out completelyhange oomee.

In the Quiche area, when the opposition airplane paaeed over the military base,ouple of machine guns or anti-aircraft pieces were in position, the report is that the eoldiera abandoned their arms and Instead went about aelnp the propaganda that wae dropped.

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