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wife of Arboai isalvador.

Federico Kong, epokaeman for recently arrived Ouateaalana* protested to tha Of again it tba barbothod* of tha irbena (onrawnt and raqoaatad 01 Hia ittUant vaa given to IRS.

Tho First and Seooad Caapenlea of tha Ooardla dal Robot da-parted onune for Zaoapa. In addition,m aortar and SO cal K> unite fron tho Baao Kill tar left for Zaoapa. Joan Bolenoa la la aomand of all field unite.

It. Thro* nor* Guatemalan air foree pilot* bar* defected end are in El Salvador Bnbaaayi another pilot la In tha Panama Eabaaay. ilot* are onotod a* atating that th* Air Fore*itterly hoe til* to srbeas and th* roglaa).

%. Th* Poarto Barrio* amy caar.and haa adriaod th* Capitol that it has enough nan bat Insafflciont an* to dafand th* city.

Parts2 Havana, Onba

Minister without Portfolio of lrn**to do la Pa aald here be vas In favor of lanwdlat* rsoognltlen of Arau. Said, in takingemtlllo bad "aavod our continent fron tragic hoar*.* "Oar eontiasnt cannot permit Soviet Ccanmnln to transfer Onat into nam Korea."

London Santera Radlotelatype in English to Raw2

Th*r* appeared to bao th* foverumenit's call for oars and taxis to oarry govaraasat foroea to tha battleway Parle tuls carried French soldier* to th* Worldattle of th* Ham*.

Guatemala City {official)ervle*2

To tha Soviet Union Delegate to the United Kation*

Wanal ate yo* for tho defense of tbe rights of our reopU and of th* other peooaos who are the vie Una of iaperiallet

aggression. (Signed) Oeneral Confederation of Qusteulan orkere and Ouateaalan Countrypeople'a ConfederaUon.

Sao Paulo in Fortuguea* to2

(Excerpt) ftlo-*Bra*lUan Foreign Hlnlater Vlnoante .Kao stated on Junehat the Ouateaalan situation ia strictly an Anerlcan problem end that lt should be eettled by the American nations.

tatement supporting the warning given the Soviet Union oo Juneot to meddle in the problems of the western Hemisphere, the Brasllian foreign Minister stated hia oountry considered the caseby Oeetemsla to the Security Council had been nullified by the vote of the Soviet delegate.

Sen Salvador In Spanlah to El2

uatemalan Lawyer who Uvea In the house uf Castillo Areas in Tegu, roporte that therm was dissension among sow of the Ouatemalan exiles, painting out that Hanuel Orellanoe Mho haa aet himself op ae information ohlef, actually doea not hold the post.

Alvarmdo slso announced that ths rebel headquarters were established at the nine of Ray as da Copen, within Ouatemalan territory. He explained that these ruins are located near the Honduran-Ouatemalan border, and oouldtrong fort because of their peculiar rock

ISO San Salvador In Spanish to Kl2

Information reoeived in San Salvador reveal that thevaaaoldi ere to the Ooatemalan border In an effort to keep Arbans* troops from using the main highway to Honduras, which runs through Salvadoran territory. In any oase, there la no indication that Arbens plana to send troops against Honduras, and the Salvadoran protective aetloi eeeas to be aore precautionary in nature.

Ouatemala City (Officlel) Rome2

(Text) Attention, members of the Onion of Workers In Air Services and Affiliatee. All of yon, without fail, must be at the airport tomorrow.

- j-

ParlB AFP Hedloteletype In French to too1

(Text) Id another message addressed to the Cbalnan of the Security Council snd mads publio together with the message of Guatemala, Mr. Valsnsuela* foreign Affaire Minister of Honduras, denies that any plane baaed In Honduras bed at any tlae flown over Oust. Loyal to ita good neighbor policy, Mr. Talopsoola'aage goss an, Honduras did not authorise the forces which hare Invaded Oust to organ las themselves on her territory.

Mr. Vsl enseals aaid that ho laosition to prove that all the accusations of Intervention whioh have been made agalnetsre false.

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