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efection of Gurtnanlea Air Faroe FUots

three Quct-roBlac Air Faroe pilots on ective duty ore known toTfaoEo nm wore reported to have bean la tho Solvnd<mn >ribn?irrCity onunoi

Col. Ids u ' dea (ifajor) Wei BEROTA hVjor POSAIaS, fnu

officers ronortnd that cooOnt van already In too(unoooflraod) sod thntlrmning to floe ta Ida eircraft

3. Oaune Sain dor reported thatpilot noned aSJSCTO, fan landed la Santa Ana, Salvador. Qoctoaclr replied tbrt no pilot noaodno known to he oa so Iv duty with the Gunteanlan Airnd eVWticvcd thc pilot ana Julio ASCCTO. tob-oasy Bcnroo beliovrd to ho antt-eTtrsSasoBt,

k. Ia addition toabove six dcfeotlana, only throo of which era canfirnod,o boon reports of flwr- other dafoatiana of Quotoanlan Air Foroo pdlatfl onduty and tho death of ano pOot who creshod vhilo strobing for on' of the nlreroft dropping loaCeto In Owtoo"ln. Tho Gu-tear. Ian Govrrnn/nt has oonflrood bla dooth.

Throe pU ts portod to ba.Tr flednd two flghfcr aircraftuno *nd to have landed In Tegucigalpa, One of tho pilots was ropartod to be Cnpt'ln Alb-rtoJ& Bbju Thle lnfcrnntion was roported by rcfafoaa free Qunton la arriving in Salvador. The bjjsjffiJtfc Pas was also reportedane by tee Oca tear la at- tion aoilot whofnoted. Another rooort fro* Qantoar.lo on tho cnac day ee-id tuo pilota bad taken off to aoereaeaflet droppingnd thrt only one had return d. It wrs believed that SAJslIOA Paath- pilot of th plane uhioh did n't return. The dofeatlonuz nnd twolotseenoon^lracd.

Tvo other pilotsropartcd to bnv token off on pstrolr twinnuno ond filled to return. Thiopert hss net'b on *on"irnd.

The cfc.-ttts of Air Tr.rpo dentations ap-eorc te be no follcwoi


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